Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

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The numbers are in and President Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped to an all-time low of 42 percent according to a new poll from NBC News and Wall Street Journal. This is a drop in 5 percentage points from his previous approval rating in this poll, a rather significant drop after Obamacare went into effect at the beginning of the month.

Obama’s all-time approval high in this poll, which is updated a few times per year, was at 61 percent back in April 2009, just months after he took office. When the people that took the poll were asked about their general feelings towards the president, 24 percent responded that they felt”Very Positive” towards the president and 32 percent said they felt “Very Negative.”

According to NBCNews, there is no single reason to explain Obama’s approval rating drop. Instead, “they attribute it to the accumulation of setbacks since the summer–allegations of spying by the National Security Agency, the debate over Syria’s chemical weapons, the government shutdown and now intense scrutiny over the problems associated with the health care law’s federal website and its overall implementation.”

The NBCNews/WSJ poll also asked some other questions about how people felt about Obamacare and the general state of the country. Apparently most Americans are pretty dissatisfied with, well, everything.

Republican and Democratic Parties

The president wasn’t the only one to get steamrolled in this new poll. Only 6 percent of pollsters felt “Very Positive” about the Republican Party, while only 15 percent felt “Very Positive” about the Democratic Party. Considering the government shutdown that ended just a couple of weeks ago, no surprise there.


Information was also released on how people feel about the new healthcare law. Just under half of the voters thought Obamacare was a really bad idea, while 37 percent thought it was a very good idea. About 14 percent of people polled were still undecided on how they felt about the law.

Direction of the U.S.

When people were asked about how they felt about the direction the country is heading in, only 22 percent of people polled thought the country is heading in the right direction. A whopping 70 percent of people thought the country is on the wrong track. These numbers were pretty consistent with another question asked about the general decline of the country. 63 percent of people say that the United States is in a general state of decline and only 34 percent thought the country was fine.

Do you think Obama deserves such a low approval rating? Respond below.

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Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low
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  • stonewall

    42% is way high…..should be about 4 or 5%.

    • Mimi

      I agree.. 4-5 is about right. Such a liar, imo. I can’t believe people voted for somebody that was not at all equipped to do this job.

      • babyboy

        I cannot believe you said that….

    • Rachel

      I’m with Stonewall. I’m shocked it’s 42…that seems INCREDIBLY high and wonder who they’re even polling.

      • CD

        They polled the people with free cell phones!

    • http://webpro brenda

      I can’t understand, should be ZERO

  • http://yahoo James

    I don’t know anyone that gives him a good rating. The NSA must have got in and voted for 42% of the people polled!

  • gail wayne sary

    He is the absoltely the poorest president of my life time. He has brought in illegal hispanics, gays and blacks to support his elections and agendas. He has turned our economic situation upside down and virtually bankrupted our country. His dealing with the Syrian gassing of its’ own people has not only proven his lack of strength and resolve but has made him the laughing stock of the arab world. I have no use for him as a president. I wonder who is responsible for his and others for their exemption from the very agenda he championed. I could go on and on but, frankly, I am sick of even seeing, hearing or even thinking about him or Obama care. He has screwed everything up and now there is nothing left, but to suffer. He appears to be an egomaniac, a bold-faced liar and a jerk.

    • not wayne

      news flash…….mitt lost………
      no george w is still and will always be the worst President ever……..thats why hillary will win. you, Ted Cruz and the great tea party have given americans a reason to never elect another republican….. The Majority is the New minority…..aint life great

      • jerry

        you’re an idiot

      • Derek Miller

        Obama embodies the worst aspects of both parties, no transparency and our liberties continue to be eroded as they were under W. Combine that with failed economic and foreign relation policies (green jobs, keystone xl rejection, massive stimulus spending, syria, benghazi, et) and you have what equals one of the most dissapointing presidents ever. Top all of that with a health care that no one took the time to read and a failed launch of the ACA. The Tea Party may not be the answer but one thing Americans are now realizing is that Obama is not the right choice for America. Thats not to say Hilary won’t win, I would much rather have her as president right now (no its not because she’s white).

        • Lanatr

          I agree, Derek, you said it well. Obama is horrible for our nation, regardless of political party. I can understand the difficult situations he is facing. But, he has made it worst, far worst. His health care needs work from both parties. We cannot bankrupt our nation–as it means to help all have insurance. It was not thought out well. Obama lets others do the work on “his” plans, is not allowing any drilling on federal land, and Obama care is costing the nation billions of dollars which should be going back into the economy. How many of us have lost hours from our work, or lost jobs entirely because of his “plans” or lack of them. He appears professor-ish, but he is quite unprepared and lacks the “common sense” and deeply moral reasoning it takes for any great leader.

      • EmSurfer

        Mitt did not lose. He’s doing quite well right now as opposed to how Obama is doing. That’s why it’s such a scary thought that Obama won in 2012. What really matters is that the American people lost.

      • http://webpro laine

        I would be correct in assuming your either a minority or a homosexual in which you would be he “new minority” as you put it. In 2.5 years you will be the “gone minority” enjoy your last 2.5 of new found glory.

        • GovAlvarado

          It is 3.5 years not 2.5.

      • http://Yahoo Thomas

        Your as loony as joe biden and nancy pelosi, thing is you cannot be fixed.

      • Dave

        Bitter aren’t we?

      • Craig

        Typical idiot liberal. Get a job loser and pay your fair share like the REPUBLICANS DO!!!!

        • Dave

          I call bulshit on that statement. Republicans on average get more tax incentives than any political group in this country. Not what I would call a fair share

        • Matt

          Yes because Republicans are so big on taxes and giving back..

      • http://google froggy

        You have a mental disease which is only curable when you are wearing towel.

      • http://google froggy

        A real man which Obama isn’t would take responsibility for his mistakes instead of blaming every effin thing on anybody to cover his inept and stupid a-s
        I can see why you like your pres. your just like him .

      • brian

        Did you forget Jimmie Carter….Guess so

        • John Smith

          Obama appears to be worse having experienced both.

        • brian

          So the ones that gave a thumbs down thought Carter was a good President.Forgot they did of the damage to our intelligence agency’s.Damage that lasted at least 30 years.

          • http://none jude

            No compare what Carter did or did not do to what Obama has done to our country. At least Carter did not put our national debt so high it will take 3 generations to pay it.

          • http://none jude

            No compare what Carter did or did not do to what Obama has done to our country. At least Carter did not put our national debt so high it will take 3 generations to pay it.

          • brian

            thats, very true their is no comparison, but he was still a very poor president in the top 5 ( or bottom 5 ) what ever you choose.

      • Russell

        Since you are “not Wayne” whoever he is probably is glad that his is not you. Here is a news flash for you. Hang on to your failure of a POTUS and drown with him when this all comes to 2014. When Obama won, YOU LOST. You will still be too stubborn to admit the train derailed even when the floor is on the roof. If you think Bush was bad consider that when the economy was being blamed on Bush, Obama did the same thing to fix it with more money down the toilet than Bush did and then claimed it was his own idea. You can seethe in that stew because the bailout was a Bush original. If you think the bail out worked, it was a Bush idea. If you think it did not, your messiah took the idea to a new level of stupid.

        • brian

          Sorry Russel,Bush never sent checks to anyone.I got $300.00 of my own money from Qbama for recovery!What a joke!

        • not wayne

          is that english?

        • brian

          Sorry Russel, I miss understood your post.I should have read it more carefully.I agree 100%



      • Buck Ofama

        Yo Wayne. Dis the Republicans and cheer for your idiot (keep drinking that Kool Aid). Let’s see 215 thumbs down, only 23 thumbs up. I think you’re wrong. Oh, and those in the psychology professions would have a field day noting that you used capital letters for Ted Cruise, but not for hillary. Is it possible you don’t believe your own post? “never elect another Republican..” Blahahah Good one!

        • L.J. HOWARD

          You should be one to talk about grammar. There is no right or wrong in this case, its all peoples opinion. If I say “Heinz ketchup is the best,” And 2000 people agree with me, does that make it fact? NO! its still an opinion.

      • brian


      • Nicole

        I agree with you. Yahoo is Republican biased and full of BS. The Presidents ratings are still higher than the Republican Party. They are extremists now! I wouldn’t vote for a Republican now if my life depended on it.

        • Observant

          That could be because there are more democrats in Washington destroying the country, republicans have the minority up there. Whatever the case it truly isn’t because of performance!

        • reconcomm

          Republicans have a low approval rating, because that haven’t fought hard enough. There are some who agree with there meekness, but most of us think they have let us down by not fighting harder. Ted Cruz has a higher approval rating than the Democrat Party. Republicans are honest about how they feel about things. Democrats are not honest, especially if it means going against the party line. This being true, Democrats are still sitting at only 15%.

          • bruceybruce

            No Republicans are not honest about how they feel about things; it really is that simple.

        • http://Yahoo Mj

          It may depend on it. Never say never. My grandpa use to say with a republican you get war. With a democrat you get a depression. I have heard this since I was a young child… Am a grandmother myself now… And it seems my granfather knew what he was talking about!!!

        • Johnny

          Wake Up!
          Your life DOES depend on it!!!

      • mike

        You swallowed your own vomit dude.The freebie handouts that Obama bought votes with will not be an issue come 2014 and 2016.

      • mike

        You won because Obama bought votes with welfare handouts..This will not happen again because we can’t afford it and Dems will not have the money to repeat that scheme.

        • bruceybruce

          And Bush won because he stole the election from Gore and in so doing he completely destroyed our country.

          • Johnny

            WAH WAH WAH !
            Is that all you can come up with?
            You sound like Al Gore.
            Now drop’m.

          • Observant

            When something is destroyed, doesn’t it make sense to have a repair? Well the reality is Bush left the position of commander in chief in January 2009 when our current false leader took the position. When he took the position there was a democrat in president and Vice President, democrats ruled the senate, and democrats ruled the House of Representatives. In 2011 the House of Representatives changed sides to republican control. So now democrats still control Washington by president and Vice President and the senate. So then republicans get the blame when they are a minority in control of one area, the democrats control the other two. So then that tells me that policies from democrats win, and is there much of an improvement? I honestly say there is not. Bush may have caused this, but he’s no longer in charge, as a matter of fact we don’t have a commander in chief, it’s supposed to be this Obama character everyone is talking about, however, can you notice that the country is really improving under democratic policies? Another thing is that people held Bush responsible for a lot of things, but now we get a guy that doesn’t have a clue, and we can’t hold him responsible for anything? Isn’t the Government the same, if one president is held responsible, shouldn’t a newer president?

      • reconcomm

        Keep drinking the cool aid. The facts are not on your side wayne. Bush only had bad numbers the last two years of his presidency, and those were the two years that democrats ran the house and senate. The economic down turn took place because Bush was unable to get the democrats in congress to correct issues with the regulations that encouraged banks to provide mortgages to idiots who did not pay their bills. Obama was one of those idiots in the senate that refused to see the obvious. We had the best healthcare system in the world until Obama tinkered with it. We were considered strong and a country not to mess with until Obama showed his weakness to the world. We were 9 trillion in debt when Obama took office, we are almost 18 trillion now. We were about 5 trillion in debt when Bush took office and 9 when he left. I can do this all night, point out Obama’s failures and lies.

        • brian

          Right you are!

        • Bigby Suvins

          What fantasy world are you living in? I think Obama is a terrible president, but your amnesia about the state of the US during the Bush presidency is scary. The US didn’t have the best health care during Bush. It was probably in the top 50, but barely that, and often considered the worst of “industrialized” nations. So what health care system are you visiting? Cuba’s is much better than the US and has been for decades.

          And Bush’s approval rating went below 50% at the very beginning of 2005 (not 2007 as claimed) and never went above 50% again. Google it. Almost every poll with agree with this (must be a conspiracy). What is it about facts that Tea Partiers hate — it is like an allergy.

          And the idea that regulations were the reason for the economic downturn is straight out of the regurgitated handbook of Milton Friedman. Newscheck: the CHicago Boys Disaster Capitalism approach doesn’t work doesn’t work except to make the rich a lot richer and everyone else poorer and more insecure. The problem no one wants to talk about (because it doesn’t fit the economic make believe we live in) is that you cannot have an infinite growth economy with finite resources that serve as wealth (oil, gas, coal, unranium, nickel, trees, etc.). That is the real issue. And with the disaster that is Fukushima, combined with the rape of the natural world, we will see a 2014 economic collapse. The repubs will blame Obama and his socialism (if Obama is a socialist then so is George W and Reagan and Lincoln) and Dems will get all defensive and say “Repubs won’t bend or compromise”. THey will both continue with the blame game and it will be the poor that suffer, along with the middle class, while the rich jack off with hundred dollar bills. Of course that money will be useless when this becomes a collapse, but by then the rich will have moved into their heavily guarded and military controlled eco villages with their own shopping centers and movie theaters.

          • Observant

            Are you seriously going to believe everything you read on Google? Anyone could make a parody website just like the Onion and get its ranks pulled up in google and you would probably state what they say as facts. I guess it takes a republican to distinguish between fact and fiction. Whether they are facts or not, does it really matter at this point? I would say it does, if you want to live in the past. You seem to like researching, so research faults of previous presidents and come back here and state them, include democrats as well in your research. Better yet, scratch that, wake up so that we can plan for the future! Who is in charge now? Welcome to 2013, it’s not Bush. It doesn’t matter what he did, this is obamas show now, and it’s a much worse catastrophe than we had before. You don’t even need facts now, you can just sit back and watch and know that we as a country are much worse now than we were under the Bush administration.

      • billy

        You are nuts.

      • Pete

        You have issues, “not wayne”. If you can’t see the harm Obama has done, you’re simply delusional.

        • bruceybruce

          Pete your comment is shameful. Full on 100% wrong and shameful.

        • Johnny

          Hey Pete.
          He may not be Wayne….but he is black!

      • leon

        Amen to that comment, it’s about time for change in political agendas, to new representatives, who will work to be fair to the Americans who have elected them, instead of the ones in office, concerned only for power players.

      • leon

        Amen to that comment, it’s about time for change in political agendas, to new representatives, who will work to be fair to the Americans who have elected them, instead of the ones in office, concerned only for power players.

      • leon

        Amen to that comment, it’s about time for change in political agendas, to new representatives, who will work to be fair to the Americans who have elected them, instead of the ones in office, concerned only for power players.

      • http://webpro brenda

        Once more let’s blame the other can’t take responsibility for anything. I must disagree OBAMA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE WORSE. As a Free American I state my opinion. You are one of the many OBMANITE DIE HARDS. Take the BLINDERS OFF.

        • Sarah

          I completely agree, Brenda- I don’t care too much to trash talk our POTUS (no matter how much I dislike hime), but he has GOT to stop blaming stuff on everyone else! It sickens me how little he takes responsibility for anything. Maybe he missed that briefing on how, as the leader of a country, you have to be willing to take responsibility for what happens in your government. I have never heard a POTUS point out how divided Republicans and Democrats are. We need a leader who will take responsibility and seal the gaps, not widen them.

      • HTown

        You must be smoking something not wayne another money hungry Delusional Liberal Just wait till Barack Obama Barry Obama Barry Soetoro OR Whoever the hell he is, Is finished and tell me Bush was worse. But then again you might be in one of your Fabulous Presidents Fema Concentration Camps with no internet access. What you so, So shall you reap.

      • Tom

        What do you have against Ted Cruz?? Are you a racist?? Yeah, that’s it!! You’re a racist!

      • Johnny

        HEY Not Wayne………..
        You gotta either be Black (which is probably the case here) or an IDIOT Liberal!
        Wake the f _ _ _ up!

    • Kathy

      An Israeli doctor says: “in Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles, put them on another man and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work.

      “The German doctor says: “that’s nothing, in Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work.

      “The Russian doctor says: “gentlemen, we take half a heart from a man, put it in another’s chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.

      “The United States doctor laughs: “You all are behind us. five years ago, we took a man with no brains, no heart and no balls and made him President. Now, the whole country is looking for work !

      • 59indian

        Putin said playing chess with Obama is like playing with a pigeon. He walks all over the board knocking over all the pieces & then struts around like he’s won.

      • Dave

        Sarcasm is a tool of the ignorant

    • ryan

      “poorest president of your life time” you use big words for somebody who cant be older than 5 years old, I know you cant be older than that or you would remember the bush administation, yes Obama sucks but bush brought us the recession, and 2 wars with no plan on how to pay for them, come on people it wasn’t that long ago have we already forgot that idiot.

      • brian

        You seem to forget congress has been in control of the Democrats since 2006,They control the purse.Cant really blame that on Bush can you?the decline began then.Look it up!

        • bruceybruce

          Brian your post makes absolutely no sense. Poor grammar, nonsensical and not factual.

      • http://google froggy

        Another brain washed Idiot blames bush ,bush is the third worst pres carter is coming in second and the first by leaps and bounds is your Obimbo

      • reconcomm

        Bush did not get us in two wars, Clinton actually is responsible for that. He is the one that did nothing to the Islamist terrorist that attacked our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He did nothing about the USS Cole, or the World Trade Center in 93. He did nothing about the attack on our Air Force troops in Ry-ad, Saudi Arabia. These are the things that caused us to have to fight in Afghanistan. Clinton allowed Sadam to play games with the U.N. weapons inspectors. He also allowed Sadam to shoot at our aircraft in the no-fly zone we were enforcing for the U.N. Yes, there were chemical weapons in Iraq too. You don’t mix nerve agents until it is time to use them. Until they are mixed, certain nerve agents are pesticides, but you don’t store pesticides in ammunition bunkers on military bases. Bush had no choice but to deal with the mess he was handed.

        • bruceybruce

          Reconcomm I have no choice but to respond to your post in this manner. Are you out of your damn mind?

          • Sarah

            I actually think reconcomm listed some great information that is true and isn’t exactly widespread public knowledge (since the media doesn’t like to brag on what conservatives do right and liberals do wrong), so I fail to see your problem with their statement. Do some research beyond the mass media and you might be surprised with what you find out.

      • Sarah

        ryan- If you knew anything about government fiscal administration, you would know that it takes 10 years for a federal government surplus or deficit to show. The recession we began to experience during W’s administration was thanks to the Clinton administration. The surplus/profit we saw in the latter years of the Clinton administration was thanks to Bush Sr and the Gulf War (since, as we know, wars create jobs). So, the next time you feel like berating anyone, make sure you know your facts.

    • Dave

      Please provide one shred of credible evidence to supprt your claims instead of spewing a bunch of rhetorical conservative smoke

    • Matt

      For one, your comment is ignorant because you implied only straight white people matter. Also, don’t forget that Obama is dealing with the mess left by President Bush. Typical Republican ignorance.

    • bruceybruce

      People who think that Obama has screwed up the country are delusional. He took over the office of President from a complete and utter egomaniac. Bush not only screwed up the USA; he screwed up the entire world. Anything that Obama has tried to do has met with 100% resistance from the Republican Party regardless of what Obama has wanted to do.

      Furthermore anyone who interprets obtaining affordable healthcare through Obamacare as being detrimental to the country is just wrong.

      Gail Wayne Sary you are a racist and homophobic. He didn’t bring in anyone. Gays, Blacks and Latinos live here. We are part of the electorate. This is a fact that the Republicans would do well to acknowledge. They are self destructing in their own hate right now and so are you. Gone is the day when the white straight male controlled everything.

      Gail to you and your Republican haters. Become more open minded and tolerant or you and your precious hate mongering party are going to become obsolete.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I’m surprised even 10% of the population has any faith or trust in this failed president…

    • http://none Diana

      It’s kind of sad to see these people angry at Obama who clearly is not to blame for the direction of this country. These are the words of people who are unhappy with their current situation and desperate to find someone to blame for their misfortunes. The fact of the matter is that Obama can’t magically fix all of the problems in the country. Anyone with even the most basic understanding of the American government would know that there is separation of powers-meaning Obama can’t pass even the simplest of laws without going through a stubborn and disagreeable Congress. You have THEM-the Republicans majority-to blame for the direction the country is going-not Obama. The government shutdown is just one of many examples of just how pathetically pigheaded these conservatives are, and they’re using Obama as the scapegoat. Sad, but true. Obama can’t get anything done, and it’s despicable. And the people are believing it.

      • riko

        Whos angry? I just don’t like Marxist, liars, communist, socialist and being Forced to pay into something I DONT NEED, last time I checked that was still my right. Nothing was ever broke so he didn’t need to fix anything, but he sure is doing a whole lotta of destroying,,,,

        • Dave

          Nothing was ever broke? Are you insane? You cant destroy and collapsed building any more than it already is. He has spent both his terms trying clear away the rubble from the mess the Republicans left behind. And stop talking about socialism and marxism as if either of them applied to our country. You are clearly ignorant on both subjects. Ask someone who lived in communist Russia what socialism really is all about before you spew more nonsense

      • Laurie1957

        People like you are part of the problem. You don’t want to accept the blame for anything. It’s always somebody else’s fault. BHO is a Democrat, so don’t go blaming the Republicans. Both parties are wrong, but especially the head Democrat.

      • http://Yahoo Mechstew

        Do not forget that Obama is the leader of this Democratic Party that elected him. He alone is where the buck stops and is responsible.

        • Tommy Robinett

          Yes Obama is no Harry Truman. Truman’s “motto was the Buck Stops Here”. He was in control and would take blame for bad decisions. Never hear Obama admit to any mistakes. Carter was a genius compared to Obama. Truman would have considered Obama a communists.

      • James

        Diana is in need of elementary education.Obama’s illegal executive orders are responsible for a great part of what is wrong.His administration has done more damage to this country than all others put together.
        I’m not a republican but I am smart enough to pig headed people can fathom reality,unlike the blind jack asses that support a system that has failed miserably every time a stupid society has allowed it to overtake them……It’s called socialism .
        Go ahead and ride your donkey down the tubes…..sad thing is that you drag the rest down with you!!!

      • aaron

        Obama has bypassed congress on many subjects. The Senate majority belongs to the left and the president is a liberal. Republicans only have the house. The president is he leader of the country and his policies and agenda have left many people hurting. Learn your government moron.

        • bruceybruce

          No his agenda has not left many people hurting. They were hurting when he took office. Seriously do you really think that Obama is responsible for the screwed up Global Financial mess we are in. Where the hell do you live? In backwoods hill country that you would think this is true.

      • Jay_b11175

        You’re willing to blame the ONE branch of Congress (the house) that has a Republican majority while you let Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate slide by with no blame whatsoever? You are an IDIOT!!!!! Not only that, but in Obama’s first term, he had a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate and STILL couldn’t get anything done except push through the ACA behind closed doors with out a single Republican even voting on the issue. WHAT A BRAINWASHED IDIOT! With people like you voting, no wonder the country is in the state it’s in.

      • brian

        Hey Diana,Democrats have the majority(In Congress.).If you are looking for someone to blame, blame yourselves!The Republicans are basically powerless.If you are going to bitch, at least get your facts straight

      • http://google froggy

        he cant get anything done because he’s clueless

      • brian

        Cant get anything done?? have you buried you head in the sand?Congress has been controlled by the democrats since 2006.He has gotten EVERY thing he has wanted.No one can argue with him for fear of being verbally attacked and ridiculed.And still he failed

      • Tommy Robinett

        Diana 2006 through 2010 Democrat’s controlled congress and senate and the White house from 2008 on. No budgets were passed but they sure got Obamacare passed. If Obama was so great why did he not reverse country’s course? Instead he has kept it in a downward spiral. What about all the promises made for Obama to get elected. First hundred days he would start the end of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Close Terrorist prison in Cuba (US Base).His Administration would show total transparency. Instead we have Benghazi, Fast and furious, NSA scandals here spying on American people and on world leader and listening to everyone’s conversations. Then Obamacare fiasco which government should not have access to our privacy and medical records. They had 3.5 years to have this ACA web site up and running. Obamacare in next ten years will cost more than both of Bushes wars and at the cost of Young people and the Middle class. So Do not tell me that Obama has not started the further decline of America. The world leaders laugh at Obama because he is weak in foreign policy and has no backbone. He promises one thing and delivers the opposite. Most of our past presidents have served in the military. It prepares them for leadership roles. . Presidents( Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr, all Served in military. Clinton and Obama only ones who did not serve. Obama is not a leader. Maybe good at local community organizer but as leader of the free world. Our freedoms have been curtailed considerable under Obamas administration. The American way is under siege by the new Liberal left democratic party. FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson are all turning over in their graves for what their Party has turned into today.

        • brian

          Right on Tommy!

      • reconcomm

        The direction we are headed in, is the one Obama and the Democrat controlled house and senate put us on before we were able to get the house back three years ago. Show me a budget the the senate has passed in the last 5 years. You can’t, because they haven’t. This has been done to circumvent the Constitution. It has given Obama the ability to work around congress and spend the insane amounts of money that he has. Obama also changes law when ever he feels like it, that is also illegal. He must enforce the laws, and he has no authority to change law, he is not a king.

      • Kevin

        @Diana…..so let me get this straight, when Bush had a Democraticly controlled congress for 6 years, it’s Bush’s fault and when Nobama has a Republican controlled HoR for a few years it’s the Republicans fault?? That is some serious socialist logic! Didn’t take Reagan 5 years to clean up Carter’s mess!!

  • http://www.mosquitonet.com/~prewett/ John Prewett

    Scary that 42% approve of Obama leadership.

  • Dan

    Fear not for in a couple of years the bloodsuckers will elect Hillary then we will have jumped from the frying pan into the fire

    • Kathy

      Put Hillary in she can’t possibly fuck it up anymore than all the male presidents we’ve had in the past.

  • SAM


    • Bill

      Including all of Congress

      • Tommy Robinett

        Obama and his family should have to go and sign up via the government ACA website. If Americans have to do this so should all workers and representatives of our government. If this was the case, this law would have never made it off the drawing board.

    • brian

      Cant afford it, the co pays are much higher than what I had.Not as good either!

  • riko

    That lying sack of garbage deserves a lower rating that what he already has. As long as there are Obama-phones and free kool-aide that buzzard will maintain, he’s like the “Moe” while liberals and democrats are the other 2 stooges.

  • Janice Peterson

    Who did they poll?? Ten white people in a town that’s less than an acre wide? Everyone I know LOVES the job that President Obama is doing and realize that Congress have been the a-holes. I would vote for him again if I could.

    • riko

      you must live in an all black neighborhood, of course your god does no wrong,,,,

    • http://Yahoo Bob Umbaugh

      Where have you been hiding, under a rock. You need to get out in the real world, not stupid land and find out what is going on with real people not disney cartoon characters,BOZO.

    • Laurie1957

      Sure you would vote for him again … gotta have that free cell phone.

    • george

      You are obviously a racist

      • Dave

        Pull the race card, what a chump.

    • Tony

      Good news Janice, you can! Next he will change the Constitution so that he can be president for life! That would be great, Janice, wouldn’t it? Guess what? I lied to you, just like your almighty Obama lied to the nation when he said that if we liked our doctors and health insurance, we could keep it! You ignorant racist fool! Wake up and stop voting because of someone’s skin color!

    • 59indian

      Janice, Your comment has to be a joke . Nobody would really be able to say that if they knew more than one other person. Maybe you are standing in the handout line with the rest of the koolaid drinkers though.

    • julian

      Really? why on earth would you believe that? Don’t you see the reality of what is happening?

    • brian

      They must be sitting on their butt collecting,my tax money.

    • http://ralphchastain.com Ralph Chastain

      Loves him? LOL!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    Not transparent, not bi-partisan, and not honest. I fundamentally changed my opinion of this president.

  • Johnny

    These far left liberals and democrats who voted for Mr Obama need to get out there and purchase this insurance so the government will have the moolah-s to pay for mine. I’m not buying the insurance since I didn’t vote for Mr Obama. I think he should have been impeached about 4-5 years ago. He has made a shipwreck of this nation. So come on liberals. get your insurance paid and I’m calling Washington to raise taxes on all democrats and liberals especially these hi-tootin college kids who know everything. Git going now. GIT

    • reconcomm

      I am not buying it either, and his waivers give me all the legal reasons I need. I will sue the federal government, and the office of the presidency if I get fined. The waivers violet the equal protections clause. You can’t enforce the law one way against some people and not others as a matter of government policy. I am looking forward to the fight.

  • Johnny

    His Daddy-O- would be proud of Jr.

  • http://facebook Bob Haines

    Our clown and Liar in chief, should have an approval rating of Minus 100! Barry is totaly out of control in his power seeking efforts.

  • betty

    Let’s write ourselves a list on what Obama has done right these past 5 years. I guarantee it will be quite small compared to what is actually hitting the fan today. Should have been 40% long ago.

  • Atlas

    I am 56 years old and have been unemployed 78 months now. This is almost twice as long ALL my unemployment from 1975 – 2007 combined. My money is all outgoing. I am not receiving any compensation: retirement, unemployment, etc.

    On top of it all my health insurance company says I will have to start paying an extra 67% on my monthly premiums. The alternative is to have ‘Market’ insurance with less benefits.

    I believe I read somewhere that 1/3 of this country is living below poverty level. I am not prepared to face the horror that is to come for me. This is my Obama Nation.

    • no wayne

      McDonalds is hiring…………duh

    • not wayne

      McDonalds is hiring………what’s your excuse



  • samantha

    If he was white very one wouldn’t be acting like fool. His color is the problem. Let the next( president ) go in office it will change like nothing ever happen. People will begin to spend again.
    Color Change people.

    • brian

      Get real,If he wasn’t a Socialist more people would vote for him.But he and his followers are clearly not ones who believe in the capitalist system.

  • http://Yahoo GE Rogers

    If you dumb f–ks would have not re-elected this dumb f–k, and put him back in the cotton fields, or on a camel in Saudi–we would not have to deal with all this bull s–t! Where is an Oswald when we really need him!!!Greg(this is the worst supposed president we ever had)Rogers

    • jclark

      not all black people picked cotton, for your information some white people picked cotton too, I think you are a racist

  • robert f cox jr

    Obama is a poor leader and a liar. he is bad for America.he has taken he constitution apart and he is slowly dismantling and polarizing the country

  • http://Yahoo GE Rogers

    U wont print my shit anyway—somebody get rid of this black grease spot!

  • grover west

    I think that our president’s credentials prior to entering office are and will continue to shape his presidency “he’s never managed anything” has failed to surround himself with “winners”! He was allowed to put Healthcare into law and his “team” failed to adequately plan for it’s implementation resulting in a “flawed program”.

  • C. Denno

    I my opinion his rating is lower than whale manure, which is at the bottom of the ocean.

  • The Mechanic

    Of course his approval rating dropped and will continue to do so because this charlatan is so out of touch with the country and he is leading us to socialism. He wants this to fail so that he can come in a create a single payer system and thus take over healthcare. All for the sake of power! The sooner he goes, the better!

  • Haywood Jablowmi

    He’s not incompetent. He’s a leftist. He’s fundamentally transforming this nation (take a guess as to what) and he cannot be bothered with the minute details of collateral damage. His approval rating is high with the far left and with African Americans who vote on the color of people’s skin.

  • SamIAm

    There is no way it’s 42%. It has to be lower. He must be voting for himself. He is by far the worst President I’ve seen in my 27 years.

  • Allan

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. ” Obama will go down in history as the worst president this nation has ever had.”

    • jclark


    • Buck Ofama

      It is really sad that your comment is sooo true.

  • Dave

    This man is corrupt to the core. College transcripts sealed. His turn in command is plagued with scandals and misinforming the very people who put him in office. He speaks with passion but cannot lead worth a damn. Nothing is EVER his fault. Anyone who speaks out is punished by the IRS. And he wants to punish the working folks by taking their blood and sweat to feed the ones who will not feed themselves making your loser s in your community are now your fiscal burden. Why didn’t the public read the fine print under the CHANGE slogan, Dammit!!!

    • http://none jude

      I don’t understand why Obama was even allowed to be on the ballot for president, after all he sealed his records and history if he has nothing to hide why seal records. I did not vote for him either time (not because of his color) he is mixed white and black. I didn’t like his statements regarding our country being the greatest in the world and he was going to make changes. He sure did, how do all of you who voted for him twice like his changes now. Opened our border to anyone from anywhere. This is not keeping our country safe and secure. How do those who lost their jobs feel about supporting the illegals with all our tax dollars we paid in?

  • Rolland Hamm

    I think Barack Hussein Obama will have a lower rating than indicated. He campaigns, rather than do the job, which he was elected to do. The absence of TRUE information coming from his mouth (THE ERRORS AND FAULTS IN OBAMACARE ARE NOT THE FAULT OF INSURANCE COMPANIES; THEY ARE THE FAULT OF PRESIDENT OBAMA, HIS ADMINISTRATION AND EVERY DEMOCRAT WHO VOTED FOR IT), loses support of those who see through what is said. Those who can’t see the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth vote approval. When (and if) they find out the vote will be DISAPPROVAL.

    • Buck Ofama

      Remember Pelosi’s comment, something to the effect of: “If you want to know what’s in it (ACA), we have to pass it”. Disgraceful

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Brett Shannon

    I personally feel that his rating is way TOO high. I think he is the WORST president our country has ever had and I do not think he cares one bit about the American people. I NEVER voted for him and would never vote for him and it has NOTHING to do with his race. It has everything to do with how cavalier he is with the way he handles things. I think he has his own agenda and he DEFINITELY does not care about us!!!!

  • John

    Just further proves there are some incredibly stupid people in this country if 42% of them STILL approve of this idiot…

  • Peter

    You think it is bad now, wait till the end of November after employee’s at private companies renew there yearly insurance benefits.

    • Bonnie Joyce

      President Obama is totally to blame for this entire health care mess. The Congress requested a one year delay on implementation of the ACA. The President and Harry Reid refused resulting in a government shutdown. The ACA was more important to them than a government shutdown.

      • http://google froggy

        Oh come on we all know its Bushes fault ,wait a minute ,didn’t bush leave the white house almost 5 years ago.Who the hell is in charge of this country now ,oh thats right Valery Jarret is our president !You go girl !

  • Allan B.

    That 42% must be “seasonally adjusted” data. The only people who support him are those who want something for nothing and those who have ulterior motives. O’Bama makes LBJ look like a saint. O’Bama has surrounded himself with woefully unqualified people who are totally unable to run even a lemonade stand, let alone this country. He is without a doubt the worst president in the history of the USA. He is good at one thing: selling a load of crap. When his term is finally over, he should have a long career as a used car salesman.

  • Steve Cook

    I thought it wasn’t possible to have a worse president than George Bush, but Obama has him beat. He has no connection with the working people in this nation. Its great everybody will have medical insurance, well maybe not me as a middle classes my insurance company has dropped me and my costs more than double. Yes I can keep my insurance if I give up other necessities. Either he misled the American public or lacks the ability to have the vision to understand that short or long term this won’t work. Unfortunately he looks no better on his international policies. He has picked a direction and it appears that no matter the consequences to the nation he is holding fast with his plan, working or not.

  • Don

    It should be lower than a snake’s belly!

  • Lorenzo

    Yes – Obama is the worst effing President in the history of the U.S.

    More people on government assistant than working full time.

    $22 Trillion in debt by April 2014 – more than double all previous U.S. Presidents combined.

    Ur unemployment rate of 13%.

    African Americans progress down in all economic categories since his Presidency and a 13% unemployment rate.

    Effectively screwing up 20% of the U.S. economy with Obamalaw – the biggest tax increase (20 new taxes) in U.S. History with ZERO bipartisan support.

  • John Smith

    Wow 49-37 disapprove of Obamacare with 14% undecided. If that was a Presidential election it would be a landslide against Obamacare.

  • Fred

    I see no mention of his “Laser Like Focus on Jobs”…..

  • No

    42%? Sounds like a typo. Correction: 4.2%.

  • John D

    In today’s world politicians are puppets on the stage look behind the curtains for people who pull the strings they are the ones who’s ratings are falling. They are the ones who are looting the nation…..

    Only way Obama can now recover ratings is to arrest the banksters and nationalize their Banks, Insurance companies, Media companies be done with them. Sky will not fall down when it happens.

  • Otto

    Nancy Pelosi said it best, we’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it. What a “Pandora’s Box” that turned out to be!!

  • Dusty

    Feel that President Obama is strong enough to accept this latest on trying to tear down Obamacare and have been trying from day one just listen to Rush, Hannity, Boortz etc. I had to stop listening like a broken record to destroy this country ever having Obamacare. Taking away from the very rich insurance companies, medical companies, doctors who could control cost to their benefit not for the benefit of the patient. I know being a retired RN. Now they say and do anything to stall this President from doing anything and they have even said they would and they have even to tearing down the whole govt. for 2 weeks and costing $24 billion, and now question the cost of setting up Obamacare that some say cost about $180 million so far. Does not sound like much compared to losing $24 billion. Just explain the purpose of a shut down that they even tried to blame on the President doing this because he just would not do what we wanted him to do so this is pay back. How very sad for our government and our country and they the Republicans do not care that their ratings are half of the Presidents. If they do not care why not?



  • melvinford

    worst president since jimmy carter

  • Edward Constantineq

    The sky was suppose clear and money drop from the clouds when he became president.. What happened? Lame Duck from the getty up!!

  • pat downing

    MAYBE OBAMA SHOULD COPY THIS SPEECH: On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma,
    (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

    “In Russia live like Russians.

    Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia,
    should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws.

    If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

    Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.

    We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture .

    We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation.

    The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia.

    The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways Sharia Law and Muslims.

    When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation

    • Buck Ofama

      Pat, you saw that youtube video too?? Wonder who the Dems will blame for that? Scary stuff, for sure. AMERICANS better wake up!


    The sky was suppose to clear and money drop from the clouds when he became president.. What happened? Lame Duck from the getty up!!

    • Buck Ofama

      Money does drop from the sky if you are willing to give up your soul, sell your vote, and take in all the entitlements I can offer you. Oh, but you can’t have a job and you must stay home and breed ‘mo babies to vote for the next of my crew to occupy da (White)house.

  • http://yahoo ron

    With Obama, we are deeper in debt. We were once the leading nation of the world, but that is coming to an end. He will have us owned by china. All his doings have done nothing for the people that work for a living, only the ones that lay around and get everything for free, while the working class pays for it. This includes cell phones, ins, and other things. I cant believe that there were enough idiots in this once great country to vote him in once let alone twice.

    • Buck Ofama

      Votes are bought with entitlements, thus the 42%. I knew I had it won (Mitt lost, I didn’t really win), when Mitt said he wanted “Americans back to work”. I’m glad that there are so many that want somethin’ fo nothin’. Speaking of which- anyone see my (Un)Nobel Peace Prize? I fear Michelle pawned it for yet another dress that doesn’t fit.


    • Lyzzy

      So, in order to pay our debt, which do you think China will want first Hawaii or Alaska?

  • chucky cheese

    this is unreal

  • g southerland

    That is about 100 times higher than I would give obama

  • Glenn Caskey

    I am surprised obama’s approval rating is that high. He is a failure.

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