Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific, Shows Study

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Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific, Shows Study
[ Science]

Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the home of Honolulu, is dissolving from the inside, shows a new study. Geologists state that the island’s Koolau and Waianae mountains will gradually be reduced to nothing, leaving Oahu a flat, low-lying island.

“We tried to figure out how fast the island is going away and what the influence of climate is on that rate,” said Steve Nelson, a Brigham Young University geologist. “More material is dissolving from those islands than what is being carried off through erosion.”

The study, published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, looked at both groundwater and stream water, comparing them to see which removes more mineral material. Geologists spent two months sampling both types on Oahu, then added data from the U.S. Geological Survey to calculate the total mass that disappeared from the island in various years.

“All of the Hawaiian Islands are made of just one kind of rock,” said Nelson. “The weathering rates are variable, too, because rainfall is so variable, so it’s a great natural laboratory.”

According to Nelson and his colleagues’ estimates, the plate tectonics affecting Oahu will continue to grow the island for 1.5 million years. After that, groundwater will begin to force the island and its mountains into a flat landscape.

Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific, Shows Study
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  • Marvin Rose

    oh no the sky is falling again, only this time 1.5 million years away. Dang , so sad I will miss it

  • Deborah Carroll

    hey there are a ton of tunnels and underground cities on Oahu

    maybe that is contributing to the sinking inward issue

    millions were spent on a new third tunnel through from waikiki side to windward side through the mountains near Aiea and i think it was about 11 million spent to do this boring through the mountains back in early 90s, only to find out that the microwaves penetrating that new tunnel would cause infertilization of the commuters who would benefit from a new tunnel to make traffic times less slow and long, so they closed the tunnel and basically decided it was a mistake and could not be used for drivers afterall.

    I suppose it was an add on to some of the tunnels and underground cities built under hickam airforce base.

    what is really happening? I wonder!

  • carson

    Ed , quit your crying and act like a man.

  • Angela

    This is not news! Every knowledgeable person knows that islands formed from volcanos in the sea will return to the sea. 1.5 million years really is a bit of a throw for us to really be concerned as Id think humans wont even exist at that time…at least not the way they do now. Either way, this is not really news. Technically they all are doing the same thing!

    • Jon

      It says the island will continue to grow for another 1.5 million years, and it will start flattening until after that. So, it’s not even dissolving yet.

  • Cathy

    And just who do you think will be alive to watch this happen in 1.5 million years?

    • http://yahoo BRAD

      Who will be alive in 1.5 million years to watch this happen? At the rate that WHITE women are marrying NEGROS, and having NEGRO offspring, the only things that will be alive to enjoy this happening, will be the future half human, half monkey population, that will inherit the planet! Thank you Abraham Lincoln, and John Kennedy!

      • pissed reader

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      • cindy adam

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  • joe lancour

    In other news, the sun came up today.

  • zac

    another pointless article if you are not immortal.

  • me

    We’ll, that’s a minute I’ll never get back… and that’s more tragic than this stupid story, I’d say.

  • Elmer Fudd

    That wascawwe wabbit George W Bush did it, a-huh huh huh huh…

  • http://hotmail Floyd

    White people have more in common with black people than rich people.
    We need to get rid of all colors of people and just have everyone keep f___king everyone until we are all the same color.

  • Tony Mac

    Wow! People actually got paid to reveal this to the world! Probably on som tax payer funded grant. Unbelievable waste……..

    • Cuzzin

      Yes people get paid to examine every detail of our planet every day. Were it not for this desire to fully understand the world we live in you would still be living in a cave … assuming you bothered to go out to try and find a suitable cave in which to live. Sadly the people that get paid to understand our little rock dont get paid nearly as much as the pretty people who we eagerly watch at the movie theatres and TV. Now ask yourself which of these two groups would you rather spend your money on before you declare these finding as a waste.

      and another thing … your tax dollars are spent bombing camel herders in the desert, feeding crack mothers in government housing, and among other waste paying all manner of lazy useless morons that call themselves politicians … yet you complain about spending on scientists to understand our planet. Seriously?

  • schema

    Giving this study – a bit speculative, don’t you think? – the headline it has is, well, beyond utter stupidity. So the island will grow for the next 1.5 million years and then it will begin to ‘dissolve’, eh? This isn’t science – it’s the stuff of comic books. Who gives a flying #$%#! what will happen after it reaches its maximum size in 1.5 million years and then begins its descent into the Pacific? If we own a plot of land there now, should we sell or wait a few hundred thousand years? Will the Cubs win the World Series before then? Perhaps residences on the big island should begin building their ark now – certainly no later than the year 1,459,231.2! Happy New Years, fellow scientists.

  • Me

    I’m a democrat, and I would have gladly rather spent this money or the Romney Campaign. What a waste of tax payers good money….1.5million years?? Dumb ass study probably cost 1.5million dollars. But who am I to complain, I would take a two month job in Hawaii and not work on s*** either.

    • Joe

      To Me, there’s virtually no basis for your statement about use of taxpayer dollars as there is no mention of any money being spent or where the money came from. This study was done by geologists, plural, but only one was identified he is from BYU and that is a private institution. No mention of whether or not they got federal taxpayer dollars. In addition to the data they collected they said they got data from the federally funded US Geological Survey, but no mention of what data was used or how it was collected. It could have been satellite data which would not involve any employees going to Hawaii at taxpayers’ expense. Heck, some data that they collect is SOLD in order to help recoup the costs and it may be that the group who did this study actually had to pay for the data. Even if the study was federally funded, at least this portion would have seen money go from to the study via a grant, then back to the government for the data.
      So before you go bashing this (or any other report) as a waste of taxpayer money, get the facts about where the money came from, how much money is involved, then complain. Or when that is not available or known, at least clearly include something like “If this was funded with taxpayer money, then…” your complaint and how you would rather have spent the money.
      BTW, I’m a republican and I would NOT have wanted it seen spent on the Romney Campaign.

  • http://www.sdgwebdesign.com Steve Kent

    Yeah, I was kind of expecting some kind of shocking reason or timeline, like acid rain will have dissolved in within 30 years, the geologically timelined grind of plate tectonics is hardly news, what’s tomorrow? “India crushes South East Asia!”, “Australia about to smash into Antarctica!”?

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