O.J. Simpson Says Cancer Terminal, Seeks Clemency

    January 7, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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“Mr. President, I know my life is coming to an end. Please, don’t let me die in prison.”

O.J. Simpson, the imprisoned 66-year old former American football player, is seeking clemency with President Obama because he says he has terminal brain cancer.

Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence in a Nevada prison for assault, robbery, and kidnapping.

Simpson has had many legal troubles over the years including millions of dollars in past due taxes and various arrests. However, most remember him from the 90’s when he was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman.

Now Simpson is pleading to be set free so he can go home and die peacefully.

According to the Washington Times, Simpson’s health has been deteriorating for years. It is reported that “he’s gained weight since his imprisonment, and also suffers from blurred vision, stuttering and failing hearing.” Doctors have also warned to him to cut back on sweets as not to further affect his extreme case of diabetes.

A source told The Enquirer, “O.J. says his memory is slipping and he gets painful headaches and other symptoms. He has blurry vision, stutters sometimes and has trouble hearing what people are saying to him. At times, he feels confused and has unusual bursts of anger and fits of depression. He put off the doctors for weeks after he first started experiencing the symptoms because he was afraid of what they would find.”

The source added, “Now the prison docs are telling him they believe he has a brain tumor. They plan to run a series of tests on him, MRIs, and CT scans.”

The Enquirer also reported that Simpson has finally agreed to the tests he has put off for fear of what they might find. He reportedly told a friend, ‘I feel the end coming. But I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.”

The source said that O.J. is clinging to the hope of being set free, saying, “I’ve been a supporter of Barack Obama since the beginning. He needs to give me a pardon!”

Prison officials have Simpson on suicide watch. Further tests will determine whether his death is as imminent as Simpson thinks it is.

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  • hb

    admit your guilt! how did

    Nicole die/?

    • Lover of OJ

      I’m crying, but don’t understand why. I’m crying for poor OJ Simpson, due to football all those years probably made him the man he was and is. I cry for him as Jesus cried for the sinner.

      • http://Yahoo.com Susa

        Did you cry for Nicole and Ron when he butchered them?

        • bob arnold

          it is really amazing how people can judge when ther was all this evidence that proved to be planted among the most compelling is the bloody sock not found on bedroom floor the forst time but found after oj was in prison,o the fact that the fellow who painted nicholas house was excuted for other murders and confessed to the murders,i guess that means nothing,unbelievable

          • Tracy

            Your an idiot. He did the murders and I betcha before he dies (IF he has brain cancer) he will admit to it out of fear of going to hell.

          • Justice Scalia

            There was a TON of planted evidence, because the cops did not think they could get a conviction against a man as popular in town as OJ. That planted evidence was used to impeach the remaining evidence and the jury found him not guilty.

            That does not in any way state that OJ did not murder these two people. It simply says that the LAPD might as well be the Keystone Cops.

          • layla

            lets forget about the nicole murder trial. He was found not guilty. He was however found guilty of robbery and kidnapping, for which he is serving his sentence and deserves to die like jail house scum, b/c he is exactly that.

          • Prefabfan

            no evidence proved to be planted

          • http://yahoo.com Dennis P. Quinn

            He not in jail for the murder. Try again and defend him.

          • Phyllis Dixon

            I hear you Bob… What about the fact that Ron’s mother was married to a contract killer before she married Goldman.

        • http://msn gayle hill

          I still do not believe he killed them.

          • mark

            I liked OJ before those terrible killings. I was hoping he was innocent. When he traveled in that white bronco that day that changed my mined. If you are innocent you just don’t do those things. OJ was a strong willed guy if he was innocent he would never have spilt in the bronco or acted depressed when he first went to jail. He would have been screaming I am innocent. I was not there so only OJ and God knows who committed those terrible acts, but I believe he did it.

        • DEANNA


        • Phyllis Dixon

          He isn’t in jail for those murders.

      • Death Watch

        Die O.J. May it be painful, and when it’s over….enjoy your rot in hell.

        • paul chapin

          death watch I hope your mother dies a painful death.I know she will though, all whores do!!!

          • rick

            That was my first thought, then it dawned me that his mother was an anus, no other reason for that shit to be here.

        • http://yahoo.com dewitt

          Although I’m not a believer (christian), it seems as though you aren’t either. Remember this, “Let he who is w/o sin”…Who amongs’t us is blameless? Whenever you start pointing fingers, try to remember you have done wrong too.

      • neet

        You should cry because you’re a pathetic loser. Be you didn’t shed any tears for the victims of this sociopath’s slaughter. You demented fool!

        • rick

          Hmm, seems you have proof that no one else had. That makes you a bigger piece of sh1t than him for withholding evidence. Kill your useless fcking self right now, it’s what you want for him.

      • Koob

        Good for you Lover. I think O.J. has been a sleazy guy and that he killed those two people but like you said, Jesus cried for sinners. No matter how many thumbs down you get, that’s great. God bless you.

      • Buck

        You need to cry for Nicole & Ron.

      • neet

        You idiot,save your tears for this murderer and get some theraphy.

      • ken

        Religious Dip S^H^I^T

    • Lisa

      I agree with HB, admit that you murdered your wife, we all know you’re guilty and try to find some remorse in your heart, cuz I’m sure hell is a lot worse then hell. Funny how just win you think you got away with something, Bam!

      • Tim

        You can’t spell “when”?

        • Ron Smith

          or than

          • Badthings

            I can spell asswholes

      • bob arnold

        it still amazes me how people can put aside that the time frame was not there for him to do it,that he had no marks on him from a supposidly big fight with goldman,oh yes and one of the best ones was a bloody sock on the bedroom floor that was not there when police took pictures the first time and then appeared after oj was in prison,that was the one thing that the jury had doubts about guilt,did anybody wonder why the blood smple they tok had preservative in it which is only put in after lab tests it,ther is many other doubts but why let them get in the way of these facts only what you want to believe

        • Buck

          Bob, OJ had a large gash in his hand.

          • http://msn gayle hill

            Sorry I didn’t see that.

      • bob arnold

        amazing we all know your guilty,well i do not as i watched the trial and saw wher ther was planted evidence i bet you did not watch it like everbody who thought he was guilty,plus the time frame in which they tried to change and the judge would not let marsha. oh maybe you were there

      • rick

        The only thing you KNOW, is nothing you dumb cvnt. Shut up azzhole, the system found him innocent and no matter what your peabrain thinks, he’s innocent. Shut up bitch and get back in the kitchen.

        • Me

          Hey Prick…I mean Rick..the dumbazz was convicted for the crimes he did in Las Vegas not the murders. Try getting your facts straight. The only one saying he is dying of brain cancer is him, read the article he hasn’t even been seen by doctors yet because the idiot was to scared to see what is wrong with him.

        • Susan

          So rude and so easy to say when you are hiding behind a computer keyboard….. That was a really nasty comment,

          • Susan

            My comment was maen’t for Rick by the way….sorry. I shoulld have specified….

    • bob arnold

      another one who never watched the trial and then judge the planted evidence to see why he was acquitted

    • J. Orabone

      The article erroneously states that Ron Goldman was Nicole Simpson’s boyfriend. I don’t believe this was the case. He just worked at a restaurant and was returning her sunglasses when OJ slit their throats.

    • Bryan

      Hey OJ, you want to be shown mercy, since you’ve been diagnosed with cancer? Where was the mercy shown for Denise and Ron, who you basically decapitated. You’re exactly where you belong…PRISON! You’re certainly not the first, nor will you be the last, to die in prison, after being diagnosed with cancer. You’re a criminal! You don’t deserve special treatment.

    • Ceeymoore

      He shouldn’t be in jail in the first place…….he’s only in jail because of whitey…….

  • Daniel

    But he is jailhouse scum … let him die and rot there.

    • wmbart

      this moron doesn’t want to die like jailhouse scum? Your wife didn’t want to die like a cow all cut up for hamburger. you are where you need to be and die like the pig you are.

    • Susie

      Still thinks the entire world revolves around him. How dare he call the rest of them scum.

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      Perfect example of “You reap what you sow”……

  • Average American

    A scum denies he is a scum!?!?!

  • lynda k

    He doesn’t want to die in prison like “common jailhouse scum”, well he is “common jailhouse scum” isn’t he!

    • Nenein Mesquite


  • samuel

    he is jailhouse scum

  • Da Fox

    What goes around comes around !!!! You do da crime you do da tome !!!

  • CRoss

    It’s too late to not die like “common jailhouse scum”, because that’s what you have already achieved.
    Confess to slaughtering Nichole and Ron.

  • diane carder

    He is right where he belongs. He should have been found guilty of 1st degree murder long ago and executed, but he wasn’t. As far as I am concerned he is getting what he deserves anyway. Let him die a miserable death in prison.

  • Bubs45

    I’m sure Nicole didn’t want to die the way she did also.

  • http://Yahoo.com M.K. Effstock

    Initially, the Brain Cancer has yet to be proven. Already he is pleading for his release. I’m very sorry for all that’s happened to him, but one factor effects the level of my regrets for him. That factor: The reason he’s in prison are all the result of his own doing. He had a period in his life where he enjoyed everything most of us can only dream about. One of the greatest NFL players, a spokesman for Hertz. I’m confident his yearly income in that period of his life equals the outrageous contracts signed today by the ‘idols’ we can only attempt to use as role models(right) FSU wins last evening w/ a Heisman Trophy winner who was charged w/ rape. He was allowed to play given his ‘new worth’ to FSU, not what he did to the woman who didn’t press any charges, oh how I wonder why? I’m sorry O.J., you are a criminal and your sentence was passed and needs to be completed despite you physical condition. I do feel your pain given I’m in stage 3 cancer, but my name isn’t in the news asking the President for a pardon. My family will be in debt given the cost of my treatments. I do hope you are able to appreciate what remains of the life you have. I don’t think your wife was denied that appreciation. Take a second and look at it that way.

    • Bill Vee

      Thought you had to have a brain for it to be afflicted with cancer!?

      • kelly richardson

        I am pretty sure you have to have an mri and/or a cat scan before they can diagnose for certain brain cancer! He will admit to the murders on his death bed….typical OJ…Won’t have to face his children that way…I still and will always believe sydney knows he did it.

    • http://abc mike

      Winston was not charged with rape flaky, he was accused.

      • sly

        Winston should be in the jailhouse with OJ as he is a scumbag rapist, he shouldn’t have been allowed to play and be in prison.

    • doris

      Some think or thought Obama was the Messiah and have found out that he is not. Thus, OJ might get a pardon if he partitioned the TRUE MESSIAH.

      • Victoria

        I do not think that Obama needed or wanted your support, therefore he does not owe you a pardon. You are worlds away from that man in character. You are where you earned the right to be, as an arrogant, flamboyant athlete, who felt ok about killing his blonde trophy wife, and thought he should get away with it and everything else.

        • Ed H

          Victoria, by all rights, obama should be in prison, in the cell right next to o.j. obama also has no character.

          • http://Yahoo Debi

            Leave to the 3 above ash holes to bring in politics……never gonna get over it are they?

          • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow



        • Lee

          you are really not saying obummer has character…omg…you are delusional

          • Nenein Mesquite


          • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow


        • http://yahoo Amanda

          O.J. is right where he should be. He should be serving life for double murder. obama should be in prison also, for what he has done to America! Both of these apes are accomplished liars, and nothing either one says is worth hearing!

          • Robert Curry

            Now I guess you have a problem with black people, being you calling them apes, you go that far with your comments that say’s a lot about you not the people you talking about.

          • Carol Lyons

            You know I really hate it when people make this a race thing with President Obama. President Obama would have been able to do a much better job had the American people backed him (that includes republican’s). You would think in this day and age that we would be able to get past the race thing. I know that O.J Simpson has done some very bad things in his life,however no matter the outcome with his prison term he will have to answer for all of his wrong doing. Nobody escapes death. And everyone has to answer to a higher power. I am sas for O.J. Simpson if he did commit the murders. He needs to repent if this is true. May God have mercy on his soul.

        • Phyllis Dixon

          Oh, so you were there? LOL

      • http://Yahoo Debi

        still can’t get over it can you?

    • Trish

      Prayers to you M.K. Effstock

    • Shirley Mullis

      O.J. will never go through what he put those two people through. I did get very sad when I read the comment from M.K. Effstock and what a “testimony” was given. This person hit the nail on the head. My thoughts and prayers are with you, none for OJ.

    • Miriam

      I was not in the place where the crime happen ,there for I can not ,will not assume O.J murdered those people, the system works to its advantages and disadvantages . Only God knows who did it. Please let O.J have peace whether He
      is in prison or outside it.

      • Marty Siegel

        Miriam: I beg to differ with you. While God knows who did it, O.J. knows if he did it; and if he did not do it, the person or persons who did do it knows that they did it. While I was also “not in the place where the crime” was committed, I followed O.J.’s trial very closely, with an open mind, and my unbiased opinion is that he did in fact do it.

        • Phyllis Dixon

          Oh, another person who was there!

  • Will

    Karma is a bitch

    • Trish

      Ain’t it Joe?

  • diane carder

    I have zero sympathy for him—just as he had zero sympathy for his victims he beheaded

    • Mary

      He nearly severed Nicole’s head, and he is worried about his? I hope he rots and dies in prison.

  • http://webpronews.com I’m662

    I still believe he killed Nicole and Ron.
    Keep him in prison!

    • guess wo

      What you believe & what they could prove, are two different things!!

      • CVW2

        They proved enough to give him the 33 years.

        • http://yahoo.com Maribel Isis Foroni

          hahahaha that’s what everybody thinks. They didn’t prove enough to give him 33 years for murder, that’s why he got off. They gave him 33 years for the murder he was NOT convicted of. The robbert/kidnap thing was a bunch of crap and everybody knows. He’s an idiot, got off scott free for killing 2 people, but no way he would have gotten 33 years for this crime had it not been for the fact that people wanted to punish him for the murder. Right or wrong, let’s keep it real. If it weren’t for his previous murder trial, he probably would have gotten probabtion for this crime. Stealing his own property back. Joke!

          • heather

            He wasn’t stealing his property back, it was property that belonged to The Goldman’s that he was suppose to turn over to them for killing their son.

          • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow


  • Nutz40

    Good Actor! Narcissistic Personality no remorse. Likely to re-offend. Who knows if genuine issues. Let him pay for own medical care.

  • Will

    Karma will eventually bite you. What makes him more special that the others that die in prison. I say no. He’s had enough special attention. Next.

    • Terry Gray

      Karma has already bit him in the ass!

      • http://a&t jean

        I agree,it was a long time coming..i`m glad I lived to see it..

  • Steve

    (The source said that O.J. is clinging to the hope of being set free, saying, “I’ve been a supporter of Barack Obama since the beginning. He needs to give me a pardon!”)

    That’s a good one! Obama has enough problems. Forget it, O.J.!

    • Trish

      I’ve been a supporter of Prez too but you don’t see me asking to have a pardon on my school loans do you? Hey, maybe I should!

    • jo momma

      obama is the problem, all blacks feel because he is a black president he owes them. obama is the scum of the white house.

      • http://yahoo glen booth

        if he pardons him i think he will get killed and if he does i will have no pity

      • Bliss

        You are a ignorant scum of the earth

      • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow


    • http://windstream Sandy

      Oh don’t be surprised if Obama grants him a pardon. He is an idiot and wouldn’t be surprised at all. Watch and see. Plenty of people have died in prison, why should he be an exception

      • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow


  • Bobbie Griffin


    • Spirit

      What an ignorant comment. It’ that attitude that promotes and feeds racism. If you quite talking about it racism will fade away.

      • Mike

        Spirit, THIS is an ignorant comment! Racism existed in the world, and in America (and still thrives here)…LONG before any one started talking about it!!

    • guido

      OK…..let’s just say he killed a couple of white people…..why is it racist for him to be in jail?

    • Rich

      You are a true IDIOT… Let this POS rot in prison, then hell.

    • http://yahoo.com Maribel Isis Foroni

      Bobbie, honey. You hush now.

    • Amy

      Really racism WOW Knock it off with that shit. White black orange who gives a shit hes a criminal and a murderer!! POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!! BOBBIE GRIFFIN WE ARE IN 2014 NOW and NEWS FLASH OUR PRESIDENTS BLACK ASSHOLE!

  • Thom

    It’s time to repent for the murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman!

  • Terry Gray

    “But I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.” But he IS jailhouse scum. And I don’t see all the other inmates in prison as “scum”. They made their mistakes, got caught, are serving their time AND have the chance to rehabilitate and turn their lives around if they wish. But this “scum” simpson (I won’t capitalize his name–it would be an insult to proper grammatics) is an insult to humanity and will remain so until the day he dies and the sooner the better.

  • Carlo R

    Being an avid supporter of Obama is just one more inextricable reason just about every honest person would inextricably agree, OJ Simpson should die like jailhouse scum.

  • http://yahoo Scott Boettcher

    I feel sorry for him (not), put a rope in his cell.

  • http://WebProNews David

    Hmmmm… so O.J. has cancer?
    Too bad…………most folks were hoping he would die of Old Age in Prison!
    Last comic pardon was ruled due to “FLEABITUS”…..the only reason Simpson can’t hear is due to having his head so far up his ass.
    Next thing you’ll hear is that Charles Manson wants out in order to
    finish High School.
    Let’em all rot………

  • AG

    I will never understand how the D.A. and the police never knew or realized the leather shrinks once it gets wet. Even I know that and I don’t have any kind of degree! Keep him where he is and if the brain tumor is real so be it. No pity coming from here and I imagine millions will agree with me.

    • Marie Vituou

      Thank you! First thing I thought of when he tried to put that glove on. Still can’t believe the DA didn’t bring that at the trial.

    • Sarah

      Definitely read Mark Fuhrman’s book, “Murder in Brentwood” (1997). I checked it out at the library. It explains SO much regarding facts and details most of us never got to hear. Oh, and unlike O. J., Fuhrman does own up and apologize for his own wrongs. Truly a compelling (yet frustrating) read.

  • dave thomas

    He’s a supporter of Barack Obama, the champion of poor decision making. What a shock. O. J. Simpson should be ignored. He still thinks that he’s so special that he deserves special treatment. Die in prison, murderer scum.

  • http://yahoo.com tmhackel

    Just how much clemency did he give Nicole and the young waiter friend when he murdered them in cold blood . He deserves no such clemency for his crimes , he is reaping what he sowed and the choices he has made have dictated the life he has to live . If that means he dies in jail like the low life scum he is . So be it . He had more opportunities and every chance in life and he threw it all out the window by being ghetto trash from whence he came .

    • Luna Sharone

      So many many judges………….smh…..on your day before the judge of all mankind…….hope you can justify the karma you receive for the ill deeds you have done in your lifetime. Say what you will, It’s not up to you….only God has the final say.

      • heather

        Well, unlike O.J, most of us have not nor would we commit murder. So, yes, we can judge.

  • james meyers

    He finaly got what was comming to him now he wants special treatment?

  • Jack

    Die you evil SOB. Die painfully and slowly because that’s what you deserve.



  • Soahs

    Doesn’t want to die like jailhouse scum? He IS jailhouse scum. Karma is a bitch ain’t it OJ. You took the lives of two people. Now you “allegedly” will die. Are we acting? You don’t even know for sure yet, but are really putting on a show, aren’t you. Prison docs are planning to run expensive tests – MRI, CT scans. When good people on “managed” care have to beg their medical provider for some of these expensive tests, then are denied – WHY should OJ enjoy examinations that may save his life.

  • nonparieldolls

    So far, no one besides OJ has diagnosed him with terminal brain cancer. Mental illness, maybe. That he would ask/demand a presidential pardon shows there is definitely something wrong. Even after spending time in prison he has absolutely no insight into his own behavior, which led to his incarceration. He still seems to think he’s “entitled” to special treatment. Many criminals die in jail and for his part in the death of Nicole and Ron, he should have done so already. If Obama pardons OJ, Obama might need his own pardon.

  • http://Yahoo Richard

    It is incredible how many of you don’t believe in the American system of justice. “Not Guilty” is exactly that. So many of you are appointing yourselves judge and jury in HINDSIGHT. Well…you’re missing out on recent revelations…EVIDENCE now shows that Nicole and Ron were very likely killed by OJ’s oldest SON! But Los Angeles refuses to indict…reluctant to admit errors (and doctoring of evidence by Van Adder and Furhman). As to the Las Vegas “trial” it was such a joke. OJ wasn’t armed..but his buddies were (and Oj didn’t know it)..and just by “coincidence” one of them had a tape recorder and it was ON through the whole incident. And as another surprise..they ALL (all but one) turned State’s Evidence to avoid prosecution. Judge Glass put OJ on the biggest railroad since the ATSF. She should never be reelected.

    • nonparieldolls

      Are you his lawyer or hoping to be? I’m sure your “revelations” are very real — to you. Thank you for sharing them. OJ killed his wife and Ron Goldman. OJ went to a hotel room bent on getting his “property” back.

      At some point in his life, OJ has to accept some responsibility for what’s happened in his life. He made choices, bad ones, and retribution finally caught up with him.

      There won’t be many tears shed over his current situation. Many, including me, will feel he has reaped what he sowed. You, of course, are free to disagree and attempt to defend him all you want.

    • Shirley Jackson

      Don’t even get me started on your stupid comment. There were many trial errors but eve OJ wrote a book about what if he HAD done the murder and practically confessed.

    • Tara

      “Not guilty” does not mean innocent. In the American justice system, those two terms do NOT mean the same thing. So just because O.J. was found not guilty for the crimes in 1994 doesn’t mean he is innocent of them.
      Do a little reading. Educate yourself.

  • Jack Kehoe

    Let him suffer in his own JUICE. He is a liar and a criminal, Obama should keep his nose out of this, he already has made too many dumb decisions. OJ would be a treat if let free in one way another. He has shown a inner him that will use others for his own needs in anyway or means.

  • Grandpaw

    Slit his scrotum and run his leg through it.

  • J.A. Rose

    OJ is no different than any other inmate in the USA, he is where he is because he broke the law. So he has a brain tumor or cancer so do a lot of others in jail, deal with it OJ you are where you belong.

  • viv

    The one OJ should be asking for a pardon from is the Lord!!! I will be
    deeply saddened if Obama grants this “scum” a pardon. Also, the official
    diagnosis has not even come in yet. OJ is playing this to the hilt, just like he has in everything else he’s done. Remember, he also was an actor!

  • Lynn

    All I can say he was proven not guilty for the murder of Nicole Brown that’s a fact! His other problems were created by him but as a medical person brain cancer will change your mental status. This can be one reason for some of his past actions. Those who have never sinned please cast the first stone.

  • http://Yahoo Richard

    Sure are a LOT of VIGILANTES in here, all running to get a rope. Maybe they should read “The Ox-Bow Incident?”

    • mommajoyce

      We did and that is why we feel this is the “OJ-Bow Incident”!!!!

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LULU


  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • LORI

    Well OJ although I do not wish you physical illness I have to say that I think a prison death is fitting for you. Although you were acquitted after a horrendous trial there is no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that you killed 2 human beings. Most people wanted you to be innocent because you were a sports hero but you were guilty.

    Do you think Ron and Nicole wanted to die where and when they did? You think?

    Sorry OJ but I think you will die in an appropriate location. A cot in a locked jail cell. Perhaps if on your deathbed you spout out the truth perhaps some greater being than flawed humans will forgive you.

    Otherwise you will wake up in hell and I think you would prefer jail to that.

  • http://none Vietvet1968

    I would like to feel sorry for O.J., but I can not. An old saying ” what goes around comes around”. He is now receiving what he deserves for killing his wife and friend. Once a liar and a thief, always a liar and a thief!

    • guess who

      I thought he was found “not guilty”!!!!!

  • jv

    Pray for his soul!!!

  • r mize

    please massa let me people go

  • RJW

    If he does have a brain tumor he should at most be release just for treatments then return to jail after treatment. When and if the end is eminent the best he should get is release with house arrest at a half way house.

    • BensGirl

      Nope. His victims didn’t die a peaceful death, why should he? Keep him in prison until the day he dies of whatever.

      • Shirley Jackson

        He needs to die in a snake pit or tied t a red ant pile. Sorry but he put Nichol and Ron through a horrific death and he deserves no better. I am not a saddist but I hope his death is long and painful.

      • http://webpronews.com jeff

        Its amazing how some people think they can out run
        “The Karma Train” Good luck O.J. You can rot in the ground next to that Bastard Jonnie Cochran for getting you off of Murder charge of two innocent people! Instead of asking Barak Obama for a Pardon. You ought to be asking your Creator for a Pardon!!!

  • Linda Miranda

    I don’t think he’s faking, but he did get off free once and abused that free time now it’s a shame he may have brain cancer and wants to live out the rest of his life with family and friends, but I am not so sure about how he is going to live out the rest of his life looking at his checkered past. I feel bad for his condition, but what about Nicole’s family and his children who are now living out their lives without their mother?

  • http://yahoo Pat

    OJ, OJ, OJ, what a mess, you have made of your life. You could have retired a very rich, happy man, and above all, lived the rest of your life with dignity. You were the most amazing football player, I had ever seen, to this day, know one has broken your record, what a waste of God given talent, you were blessed with. If only you had stayed married to your beautiful first wife, your life would have been a thousand times better, you would have avoided all the drama, scandals, trials, and humiliation. Your first wife, loved you, and married you, when you didn’t have a name to your name, before you became rich, and famous, and you through it all away. The day you met that bleached blonde, gold digger, Nicole Brown, and her drug dealing, cocaine snorting friends, was the beginning of your down fall. You, and Nicole started your slutty affair while you were still married, how on earth, did you think, that your relationship was going to have a happy ending? If only you had stayed with the woman, that was there for you, when you were a know body, you divorced your first wife, and left your two beautiful children, and for what? I wonder, do you ever think about how differently your life would have been, if only, you had stayed married to your first wife? Now, you sit in prison, and most likely, will die in prison, how sad it is. I guess, you finally see, that the grass is not greener on the other side.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow


  • Megan

    This isn’t the first time he’s pleaded illness, in order to be released; when he couldn’t do it via due process of law (i.e. the appeals process), he’ll try anything and everything, because deep down, he’s never believed that he should be held accountable. After all, he IS O.J. Simpson, and that makes him safe from things that trouble “lesser” mortals. As the old saying goes, he’s a legend in his own mind.

    He’s on suicide watch again, hmmmm? I seem to remember a low-speed car chase through L.A., where he reportedly held a gun to his head, and he didn’t pull the trigger then. And being a supporter of Obama doesn’t entitle ANYONE to anything but the effort to be a president to everyone, who tries to take care of the whole country; I rather think that subverting justice would not fall into this category.

    This King of the Tabloids seems to have always believed that nothing and no one can challenge him or charge him with crime, that being a former pro football played and announcer means law doesn’t apply to him, that he is invincible because he is famous.

    To Bobbie Griffin: read the statutes under which he was charged, the trial transcripts, and the arrest report, and THEN comment on his sentence.

    • http://Yhaoo Angelina

      Do you really take us as a fool How many times are you going to cry wolf? Do the time for the crime.you got off once for the Real Crime..

  • beenthere

    Interesting that the doctors are still running tests and he’s claiming he knows it’s Brain Cancer and he’s dying. All those symptoms can also be from out of control diabetes, which the article says he’s been warned to eat properly to avoid. Sounds like just another of OJs desperate attempts to get free. He spent the first half of his live in such luxury and then threw it all away with this arrogance and belief that he deserves special treatment. He committed a crime and was convicted of it. Loads of prisoners want to be free, why should he more than they…and many of them dying also. I’m sorry he screwed up and is in jail, but he has to pay the price, and if that means dying in prison “like scum” then that is his fate. I hate to say it but my first thought at the idea of him being released was that he will say he’s going to have experimental treatment and lo and behold he’ll be cured…..and then able to continue his life outside prison. Nope…sorry dude, you were convicted of this one and have to pay for it. Whether you should have paid for the murders will now be left in God’s hands when you arrive at those pearly gates or sent to a very warm tropical location.

    • http://Yhaoo Angelina

      Yes you are right..It is called milking he system..

  • nunya

    He probably is suffering the same thing that Tony Dorsett has (resulting form multiple concussions). It’s likely also the reason that Junior Seau killed himself.

  • Stan Back

    If the powers in charge would give me the authority, I’d be happy to put him out of his misery right now and a lot more mercifully than the way he killed his victims.

  • T spot

    Just because OJ “thinks” he has a terminal illness does not make it so. Get a final diagnosis first. He is trying to pull heart strings here.

  • http://yahoo James Reyes

    I say let the butcher die in prison and buried in potter’s field

  • Mamie

    How many other guilty men and women die in prison after a life ending illness takes hold of them while serving their sentence. Just because he’s “OJ Simpson” does not give him the right to go home and be comfortable with his family and friends any more than the others that meet that same sad fate!!!
    I feel bad for him, but he continued to break the law and now he is paying the price!

  • Robert Prasch

    I will not believe this story until I read it in a reputable newspaper. The Washington Times and definitely the Enquirer are sensational to say the least.

  • guess who

    He shouldn’t be in jail this long anyway for taking his own possessions. People want him to suffer b/c they think he killed two people. He was found “not guilty”, however this jail sentence was his
    payback to alot of people who felt he got away w/murdering two people. I wonder if these harsh feelings for OJ would be the same if the murder victims were say, asian, black or hispanic???

    • fuskiegirl21

      “His own things” you mean the things that another person owned and he held them at gunpoint to take back? He’s a thief, a liar and a murderer.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/o-j-simpson-says-terminal-cancer-seeks-clemency-2014-01#comments NowNow


  • Hunter

    Wonder how Ron and Nicole felt pleading for their release too?

    Die in jail!

  • B.J.

    He “doesn’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum”? That’s exactly what he is!

  • RCB

    I say we release OJ and put Obama in his place! They are both scum

    • Jessica Kern


  • Jessica Kern


  • craiggrnt

    Speculative cancer must be something new. First off I’m getting fatter,have blurred vision,hearing loss,stutter and head aches and I’m not in prison.My doctor say it is because I am lazy,ignorant and spend to much time looking at porn. There is a big difference between “Dr’s say I might have a brain tumor and actually being tested and confirmed that you have a brain tumor.It also doesn’t mean you are dying.

  • motoxgrandma

    Love all the remarks – being an older person, I am glad to see almost everyone is of the same mind set – what goes around, comes around. But, tell me, when did OJ get his doctor’s degree? Self-diagnosis for sympathy – sorry OJ no one is feeling sorry for you. We all feel sorry for your victims though.

  • sharon sbrel

    Welcome to getting old. I’m in my 60s and I have the same symptoms. Just accept the fact
    you are scum and do what you deserve.

  • Angelina

    Did Nicole and on get clemency from you?? Are you kidding me??Clemency from Obama I hope and pray NOT..Serve your time Do the crime serve the time…This is another attempt to get out..

  • http://yahoo H SCHALBERG

    He should die as jailhouse scum because he should have gotten a life sentence years ago!! Now he wants to put Obama on the spot.

  • gloria robertson

    I am sure OJ’s wife and her friend, Ron, did not want to die the way they did. Lowlife like oj deserve what they get and he should rot in prison like Charles Manson. His not getting life for murdering two people had everything to do with color – GREEN!!! Because any other African-American male would have been convicted as they did not have the money for that defense team – funny, how they are all dead……….

  • MaureenVanderpan

    The president “needs” to give him a pardon. Give me a break. The doctors “think” he might have a brain tumor? This sounds like a Hail Mary pass to me. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who butchered two people in the prime of their lives.

  • Hank

    there was no clemency for the 2 people he killed and left them to bleed to death on the sidewalk.
    I don’t think he should get clemency either

  • Teri Smithand

    Let him die in prison. He deserves it and he will go to hell for murdering 2 innocent people.

  • Richard Bouhan

    Maybe O.J. can sue the NFL / Buffalo Bills on the basis that his brain tumor/ health problems and aberrant behavior were all caused by injuries he sustained while playing football. He might as well join a number of other overpaid athletes who are suing their former teams and the league. These unsuspecting players were forced by coaches and team management into playing football and incurring trauma and head injuries resulting in debilitating conditions, even after they had been previously injured. Our poor gladiator heroes, they just didn’t know that football was a violent game and a player could be seriously hurt in playing it. They were unwittingly coerced. Sue O.J., sue.

  • jme

    “But I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.”

    But you are common jailhouse scum.

  • Bruce H Alexander

    Oh yeah O.J., Obama wants to pardon you and ‘juice’ up his negative polls.

  • nora

    forgive n forget

    let him go home

  • charlie

    let the killer die in prison. remember he murdered to innocent people

  • Jeanine

    We all must pay for our indescretions before leaving this world. Mr. Simpson, you are going to pay TWICE.

  • Tennis Mom

    You don’t want to die in jail as jailhouse scum?
    You are jailhouse SCUM though.
    Did you think Nicole and Ron wanted to die at all?

  • Tennis Mom

    You don’t want to die in jail as jailhouse scum?
    You are jailhouse SCUM though.
    Did you think Nicole and Ron wanted to die at all?

  • Corey

    He was found not guilty of killing his wife and Mr. Goldman so stop saying he deserves to die because of that you boneheads. O.J went to trial to prove his innocence and won so respect that and let god judge him instead of voicing your ignorance. I also think the judge who sentenced O.J to a 33 year sentence in prison should be sent to prison himself. People with second degree murder get less time than that! just saying… I’m not condoning this man’s behavior i’m just worried about our people and the justice system.


    What goes around, usually comes around. I think you are where you should be to take your last breath.

  • janetdimperio

    Come on. Diabetes plus the probable head injuries this guy had from playing football have made him as off base as my ex with TBI from taking out two windshields then developing diabetes or my poor mother who has alzheimers and diabetes and who is refusing food in order to die. Any head injury or disease coupled with diabetes makes for a lot of hallucinations and imaginings. Let them check his brain out. He needs it!

  • jazzy


  • Texas Bill

    I never thought he killed Nicole. I always thought that his son Jason killed Nicole. They were partying together. Taking drugs together. and probably sleeping together. Jason was in culinary school and was an expert with knives. He also has a hot tempter. I could easily see him killing those people, then running to his fathers house that night. That is why O.J. did not know about the blood on the bronco and from sidewalk.

  • Bob

    Its evident to see that the mob mentality still prevails over intelligence.

  • http://yahoo Julie

    He was found not guilty in court owes civil 9-33 yrs prison is half time to 80% plus this is a medical situation.

  • Vickie

    Oh yeah…YOU want to die in peace but Nicole and her friend sure didn’t get to, did they? One of the saddest parts of this situation is the utter hell your poor children have gone through because of your consistently bad decisions. You had so much in your life but you just threw it all away and for WHAT?? Just lie there in your cot and accept your fate. Better yet, get down on your knees and spend your last days begging God for forgiveness.

  • http://Yahoo Damon

    The justice system failed the nation in the double murder case. It tried to make up for it on the second. What a joke!
    I believe it was absolutely absurd to be given that amount of time for a stupid attempt at retrieving football junk even if it was with a gun drawn.
    Yes I believe Mr. Simpson belongs in jail but not for that amount of time. The judge was playing politics. Plain and Simple.

  • smj

    He wants to die in peace? Oh he means how his wife and that poor guy died? Is that the kind of peace he is looking for?

  • Diann Gardner

    Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it O.J.

  • http://yahoo dennis

    OJ wants out, lol. My father was a prison guard for 25 yrs. He’s told me some stories. But this OJ story needs to end, the brother needs to die in prison, that’s the way it should be. If Obama lets this fool out, all the scum. murderers, rapist would be raising hell because of what our fool president did. Im dying, let me out Mr.prez I didn’t mean to slaughter that family.. Jeese Jerkoff and others will probably try to get oj out.. God knows what those idiots would try to pull..

  • robert

    He is right! Let him die on a bed with lethal injection or the electric chair. He has options!! Use them. Then he won’t die like the scum he is!

  • Annie B

    He is jail house scum. He was trash when he lived on the outside in a great big house and trotted his ass around a golf course like he was a king. He was scum when he was beating on Nicole and he was worse than a demon when he killed those people just because he was p.o.’d. That aside, a jury of his ‘peers’ decided not to send him to prison. BUT because he thought he could get away with anything after that he decided to create his own justice in Vegas! Thank God the judge had a set of balls and sent him to jail. If Obama decides to let him go then he should take his place!!!!!

  • Ruth

    I may be the only person who believes OJ is innocent of killing Nicole and Ron. The killer practically beheaded them and they found droplets of blood!!! He would have been covered in blood and the car would have been covered in blood. Plus he was older and had bad knees yet he supposedly killed 2 people without the younger Ron being able to strike a blow. Use common sense!!

    • Tom

      Ignorant opinions such as yours are the reason a guilty man walked. Droplets???? You need to go back and look at the pictures. I saw O.J. playing Golf around the time the murders took place. He was DEFINITELY in good enough shape to kill another and OBVIOUSLY caught the both of them by surprise. OMG I could go on for years on this. The reason 99% of the people belive he is guilty is because… wait for it… HE IS GUILTY!!

  • Kevin Jones

    If it fits—let him sit! What if that was your son or daughter he murdered? From arguably the best running back of all time to getting by with murder—and now he wants clemency? He must be losing his mind!

  • Tom

    Karma’s a b#@$tch aint it?! And did Nicole and Ronald die peacefully? I think O.J. should die as UN-peacefully and as painfully as humanly possible! The justice system didn’t get him, but obvviously a higher power prevailed in the end. This is the best news I’ve heard all day

  • Gipper

    He should have stuck with knives, see what happens when you switch to guns? Let him rot in hell.

  • http://yahoo.com Renee

    O.J., can you spell karma? Hey, it’s kicking your jailhouse scum ass buddy.

  • http://yahoo.com Maribel Isis Foroni

    I think OJ Simpson killed those two people. But, I don’t know it to be an absolute fact. No one does. By all appearances, evidence (though little it was) and testimony, he did it. I learned very early in life, and the hard way, that things are not always what they appear to be. The Ox Bow Incident is as good an example as any. My comment is this: Wouldn’t it be something if one day another person came forth and confessed to the murder. Wow! Wouldn’t that be something! p.s. There are murderers currently incarcerated who received less time than OJ did for this crime. There are few true innocents. The judge who sentenced OJ’s time sentenced him for a murder by which he was found not guilty. Justice, maybe. Ethical, not even close.

    • Neil Mieras

      There is no doubt on this one. O. J. killed Ron and Nicole!

    • Karen

      Not being in the court room, the judge or the jury…I believe they made the best decision based on evidence they did have. Ethical…how important can a trophy be?…enough to have someone die? Ethical…it was his ex-wife. His children lost their mother. Even if he didn’t Kill them he had enough money to pay for lawyers that could say there wasn’t enough evidence from a crime scene that any evidence they had was somehow not premisable in court because it was tainted. They have never found any evidence that anyone else could have done it. Is it ethical that a man should make money in jail because he has enough lawyers to protect his property? I don’t think lying is ethical….the man is a born liar and has a hugh ego. The man has no Ethics.

  • moondog

    Apparently, his search for the real killer of Nicole and Ron among the prison population has borne no fruit and he needs to continue the search outside.

    • http://yahoo Deborah

      I thought his search ended when he looked in mirror

  • g

    The prison hospitals are where you belong and may you burn in hell for what you did ,you coward of a maqn

  • dionysius

    He is a prisoner of the state of Nevada for state offenses. Obama hasn’t the power to pardon him. It must come from the governor

  • greg

    Die in prison ,it is where you belong before your visit to HELL
    rot you coward of a man.

  • mark

    I think most people are one crazy mind $%#k away from being OJ all commenters on this mans demise are haters and have the potential for awful acts. mostly “Christians” I would venture to say.

  • http://yahoo Deborah

    this man is a joke…he is jailhouse scum and the only reason he went to Obama is because he believes all blacks will stick together. Such a pathetic loser. Hope he dies in prison and there is a massive shortage of pain medication.

  • Makka

    Show him the same mercy he showed his wife — zero.
    Hopefully the cancer will cause the slow painful death he deserves.

  • http://yahoo Deborah

    oh and one last thought just because he says he has cancer doesn’t make it so. He still says he is innocent.

  • http://Twello Rich

    Die a painful death you pice of shit!!!

  • http://Twello Rich

    Die you filthy piece of shit !!!!!!!

  • mjt

    I see a lawsuit being filed on his behalf with the NFL for concussions he may have suffered playing football. He needs to stay where he is and if his life ends there then so be it. I too believe that he killed his ex wife and her friend. What goes around comes around.

  • Big Mamma

    OJ did NOTHING WRONG! He didn’t kills no one. Nicole’s druggie frineds who she owed money to are the people who killed her and Ron. OJ went over there to stop it from happening and got caught in the middle of everything. He too had to run for his life. That’s what happened. Society loves to blame the fall guy, until it comes to themselves. OJ should be set free immediatel and I pray for Obama to give him a full pardon and apology for all his troubles.

    • Karen

      He is not in jail for killing Nicole and Ron…he is in jail because he wanted his trophies back and thought he could commit a robbery. In your mind he might not be a killer but he was proven to be a thief. You tell me why someone with his visibility would ever get involved in any crime again? Did he seriously think he could get away with Robbery? ps. his exwife, the mother of his children have suffered the most, their mother is gone and their father has been accused of Murder and now Robbery. He still has enough money to open the case of Nicole and try to find out who killed her for his children.

    • Debbie

      You’re kidding, right?

  • kevin

    Bobbie Griffin, you an idiot.

    • kevin

      You dumbass, he kicked in a door to a hotel room , pistol whipped a guy and took a bunch of memorabilia that didn’t belong to him. It has nothing to do with him killing his ex wife, oh I mean trying to save her then running for his life. Pfffffft. Get a clue.

  • kevin

    Bobbie Griffin, you an idiot. You really believe he should have only received 5 yrs? Maybe for each charge. I’m calling a spade a spade, you spade.

  • kevin

    Some people are idiots. Really, oj went to go save Nicole, and had to run for his life as well? WOW.Big Mamma he’s not in jail for that, so he shouldn’t be set free. He is serving time for crimes he did get convicted on you dumbass. Armed robbery, kidnapping, assault.

    • steve

      kevin what you smokn u need to go to jail just for ur stupid comment

  • G

    O.J. Simpson doesn’t deserve clemency; he has never taken responsibility for any of the wrong he’s done or had remorse for the pain he’s brought to others. Prison is the best place for him until he faces his ultimate judgment and sentence…

    • Debbie

      He’s a sociopath…Obama owes him nothing!

  • Barbara

    you reap what you sow—you murdered two innocent people–you have broken several commandments, and you want a pardon???? Only God can do that, and I don’t think that is likely–now you must pay–

  • Sean

    First, he doesn’t even know he HAS cancer of any kind they haven’t done the tests, at least that’s how I read this.

    Second, I supported Barack Obama since the beginning too, is he going to satisfy all my creditors? “he needs to give me a pardon.” This guy will go to his grave with the biggest pair I ever saw. well, next to that crazy woman who thinks she’s my sister.

    Third, he IS common jailhouse scum. Sorry, I cannot have any sympathy for this guy. Fat bloated eating himself to death and expecting someone to come to his aid…again.

    he’s right where he belongs. Maybe the Goldman’s will finally get some satisfaction from their decades old judgement against him.

    I can guarantee you his heirs will be standing in line to get theirs.

  • steve

    die die die … u deserve worse karma baby ….going to hell killer rot in jail

  • Tara

    He got away with 2 counts of murder. He’s serving 33 years for assault, robbery, and kidnapping. Why should he get to die comfortably? I think dying of cancer in a jail hospital is way more humane than having your neck slashed so violently that it almost decapitated you. Oh, and knowing that he is dying seems better than being attacked outside your home and fearing for your life, before you’re murdered. What a joke.

  • Karen

    Plenty of people die in prison. It’s another way to get attention and try to get some sympathy. He’s been trying for years. I’m sure they will make a coffin that ‘Fits”……

  • maryann verdi

    he is still demanding who is he to call his fellow inmates scum ? he still thinks he is better than the rest

  • angie

    I hope he lives another 20 years and suffers daily with “the common jailhouse scums”.

  • kevin

    Steve, you need to learn how to read.

  • rayb

    He slit the throats of two people and he wants to be freed because he is a supporter of Obama???? This is how obama supporters think. That they are “special” because they support socialism and somebody “owes” them something. Rot in hell oj. You are a murdering bastard who should have been executed.

  • Los

    SO this bullllshiiiit justice system couldn’t get him on murder so they decided to give him 33 years for taking back his cleats. It’s your fault O.J for staying in this country.

  • pauline

    On Nichole, 1. he did it and got away with it or he just didn’t do it. 2. he had help from Al Cowling, who no one ever questioned.

    I lean to number 2.

  • robyn

    Uh, here’s a news flash OJ YOU ARE COMMON JAIL HOUSE SCUM!!!! and Karma is a freaking BITCH!!! I always said this would get you somehow in the end and that you would die an early death. You’re a piece of crap like the rest of the losers in prison and good riddance. It would be just like Obama to grant you clemency.

  • angmag55

    First off he’s cried wolf so many times and he hasn’t even had the tests to say he for sure has brain cancer and he is asking for clemency! Come on he may have confessed to killing his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman something any intelligent person knew from the get go! Let him die in prison he has never shown any remorse for anything he has done that is wrong! I was just at a Funeral for my Daughter-In-Laws Father who was an upstanding citizen who as a Police Office was years ago awarded the Medal of Valor he did not brag about it just went about his business! Point here is OJ has done nothing but bring trouble and chaos to those around him and now this! Jeeze!

  • Sally

    If Nicole Brown’s family had not bled him dry and kept pushing their abused daughter, with black eyes and what not, back to him, maybe their daughter and her friend would be alive today!!! Yes, they wanted all that green stuff for their lives! They knew the poor woman was abused BY O.J….. finally, she got away and more money out the door from O.J.!!! Well, he went into a rage and then what?? You go figure. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL FOR TOOOOOOO MANY SO CALLED HUMANS!!

    • Karen

      He is not in prison for murder. He is in prison because he thought he could get away with Robbery. And don’t you worry OJ has plenty of money, well protected and invested.

  • Neil Mieras

    Let him die like some jail house scum as that is what he is. Obama doesn’t care about laws anyway, so who knows what he will do. Lets at least wait until the MRI to confirm his brain cancer as he’s been known to lie in the past.

  • JD

    probably has a sinus infection…murderers die everyday in jail.
    confess your sins to the Ultimate Judge ( not meaning Lance Ito)

  • Sherry

    I’m so sad for you (HUGE Crocodile TEARS) O.J I wonder what Nicole & Ron would feel had they been alive today to read this. your Brain can’t handle the ugly secret your carrying.

  • Addison

    This man continues to erase all of the positive things he accomplished in his life. What makes him think he can demand the president give him clemency because he supported his candidacy. OJ did the crime and now he should do the time.

  • Shirley Jackson

    What goes around comes around! Why sold he be let go when others die in prison every day? He put Nichol and Ron through a horrific death. He deserves to d in a snake pit!

  • Mel Presswood

    Nicole didn’t what to die either A..Hole!

  • gary

    Scary thing is that he was the best running back I ever saw. The best…….easy. I was a child when Jim Brown was with Cleveland so I can’t comment on him. Simpson was 6’2″ and 210lbs. He had great moves and elusiveness. His speed was what set him apart though. At USC he ran on the fastest 4 by 100 relay team in the NCAA’s at that time. In a competition called “the superstars” {pairing different athletes in track events} I saw OJ run a 9.67 100 yard dash, wearing sneakers, on a macadam surface. He beat the other NFL running backs and wide recievers by 10 yds. OJ could run a legitimate 9.35 to 9.4 100 yard dash {when the world record held by Bob Hayes was 9.1.} OJ was one of the 3 or 4 fastest guys in the NFL……….not on his team but in the ENTIRE NFL. He was unbelievable. Best I ever saw.

  • slick willy

    Oboma said he will pardon him if he will take care of someone who lives with him at WH

  • Teresa

    Mike Tuttle, your article lacks credibility because every educated person knows that the President of the United States does not have the authority to pardon state prisoners – only federal prisoners.

    While OJ incites responses from many people, please write educated articles with facts not fluff. Don’t resort to this type of tomfoolery to get more views so that can get more pay per clicks.

  • FACE

    OJ was accused of doing the worst thing a black man can do in this society: kill a white woman. White people will dog him the rest of his life. They wouldn’t care if he supposedly killed his black woman – and we all know it. OJ would have stopped being relevant a few months after the trial. Now he is actually being unjustly punished by white man’s revenge. I hope Obama pardons him just so the president can stick it to racist whites who hate him while calling themselves patriots.

  • http://webpronews David Mitchell

    Let’s see, he was found not guilty by a jury of Blacks that wanted to negate the law on racial grounds by sticking it to the man for all those years of slavery and the killings of other Blacks and not on the evidence. He was found guilty of murder in a civil trial and while living in FL he got into trouble so much that it was just old news. Then he went to NV and got into trouble and he was sent to prison. Now he has fits of anger and possibly a brain tumor or cancer and he wants out. If he gets out and kills someone then he can claim mental defect and get off. Then what, institutionalize him again? It would be best if he is just left where he can do the least harm in his possibly dying years. If he wants out then do it on his last day just before he draws his last breath. He should have been imprisoned for life or put to death when he was on trial. Just because he won a Heisman Trophy does not make him a socially redeeming person of value. Too bad, so sad, I’m, for one, glad!

  • screamino

    a lot of people get cancer, etc. in jail and die there…what makes him so special to get out of jail for murdering, threatening, robbing, etc….

  • Britt

    Your sorry ass is right where it needs to be. You are jailhouse scum.Not to mention a murderer!!!!!

  • Allan

    I know if I had a brother he would be just like OJ

  • http://yahoo.com Cynthia Reeves

    Tom Selleck and Carol Burnett sued the Enquirer for libel. They (Enquirer)never said another word regarding them!

    People why are you believing the Enquirer’s quotes?!

  • David

    How can you have brain cancer if you don’t have a brain?

  • http://yahoo Ashby H. Mason

    I don’t know if he killed his wife or not. I don’t know if he has Cancer or not. But I do know that he has had more chances than most of us have to have a better life than he has and he, in football terms, fumbled the ball. I personally have always been a supporter of him but to give him a Pardon would just send the wrong message. That’s why he is where he is, too many pardons.

  • Linda Nino

    I will be so disappointed if an early death releases him from jail! If it were up to me, I would make him live 100 years. I have never been in jail, but I understand it is not a good place to be.

    • benjamin ybarra

      Linda I’ll bet you call yourself a christian?

  • CharleyN19

    “Common Jailhouse Scum”. The murder of two people, one being the mother of your children, assault, robbery, kidnapping and thinking you are above the law. Enough said.

  • Steve Walsh

    At 66 Simpson has blurred vision and trouble hearing and this indicates a terminal brain tumor before an MRI is performed?? That describes most of the 66 year olds on the planet. C’mon Simpson, take your medicine and stop being a pitiful excuse for a man. Darned shame that Obama can’t grant a pardon to Nicole and Ron…

    • http://yahoo DJ

      Exactly. When you have terminal cancer, you lose weight, not GAIN it! So yes your right, he has signs and symptoms of old age but of course he’s “scrambling” for symptoms to prove illness. Once again, a con-artist at it’s best!

  • Aron

    OJ you are jail house scum… Die with your brothers, who lusted after white meat. How many free passes do you think a poor a_s golfer gets? On a good day only one Mulligan, you used yours!!!!

  • Jenn

    Kill him, the way that he murdered Ronald Goldman. Or take that POScum out into the desert, and let him die of thirst. He deserves nothing but what he inflicted upon a good guy, a brutal death.

  • John Hurd

    Oh please. Enough BS, Simpson! Anyone can pretend their hearing is worsening (and it DOES with age for everyone). Anyone can claim they have headaches. Or stutter on purpose. In fact, poorly controlled diabetes gives people blurry vision and can damage the hearing. So what?? Let him out because he has diabetes?? Cancer usually makes people lose weight, not gain it. Please Mr. President, let this double-killer stay where he belongs. His buddies in prison need him on the football team, or at least to coach it.

  • boo hoo

    OJ is a JO. A pardon will set him free on the golf course.

  • charles

    What makes him think he is any better than the “scum” in prison? He still thinks he is privileged and just can”t understand why he is even in prison. He is rotten to the core.

  • deprofundisclamavi

    O. J. is a con artist, claiming brain cancer so that he can weasel a Presidential pardon. The sad reality is that Obama Sin Laden is likely to grant the pardon.

  • http://none Franco Lero

    You should just die in prison. You don’t deserve to be free. They should put you in chains.

  • Richard Head

    Mr. Obama if you pardon OJ you better take his place your both an embarrassment to the USA

  • Brian

    I never respond to these type of articles, however as a surivor of a robbery that left my grandfather dead, and the *scum* (OJ Words) that did it is finially in jail after 19 years of being free, I for one truely hope if The Sorry excuse for a President releases Mr (I no Scum) OJ Simpson, that he inturn release all other inmates, for I wish to have the opportunity to personally kill the *scum* that killed my Grandfather. I do hope reality sets in and OJ remaineds in Jail until such time that his debt (which will never be paid) in covered in full.

  • fuskiegirl21

    I sure Nicole and Ron Goldman didn’t want to die the way they did either. Let the scum rot in jail. Karma is the best cure.

  • ? Lettie C

    People, please stop reporting on OJ’s deterioration, ills and health failings I fear I may die of happiness and I’d like to live a little longer than Nicole and Ron. Thanks.

  • kenghus

    we must live in our acts..and be held by them.

  • http://yahoo FB

    Who Cares !!

  • Karen

    Mr. Simpson, President Obama doesn’t NEED to do anything for you. You put yourself where you are, so why not man up and die quietly and not violently like your victims did.

  • GH

    This is called KARMA…

  • rank

    Confess before you meet St. Peter and he sends you where you rightfully belong! Die in peace? No way!

  • ss

    karma is a bitch, isnt it! ok i will give you the fact he was found innocent, (which we all know he slit their throats). but he was convicted of kidnaping, and armed robbery. all you had to do is disappear, and you didnt. you would have never seen me again. stupid is , as stupid does. the real judgement comes when you start losing your mind, and you have t anser to god. hve fun in hell. satan laughing,speads his wings, ps. i hope it really painful

  • trialawyer

    This story is a fraud. Obama has no control over OJ. He is imprisoned by the state of Nevada and only the Nevada governor can grant him clemency. Obama has no role here at all.

  • kelley

    lets find out first if he has brain cancer. If not he’s still a loser, if he does sorry for that….but he’s still a loser!

  • Koob

    I think it’s obvious that O.J. murdered those two people, but I think that Obama should pardon him because I think O.J. got railroaded on the current deal. Even if the first verdict stunk, O.J. should have been treated as a non-guilty person because that’s our system. The government can’t just railroad people in order to make people pay for crimes that legal juries have absolved them of.

    • http://yahoo DJ

      Well there are tons of INNOCENT people in Prison because they WERE railroaded due to our “justice system” and they are spending years in there trying to rightfully get out! Did you even watch the trial to see the facts when he was charged with the robberies? There was even a video!

  • Tom S

    Funny how he says he doesn’t want to die like jailhouse scum. Shy shouldn’t he? He IS jailhouse skum. And Poor Nicole and Ron … did they have a say in where they were going to die. Stay in prison, OJ, and die there like the skum that you are!

  • Linda

    Did I read the article right? He’s asking for clemency due to terminal brain cancer that no doctor has actually tested him for or diagnosed him with?

    • http://yahoo DJ

      Think it’s his desparate way of getting out. Remember, he was just denied for a new trial on his Post Conviction Appeal, so now he thinks he can convince THE PRESIDENT???? Guess he thinks it only takes a conversation to do the convincing, not gonna happen. It will be interesting though when he gets the tests done and if they come out negative, then he’ll just claim he’s psychotic and that will be the next cry out for “clemancy”

  • benjamin ybarra

    I thought we all believed in our justice system? If a jury of our peers finds us not guilty WE ARE NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot allow a bunch of hypocritical-christians lynch mobs decide our fate!!!!!!How about your not guilty but we’re going to hound you for the rest of your life until we get the verdict we want.In other words “the fact that you deny it proves your guilty”.

    • mommajoyce

      Just because money was able to find 12 STUPID people who DO NOT know how to balance a check book and put them in one room does NOT make…WRONG…RIGHT in Heaven!!!

  • http://yahoo DJ


  • http://yahoo Jan Mickelsen

    What goes around comes around–he will have to face his Maker and try to come up with a new lie.

  • mommajoyce

    Do you mean I might not be seeing “Jack-Ass” FACE after??? Who SAID this WORLD is NOT getting BETTER?????

  • Debbie

    But, he is jailhouse scum!

  • dj

    Karma. It all comes back around. And yes, You are common Jail House Scum. You are Scum period! You should stay in Prison. Dying or not.

  • http://yahoo glen booth

    people get cancer everyday you have no idea how long life is you get pardoned then what remission die where you are and suffer get no medication no treatment just rot and die and let me know where you will buried cause i would love to piss and shit on your grave site

  • vf

    got off for a double murder, don’t let him out.

  • mommajoyce

    I feel clemency should be grated to him on the “2nd” day AFTER Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman have signed a Legal and Binding Contract to be his Nurse!!!!

  • Cassidy

    So wait…they’ve yet to do the diagnostic testing, but he already knows he’s terminal and seeking clemency? Hmm…

  • http://yahoo Ed Nelson

    You did the crime now do the time . It is very typicial of a sociopath to feign an illness to seek sympathy .Oj is demented but no brain tumor exists .

  • Mike Gryka

    Like the song says, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”.

  • http://Firefox BJ

    From one bro to another, he will probably get the pardon. Could we expect less from the leader of our nation who bows before leaders of nations who hate us and ….. well, I could go on and on.

  • JK

    Obama has enough problems with the American public. To give OJ a pardon would be the end of his political career. As for not dieing in jail like “scum” — well buddy — it is what it is. You are scum.

  • Brandi

    Ok,ok…Some say he didn’t kill Nicole and Ron, some say he did…I personally think he did, BUT if he did or if he didnt….he is not in jail for that….so MOVE ON PEOPLE! He is in JAIL for a crime he DID commit! So just like everyone else…he has to pay for his crimes..Just like his attorney said years ago…”If it don’t fit you must acquit.” And he got off….So with that being said…”IF you do the crime, you do the time.” Have fun OJ!~

  • angie


  • cc

    he is finally gets what he deserves…sorry!!

  • b king

    He need to be treated like all before him was..James Earl Ray died in prison !

  • Janet

    Simpson has NOT been diagnosed with terminal cancer is what I am reading. He has not even had a CT scan or MRI to confirm it. The symptoms that are being described can be caused by his diabetes. I will believe it when I see confirmed reports. This is just a bunch of media hype because it must be a really slow news day. He is right where he belongs.

  • Rob

    Awww- aint karma a bitch!!

  • Lisa

    It’s called KARMA, and it needs to play itself out. Yes, OJ should die like jailhouse scum because that’s exactly what he is. The only objection that I have to him dying in prison is that I’m paying for his hospice care. I hope he kills himself and saves God the trouble.

  • Otto deFay

    If death is imminent, why have him on suicide watch? His death could be even more imminent!

  • paul

    Karma will find you everytime.

  • http://WebProNews Al Delon

    Wouldn’t a positive terminal cancer diagnosis be a nice parting gift from Nicole and Ron at this stage of Simpson’s life in prison?!! But then as Hamlet once spoke … ‘to die, to sleep – to sleep, maybe to dream. Ah, but there’s the catch: in death’s sleep who knows what kind of dreams might come, after we’ve put the noise and commotion of life behind us. That’s certainly something to worry about. That’s the consideration that makes us stretch out our sufferings so long.’ Simpson is much to evil to die in prison at this point, however, the mere thought that he will never walk out alive is what excites me!

  • Carol

    I don’t believe a thing he says he belongs exactly where he is behind bars for the rest of his life.


    u know everyone has there own feelings about this whole thing with O.J. ME,personally i think he is GUiLTY,and i feel that if he is, there is only 2 for sure that knows for sure and that is O.J. and THE MAN UPSTAIRS,and if it’s true and he is sick (WELL LET ME BE CLEAR)IF HE HAS A BRAIN TUMOR which i don’t know how he can even come out and say he has a tumor and then turn around and say he hasn’t even had any test done is unreal to me, and the fact he wants a pardon from OBAMA,THAT JUST SHOWS HIS ARROGANTS. LET me just say i read M.K.EFFSTOCK’S comment and do people think if this person was in o.j.’s situation in prison and asked for a pardon from our president that it would have even been reported? hell no!so that shows me that he still thinks his sh#% dont stink.A while back i watched an interview with KRIS JENNER & KLOE KARDASHIAN AND THIS SUBJECT CAME UP AND KEEP IN MIND THAT THEY WERE ALL FRIENDS WITH O.J.,NICOLE AND THE WHOLE GROUP AND THEY SAID IN A ROUND ABOUT WAY THAT THEY FELT HE GOT OFF, AND HOW IT SUCKED, SO I MEAN IF HE FINDS OUT HE HAS THIS TUMOR and OH yeah someone be sure and tell him HE HAS TO HAVE TEST DONE)if he is any type of man and doesn’t let Nicole’s family and RON’S family know so they can have some closure he is a sorry human being.AT least give them that but i guess time will tell, but my thoughts every minute of the day would drive me absolutely nuts.PLEASE O.J.IF U FIND OUT U R REALLY SICK (AND NO U SHOULD NOT BE LET OUT OF JAIL B/C OF YOUR ILLNESS)PLEASE COME CLEAN WITH THESE FAMILIES,THIS WOULD BE A GIFT TO THEM OF A LIFE TIME.DO RIGHT BY THEM AND YOUR KIDS WILL KNOW U DID THE RIGHT THING ,I MEAN U OWE YOUR KIDS THAT TO. ANYWAY I WANT TO SEND A SHOUT OUT TO M.K.EFFSOCK U WILL BE IN MY PRAYERS AND HOPE EVERY THING GOES WELL.GOD BLESS YOU. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND I WILL SIGN-FF WITH THIS GOOOOO FLORIDA STATE .BOTH PLAYED AN AWESOME GAME. PEACE- SANDY BEACHES

  • Joycee

    Vengence is mine said the Lord so bye bye OJ you are reaping what you sowed, I cannot feel sorry for you, and how shameful that you are dying and you still will not confess what you did, nope no pitty here!

  • gompy

    Here you can see that all convicted him based upon his not guilty verdict for the death of his wife, Nicole.
    Since it was a not guilty verdict, learn to live with it. Accept it, because the law has spoken. OJ got convicted of something stupid and does not deserve to be in jail for such a long time for something stupid. Clearly other motives played a role in his conviction. He should be free.

    • julie

      He’s a murderer. Enough said. Hope he rots in jail

    • Rick W

      So you say leave george zimmerman alone, too? the jury spoke there too.

  • julie

    Let him die in jail for the murders he committed.

  • Jim

    Homer must be so disappointed.

  • GG

    Karma. He’s acting exactly the way the Manson women acted once reality set in. Susan Atkins didn’t have any remorse for her victims, and neither does O.J. I think all these inflated “health” concerns are a tantrum to get himself off the hook. And who cares, O.J. if you did support Obama. He owes you nothing. Felons don’t get a vote.

    • Big Mamma

      And when is YOUR karma going to pay YOU a visit?? Huh??

  • Drtufluv

    He who is sentenced to prison to live like prison scum for crimes against others he has been convicted of, does not deserve a pardon from another criminal with the power to grant it! If he thinks he’s better than prison scum, how about asking the other inmates if they think he’s better than them. Life deals out the appropriate rewards sometimes, and I believe this is one of them. Let him die a long, drawn out death from cancer if that is God’s will for him.

  • Lady J

    OJ was in Chicago when he got “the call” There was some information he had thrown something away in Chicago. They searched and searched and found nothing. Speculation. He went back to LA, big gash in his hand….he broke a glass and cut himself when he heard the news of Nicole and Ron. He was a “person of interest”. Then the Bronco chase. That information was never introduced to the jury. Nor did they hear about the ten thousand dollars and the beard he had in the Bronco. Also, KARDASHIAN, a best biddy lawyer took his golf bag and then it magically appeared after they realized it was missing. Imagine, no evidence. Kardashian had to be ditching evidence. Then Marsha Clark totally jacked up the prosecution by spending weeks on DNA education. That put everyone asleep. TMI the jury could understand it in plain language. And yes, the famous glove. If it doesn’t fit you must acquit. Well, lets take off those stinking rubber gloves OJ and then try on the gloves. Big fat DUH. And what was in the envelope that Judge Ito received that was not opened and for some legal reason was not used for evidence. (weapon) OJ was pissed about Ron, or Ron was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, he was butchered. And Nicole was butchered not just killed. A crime of emotion. Her breast implants were cut. Her head was almost severed.
    Personally I believe the prosecution blew the whole case. Now, why is he the poster boy for all the blacks that have been arrested because they are black? Not true justice for OJ.
    And granted black people in general get the shaft just because the color of their skin and that is an injustice and needs to be changed somehow. I believe Obama has a great impact on that.
    Back to OJ. This whole “maybe brain cancer” story is tsk tsk just too darn bad. Live with it and die with it. The only thing I am upset about is that if he has brain cancer, he won’t know who he is or where he is… etc. He may not feel the pain and agony that he put his family through. Imagine his kids. They will never have a : normal” life. Oh your dad is a murderer. How does it feel that your dad killed your mother?
    What about the pictures that Nicole put in a safety deposit box… just in case something happens to her. How is that not evidence? It wasn’t planted there so she could commit suicide and blame it on OJ.
    I can go on and on. The not guilty verdict was a joke. A horrible joke. Too bad he couldn’t be tried twice. The civil case had a different impact on his life. And thank God the Goldmans have kept a tight reign on his finances and kept him as broke as can be…. except the under the table cash he probably gets from friends. Stay in jail. Die in jail. Hell, if one of the Manson girls died in prison with cancer and no early release, so can he. He wasn’t brainwashed he is a murderer.

  • Terri

    One got to think, maybe dear old O.J. is scared!! yea He may be dying, and there for “gone to meet His maker”” Which will not be good, Since He Killed His ex wife. We all know He did do it. And, He knows too. And thus his just punishment is facing Him very soon!!!!

  • chris

    he needs to quit the excuses

  • Lady J

    No clemency. Let him die of diabetes. Give him all the oatmeal cookies he wants. Let his feet rot and lose them one at a time, let him go blind, let him go into kidney failure. A nice long miserable death. Better than brain cancer.

  • Kathi Coleman

    Confess to the Murders YOU committed. What goes around, comes around. He took his kids Mother from them. he deserves to DIE in prison. Karma is a BITCH……

  • Kathi Coleman

    Boo Hoo. Confess to the Murders YOU committed. What goes around, comes around. He took his kids Mother from them. he deserves to DIE in prison. Karma is a BITCH……

  • http://Twellow Marija

    We all damn well know he did it. He deserves to stay in jail for whatever he’s in there for just like any other prisoner. Let him die like the jail house scum that he is. Too bad Kardashian died before telling on him. He’s the one who got rid of the evidence for the scum bag.

  • Kathi Coleman

    Boo Hoo. Admit to the murders YOU committed. You took your kids Mother from them. What goes around, comes around. KARMA is a BITCH…… You deserve to die in PRISON…..

  • http://Yahoo Dave

    I’ll tell you what OJ. Confess your crimes to the Brown and Goldman family publically. Call a press conference and confess, then maybe, someone should maybe think about clemency. I’m sorry you have cancer, assuming you’re telling the truth which is a huge assumption. But if it were up to me you’d die in prison like you deserve.

  • TS

    To Bob Arnold and the other OJ “didn’t kill Nicloe” believers. Click on this link and please read.


    Link: http://pages.infinit.net/reparvit/nicole12.html

  • Karmah

    OJ deserves to be right where he is….locked up in prison! He proved beyond a doubt that he is as low as they come. And brain cancer? HA! I thought you have to have a brain to have brain cancer!

  • Linda

    Let him suffer like he made Nicole and Ron Goldman suffer. He’ll do anything to get out! He nothing more than a murderer and a scammer!

  • Bryan

    Hey OJ, you want to be shown mercy, since you’ve been diagnosed with cancer? Where was the mercy shown for Denise and Ron, who you basically decapitated. You’re exactly where you belong…PRISON! You’re certainly not the first, nor will you be the last, to die in prison, after being diagnosed with cancer. You’re a criminal! You don’t deserve special treatment.

    • Jack Slater

      Totally agree with you!!! This guy is getting the payback he deserves. May he this jailhouse scum rot in prison!!!

  • Rick W

    Multiple slashes to the throat is terminal, too, OJ. Cry to someone who cares!

  • Doubter

    I won’t believe this until I see it from a reputable news source. These gossip rags will have him being abducted by aliens next week!

  • David McCrary

    He better be careful, Barry may decide on North Korean ‘Dog Justice’. He had it all and blew it.


    Simpson is a brutal criminal, blacks commit 88% of the crimes and they are only 14% of the population…..so says the FBI…..Simpson deserves to die in pain in prison, or be cremated alive, after being tortured for 4 days……criminals like him comes from sewers

  • Jack Slater

    LOL! This guy is getting payback for the murders he committed. Rot in prison you jailhouse scum!!! You deserve what you’re getting. I get great pleasure in watching you suffer!!! The world is a better place without you. Now you can burn in hell!!!!



    • terri

      Very well said and the absolute truth

  • http://Yahoo Linda

    Why should you get out? Many a criminal has died in prison with a disease. I do feel sorry for you, because you don’t get it. You are reaping what you have sown.

  • Sandy

    If OJ has a brain tumor I am sorry for him. However, will the President give a pardon to other inmates that have terminal illnesses? I think not. He is in jail because he did an illegal act. Just like all the other inmates around the world. Others have died in prison and had terminal illnesses and didn’t beg for a pardon. He should stay where he is legally bound to stay for the next 33 years. I knew a man that had a brain tumor and the doctor said he would die in 6 months. He lived 10 more years and died from a heart attack.

  • http://yahoo Gerald

    Hey is everyone forgetting about those cookies he got busted with? That is something they were actually able to prove. What is this world coming to. You get away with murder, but busted for cookies……….

  • Karmah

    Everything about him makes me sick! The low-life is self-diagnosing himself! “Now the prison docs are telling him they believe he has a brain tumor. They plan to run a series of tests on him, MRIs, and CT scans.”
    They *believe* he has a brain tumor….they *plan* to run tests….

    O.J. is clinging to the hope of being set free, saying, “I’ve been a supporter of Barack Obama since the beginning. He needs to give me a pardon!” OMFG! Seriously???

    “I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.”
    He IS common jailhouse scum and should die like one!


  • Yolanda

    OJ Simpson is guilty either way. He killed two people OR he knows who killed Nicole and Ron. As far as the robbery case in Nevada. He brought that on himself. His medical condition, he better pray for forgiveness. Like people say, god does not like ugly.

  • http://msn gg gossett

    I believe he was railroaded on all these charges,I hope get gets his pardon !!!

  • Rick W

    But OJ! You ARE common jailhouse scum! That’s where you deserve to die. I hope all your “scum” buddies are there to steal your stuff as you take your last, useless breathe!

  • Tom Wilson

    Obama could let OJ out under the Second Chance act passed with bi partisan support and signed into law years ago by President.Problem is Holders justice department has released none of the sick,aged,non violent inmates it was intended to release.

  • Buck

    OJ must be out of his od head…..Obama, or any other president cannot pardon somebody a person who has been convicted in Nevada court.The president of the United States may pardon only federal prisoners, not those convicted in any state court. The governor of Nevada can issuse a pardon, but I doubt it is going to happen.

  • Big Mamma

    O.J. didn’t do nothing wrong. It was NEVER proven he killed any body, PERIOD. IF it would been PROVEN, he would of been convicted of murder, so eveybody needs to shut their BIG FLAP JAW MOUTH who insist he killed anyone. The person responsible for what happened is Nicole and her druggie crowd that didnt pay their cocaine debt which was in the six figure range, SIX FIGURE, i.e. >> $100,000,000. O.J. knew about that and went over there that night to tell her that these people are coming after her and have already attempted to get the money from him, and he told them he ain’t got nuttin to do with any of that. O.J., like Ron, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the ONLY reason O.J. didn’t get killed is because they apparently knew O.J. as a former buyer and knew he was good for his own debts.

    • Steve

      You need to come back to reality Big Mamma.

  • Rus Erger

    Free The Juice. Do it now!

  • Harry Balsac

    Like Johnny Cochran said, “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.”

  • teewop

    but you are prison scum!!!!

  • brotherap

    Another publication reduced to clown status, by citing the “National Enquirer”. But what’s so significant about that? It’s only OJ!!! Better read “Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial” or watch the on-line documentary at Amazon “Serpents Rising: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy” at least you’ll get an author and producer who cites his name and backs OJ’s innocence with concrete evidence and pin points those who should have been detained. But the National Enquirer!!!! Man Please!!!

  • Jo Don


  • cm

    He doesnt want to die like a jailhouse scum. Does he want to die like an innocent man? I think OJ should not worry about he looks like when he dies. What he should do is humble himself before God and make peace with God and receive Christ as His Savior. Forget about how he would look.

  • terri

    He is jailhouse scum. What goes around comes around.
    And as for his comment about Obama should set him free is a JOKE!!!
    Obama should have absolutely nothing to do with this matter. Who cares if
    He is a supporter of his or not. He is going to die a slow miserable death. He doesn’t
    Deserve any special treatment just because of who he is (which n my opinion is no better
    than anyone else) He should be on his knees daily praying that GOD forgive him for all he
    has done. And as someone else said, he needs to admit to what he did!!!!

  • Steve

    Dear OJ

    Dying in prison is better than being murdered on your own front porch by the hand of an enraged, controlling ex the way Nicole did. Rot and die in prison scumbag, then go to hell for eternity!

    The population of the planet earth

  • Karen

    That s.o.b is finally getting his KARMA!!!