O.J. And Khloe K: Is He Her Biological Father?

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Khloe Kardashian and her family are vehemently denying allegations that O.J. Simpson is her biological dad, but certain comparisons are being made between Khloe and Simpson’s daughter that can’t be ignored by those who take an interest in the story.

Simpson was famously defended by Robert Kardashian during the murder trial in which he was accused of killing ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in cold blood, and the two were good friends. Since Khloe’s mom, Kris, came out with the story that she had an affair while she was married to Robert, rumors have been flying that perhaps Khloe belongs to another man. Reportedly, Kris even urged Khloe to get a DNA test to find out for sure, since the affair occurred around the time Kris got pregnant with her, but Khloe refused. Now, the rumors have evolved to include Simpson.

“It was the big secret that no one in the two families would discuss,” a source said. “And Robert admitted he and Kris were not having sex at the time Khloe was conceived.”

The biggest clue seems to be that Khloe doesn’t necessarily share her sisters’ physical attributes, but looks quite a bit like Simpson’s daughter Sydney.

Image credit: Goff Photos/RPA

Kris tweeted a post to Khloe on the ninth which could be telling, but Khloe didn’t respond and if she acknowledged the rumors on her own Twitter account, they have since been deleted.

O.J. And Khloe K: Is He Her Biological Father?
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  • Dirty Dan

    Mom needs to come clean about whether or not she let O.J put d–k in her, Khloe sure does have an ass like a sista!!

  • lksdx

    Khloe is the light sister and OJ is her father. hahaha. you have got to be kidding me. Leave the woman alone. She had a father. Really, its just cruel. MYOB.

  • http://webpronews.com SKI

    What we need here, is the Maury Show.
    A live feed from the penitentiary and Khloe with Maury.
    The Results are in, “OJ you are the father!”

    • Jane


  • http://webpronews restless67

    I watch the show for Khloe, Kris, and Bruce Jenner. Kim is a spoiled and doesn’t deserve anyone’s time.

    Khloe has Lisa Marie Presley’s smile.

  • http://yahoo la Shirrelle

    I wouldn’t claim him as my dad.

  • maureen lambert


    • http://webpronews.com SKI

      Saints be praised, we is all everybody relative.

  • sam

    If it weren’t for rumors and scandals, where would the Kardashian family be? This is how they make their living.

    • Kim

      I agree 100% they sell themselves and all their garbage on tv.

  • Mike

    Again who cares? I can’t believe that we are all being sucked into this private matter.

  • RBY

    Even if O.J did or did not comit the murders,acourt of law found him
    inocent but all of you bigots would not accept the courts findingswhat about George bush and his raceist vp who murdered thousands over a lie and was never brought to trial?.

    • HB

      ummm people are mad because OJ was found guilty in the one case and not in the other.. he was sued for the murders, but never had to serve a day

      • http://webpronews SKI

        Hold On Here, O.J. needs equal time to defend himself. Oops, sorry, he in JAIL ! DUH !

  • Rosa

    Kloe is the best of the three, she is not selfish and ugly, she shows compassion and is very honest about what she feels. Like she said, she has a father, it does not matter who planted the seed, it is who took care of it and made it grow into the beautiful flower it has become.

    • Jane

      Aw, Rosa *tear drop*

  • Diana Spencer

    There isn’t anything black about that girl. Clearly you can see that when white and blacks mix and have a child and she ain’t got it!

  • http://webpronews Peggy hopfinger

    Kris is a slut like her daughter Kim so why not the same ordeal with Kloehaha

  • C

    These are rumors.Her father is the one who raised her. She is in her 20s and she will have a complex or even may get depression if these rumors continue. Let her live her life. But her mother should have a conscience if these rumors were to turn out true. Nicole Simpson was supposedly her friend. A friend would not sleep with her friend’s husband.

  • http://OJandKhole SherylD

    OMG, GROSS! Please Kris tell us that you did not have an affair with that worthless waste of human flesh. Khole, please don’t find out and for anyones info…..Khole is prettier than Syndey Simpson. Give me a BREAK. I feel sick to my stomach with just the thought of……

  • gg

    Has OJ been invited to the White House “after dark” parties yet??

  • http://n/a CMA

    DNA test the only way to bring out the real truth.

  • ss

    if you put your ear very close to khloe’s stomach, you will hear,
    what are you talking about willis.

  • niki

    if it dosen’t matter to khloe who her father is why should it matter to you.

  • carl

    O J has two daughters. His daughter from his first marriage..and his daughter from Nicole..name Sydney. He also has two sons. Khloe is not from OJ. Everyone loves speculations.

  • Brezy

    Seriously people, leave Khloe alone! Have you heard of genetics??? I come from a family of 5 kids. I am the youngest and I sure don’t look like my older brothers and sisters. I resemble traits on my mothers side and some traits on my fathers side. OJ is a black man…When you cross a black man and a white woman USUALLY the children will have darker skin or even a carmel color skin. HELLO, Khloe doesn’t have any “darker skin” in her body.
    I think she is a beauiful woman and doesn’t need to take a DNA to prove anything to anyone!!!!
    Hang in there Khloe! You know your family loves you for YOU!!

  • Sarah

    Oh man…I am trying not to watch this foolish stuff anymore and stay away, but I have to say that not all black people have black looking children. I have brown eyes and my son’s father is black and has brown eyes and my son’s are green!I am white and my son does look black but when you mix races you can’t be sure what the child will look like. The bone structure between the 2 look the same to me and the nose. I saw this photo and I thought, OMG that’s totaly her dad even before I read the headline.

  • samuel

    this sucks so bad i will not read it at all

  • http://Webpronews Sandy

    I’m very skilled in reading body language and facial expressions to determine when someone is teling the truth and have been successful in many trials serving as an expert witness. When Kris was asked if OJ was the father, it was apparent by her body language that she was deceptive. The reality is that people will reveal what is true and conceal what is a lie. Kris is so open about her life on TV, but with this matter, she has swept it under the rug. It can all be resolved by a paternity test. Yes, it’s none of our business, but Kris chose to invite the world into her life and now has to deal with it.

  • Avon Barksdale

    What this tells me is, Kriss is a high class whore, pure and simple. Like i always say “if you’re not getting it at home, then you must be getting away from home”. Apparently, she was. So down right sad too. Poor Lawyer Kardasian. OUT!!!

  • vel

    What if OJ is her father? There is only one God. Let him be the judge. He will do what needs to be done. Black men and white have been having children forever. Get a life sick people.

  • Mike

    Kloe in that picture looks like an oompa loompa.

    • Rich Head

      LOL! Certainly has the fat a$$ of a black idiot…

  • sallie

    Why doesn’t she get a DNA test ? Afraid?

  • AKA

    Khloe has OJ’s NOSE…..now seeing them together in photos and side by side……they now really do look alike and Khloe only resembles her mom and OJ and NOT her sisters…..wow

  • al

    No,O.J. Simpson is Not Khole K. father, Khole K. is O.J.’s Father.

  • Kay

    How to keep up drama, create it where there is none.

    I do have to say that Sydney has Kim’s big butt so they MUST be related.

    • rosanna

      right on. I mean come on? They both have their hair in ponytail and are a little chunky so they must be related. lol

      • gerardo

        HEY AHOLE………DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? I am sorry. Can you read that? Probably not. Nevermind.

  • http://webpronesws lance

    What did you expect from this family, hung around with blacks. That was why all their girls are like black whores. I am sure Robert didn’t expect that from hanging around with Simpson. That was a good reason for segregation

    • Connor

      You mad bro?

  • Elle

    Khloe is his daughter? lmao yeah right…hmmm

  • Rose

    This make me mad Khole is not O.J child in some familys some of the kids come out short and some come out tall she look like mother she donot look like O.j she don’t have a trace of black in her.

  • thesby

    khloe and oj got the same type of nose!that is some resemblence there!

  • Anna

    Kris Jenner, Shame on you!

  • todd

    no wonder she likes big black ones in her koochie

    • gerardo

      you’re SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gerardo

      oh AND a big fat BIGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

  • tysen

    She is pretty, whom ever daughter she is.

  • Shauwndapooh

    this might sound mean but i always said she look like she can be a football player….sooooooooo

  • clayton

    We are human thats a fact so everybody deal with it and just be happy and stop this fighting over being differant thats mean relgion race race is somthing we are born with and the other is some of are choice let some have there oun and stop fighting over it because they did not choose yours just being very stupid ok and there is not anything u can say to change it forceing some one to be like u is u are afraid that what they choose would be better than yours so again just being stupid and nothing ca change you being stupid but u everybody stick together not apart

  • Heather

    Seriously? People will start a rumor about anything! Find something to do!

  • Jayro Alvarez

    Didn’t think I could hate that money hungry slut Chris K. anymore, but yet again, I do.

  • mike

    we are all talking about khloe not looking like a kardashian look at the 2 younger girls by bruce jenner they have that kardashian look but dont look like bruce

  • Hawke

    Oh I don’t know—I think Khloe looks like Elvis. Run with THAT one, media moguls.

    • Gloria

      Guess this proves — mommie likes chocolate — and so do her girls! What happened to Bruce? That’s the story!

  • VA

    UMMM… something is definitely up.

    “Kris even urged Khloe to get a DNA test to find out for sure”
    Now why would her own mother suggest having a DNA if she knew for sure that Robert K was the father?

    Now this is a mess that her greedy, trashy mom needs to tell the truth about!

    Why? because sooner or later it coming out!

    I tell you… these tramps mother and daughters love the genitals of black men. Even the one with the two kids… actually if Scott was Black they would have been married!

    Still out of all of them… I LOVE Kloe!

  • Niki

    She also looks like Lisa Marie Presely, so I say that Elvis is her bio. dad !!

  • Niki

    She also looks a lot like Lisa Marie Presley, so I say that Elvis is her bio. dad.

  • dee

    unbelievable…sure they have t.v. show and allow folks in to peak at there lives, but tearing them apart like vultures is a personal problem. it’s easy to say stupid racist crap with the “invisiface”…as far as i’m concerned you may as well be wearing a cape. color is color, feelings are feelings, and cruelty and throwing stones is a character flaw…or worse. grow up, and show your nasty lil face or crawl back under the rock where you hide. peace.

  • Methodic Brute

    My Tia Tencha has a big butt, does that make her Khole’s Mom?

  • J

    Ah ha, I know!…. we should put a splice of half their face together and see the resemblance if there is any LOL.

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