O.J. And Khloe K: Is He Her Biological Father?

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Khloe Kardashian and her family are vehemently denying allegations that O.J. Simpson is her biological dad, but certain comparisons are being made between Khloe and Simpson’s daughter that can’t be ignored by those who take an interest in the story.

Simpson was famously defended by Robert Kardashian during the murder trial in which he was accused of killing ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in cold blood, and the two were good friends. Since Khloe’s mom, Kris, came out with the story that she had an affair while she was married to Robert, rumors have been flying that perhaps Khloe belongs to another man. Reportedly, Kris even urged Khloe to get a DNA test to find out for sure, since the affair occurred around the time Kris got pregnant with her, but Khloe refused. Now, the rumors have evolved to include Simpson.

“It was the big secret that no one in the two families would discuss,” a source said. “And Robert admitted he and Kris were not having sex at the time Khloe was conceived.”

The biggest clue seems to be that Khloe doesn’t necessarily share her sisters’ physical attributes, but looks quite a bit like Simpson’s daughter Sydney.

Image credit: Goff Photos/RPA

Kris tweeted a post to Khloe on the ninth which could be telling, but Khloe didn’t respond and if she acknowledged the rumors on her own Twitter account, they have since been deleted.

O.J. And Khloe K: Is He Her Biological Father?
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  • Rodger

    Really?, Anything to keep their names in the news. This family has no morals. Just when you think the “K’s” have stooped low, they set a new record.

  • jim

    am willing to bet he is her dad, can see the resemblance

    • candy


  • Destiny

    We are talking about Kris Jenner, anything is possible. I hope for Khloe’s sake it is not true.

  • flaflyboy

    Not a surprise, coming from a white trash, group of filth like that disgusting family…

  • Orenthal

    The resemblance is unmistakably there. The big shoulders, tall height, linebacker build. Khloe could be OJ’s doppelganger.

  • spinmaker6

    If not the OJ than Al Cowens is suspect. Kardashians definitely go Black

    • candy


  • Joe Mudder

    R U Serious? It’s OJ’s kid. Kris is just like her all her daughters a HO. Is there 1 of them that’s not spreading their legs to anyone who asks?? Doubtful

    • frod

      They question is why are you posting comments at 10:38 am ,get a job!

      • http://www.kokujininc.com KokujinMan

        and why da heck are you posting comments at 10:48 am. GET A JOBBBBB!!.

      • http://webpronews lora

        What about you? Working from home, perhaps?

  • kim

    she dont know whom is that girl dad

  • http://www.facebook.jheanellsamuels.com ginger

    Khole ma girl but she looks nothing like Kim r Kourtney. Kendell and Kylie look alike, Kim and Kourtney look alike, who does Khole look like?????? Bruce lol

  • Orenthal

    Khloe should take the DNA test as part of the reality show, get the results and then go visit her dad in jail, all on reality tv. She is, after all, due $millions from OJ.

  • Bub

    Yes Kris is a slore but I wouldn’t be poking into Khloe’s business as she is just a nice person.

  • Amo Green

    Hopefully O J Will SLASH & BASH That WHOLE ” CLAN ” & Then HIMSELF So No One Will Have To HEAR ABOUT Any Of Their WORTHLESS Lives EVER AGAIN !!!

    • http://www.yahoo.com wally

      The point of this article is to shock and awe. Okay maybe that happened. I really couldn’t care less about OJ or the K’s.

    • mteal0212@gmail.com


  • DDub

    Who’s your daddy and what does he do?

    • yvonne

      I don’t believe all the hoopla, but how do you know this isn’t even possible?

  • diane

    OMG When are you people going to give her a break. There is not even a chance of that ever have happened.

  • Mikie

    Has anybody DNA tested Herman Munster to see of that monstrosity Kardashian belongs to him, she is an ogre!

    • rissa

      Oh wow, you’re that person…you know, the one that bullied other kids growing up. The one that actually still thinks you can get away with it as an adult. You have some personal issues and things that you dont love about yourself so making comments like this makes you feel better. That’s so sad.

  • http://yahoo angeli johnson

    It’s no ones business! If they’d stay out of the limelight, no one would question it! That is the most dysfunctional family! Khloe seems to be the one who should look into that, but not tell the world! Good grief, some things should remain private!

  • Alisa

    Since its news I suspect we should comment. There is a remarkable resemblence between O.J. and Khloe, and Khloe does not have many of the Kardashian features other than complexion. I would have gotten a DNA test long ago just to clear up any roamers especially if her Mom urged her to do so. I think she is one of the best Kardashian’s and wish her the best.

  • http://yahoo Chad

    She has O’J’s Butt

  • rissa

    Khloe looks NOTHING like Kardashian trash…Kim/Kourtney and Kylie/Kendell look exactly like each other. They are the same complextion, dark hair, and body types. Khloe is not a slut, she doesnt compromise her marriage, “family” and reputation to make a quick buck…she doesnt need to be in the lime light to exist. She looks just like OJ’s kids. I wish she would just take the DNA test so she can move on and so can the rest of the world. Khloe, good luck, find out where you come from and live your life. Focus on your relationship with Lamar. I can’t wait for you guys to have some lil Odoms.

    • Amina

      Agreed with you Rissa. I am not fond of Kardashian Clan but I agree that Khloe is much different than the rest and I’ve always been a secret fan. It would be awesome if she wasn’t really a Kardashian by birth- then I wouldn’t feel so bad about liking her so much :)

    • Misty

      Amen Rissa! I agree. Khloe is classy and the rest including the Ring Leader Kris are a bunch of sluts!

    • aj2tjq50@aol.com

      your definitely black

      • Rhonda

        It’s “you’re”. How many times do we have to keep telling you?

  • http://yahoo Sydney

    If that’s not the most RIDICULOUS rumor ever, probably fabricated by a Tea party Republican, God knows their comments/rumors are WAY OUT THERE. Kris Kardashian was close to NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON, and could NOT STAND O.J. Where do they get these idiots that write this BS?!

    • Alicia

      speaking of ridiculous, way out there and bs…that describes your post perfectly.

      lol…no matter the topic you work tea party and republicans into the conversation. smh…

  • jessie

    Kris is a piece cockroach sht. She cheated on her husband probably with the murder suspect he was defending and she and her talent free kids have capitalized on his name.

  • Scott N

    Who really cares, everybody knows Kris is a slut and still is, she pimps her daughters all the time, Bruce looks like a ass on the show and the brother is a dead beat, the only real normal one is Kortney and she is married to an ass. I give Khole credit she does not compromise her marriage, othe rthen that Kim is like a door Knob always getting turned on her stomach :)

    • Katie

      Get your facts right. Kourtney’s NOT married. She has two children, with Scott Disick. By the way, Scott has really cleaned up his act since the beginning of the show. He’s no longer the ass you think he is.

    • http://yahoo Marcia

      OJ’s daughter Sydney does not have what you call “black features” besides to base things off of features only or skin tone can be very deceiving. I’ve met an african american who others thought he was caucasian because of his skin tone.

  • Bill Watt

    They should go on Maury and find out the truth. Would be a great show

    • rick branigan

      Ah if she were oj’s daughter, I think she would have some black features dahhhh!

  • Anna

    I’m willing to bet she’s O.J.’s daughter. Khloe looks more like his daughter than Kim and Kourtney.

  • http://Yahoo Iowa

    Why don’t you people leave her the heck alone!!! Who cares who her dad is…GET OVER IT!

    • jeigh

      Maybe she cares who her father is!

  • Rachel

    I feel sorry for Khloe.I find this story in very **poor** taste. Not to be racist, but you can clearly see Khloe is NOT of mixed race. Kris Jenner was best friends with Nicole Brown Smith….is this the best Amanda Crum can write about? UGH!

    • Kris

      I think she looks just like him. She definately has biracial features. Not sure what you are looking at

      • rick branigan

        I agree I always wondered about that. She looks nothing like the other kardashians. She doesn’t look armenian, she has anglo saxon features.

    • mario

      color doesnt mean anything my daughter has 2 colors,her winter look when shes not in the sun alot and her summer look when you can tell shes of mixed race,so dont go on color,cause all her friends mom say the same thing”i didnt think she was mixed until she said daddy and this big black guy came down the hall”i think she is O.J’s lil girl…dont be embarrassed of who you are

    • http://yahoo Jr

      Rachel your not being Racist at all its ok….your just stating your opinion im black myself Khloe is mixed with armenian and white i see non african american blood in her..

    • James R.

      Rachel, not all mixed kids come out black!

  • stacy

    she is deff not a kardashian she dont look like any of them

  • RR_ATX

    (OJ speaking with a deep, hissing voice)

    Khloe. I AM YOUR FATHER!!!

  • martha

    leave khloe alone already!! do u want people spreading rumors about your family?

    • rick branigan

      Oh, btw didn’t you know that Oj is also taylor swift’s dad from a white mama! LOL.

    • ken

      Being a whore starts at the top. Martha, we’ll leave them alone….when they go away.

  • g&c

    Khloe has a striking resemblence to OJ and his daughter. She has the same build as OJ’s daughter and his features, high cheek bones, shape of mouth, nose. The Kardashians are very distinct in their features, Jet Black Hair, eyes, nose ect. Either way, its really non of anyones business who her real father is. People can be so cruel!If Khloe dosent care to know, why should anyone be writing about this?

    • http://webpronews Peggy hopfinger

      just showa what a slut the ourdashians are all for sex I guess and money of course

    • http://Yahoo DMA

      I wish non-black people would stop making stupid remarks about the Black race and color. My Black neighbors’s nephew married an American white woman, and the woman had three kids with her Black husband. Two of the young adult children showed signs of being racially mixed. The third child looks totally white. All three children have the same father. One cannot make judgements for or against a person’s race, because you don’t know enough about racially mixed reproduction.One can have a dark-colored parent and a fair-colored white parent and produce children in various stages of color between black and white. I know because my older sister was always allowed privileges in the South and was often told that she could come in but leave the Black children outside the store. She always said that we were her two sisters. The white store owners told her to come in alone or not at all. She always walked away. She has very fair complexion with light colored hair, but she looks like my Dad who is not fair complexion(…mother is). Please stop making judgements about race if you don’t understand the dynamics of mixed races.

      • jimmy

        I know how to fix that race problem. STAY WITHIN YOUR OWN RACE!!!!!!!

  • kayet

    I am NOT a Kardash. fan by ANY means….. but MY GOD, people need to leave this poor girl alone regarding WHO HER FATHER IS!!!!
    She seems to have enough insecurities (thanks the her MOTHER) without the media and the tabloids constantly questioning her paternity!!

    She seems to feel confident that Robert Kardashian IS her FATHER and if that s good enough for HER, then people need to DROP IT.
    It just doesn’t matter, after all, it was Robert Kardashian who was there when she was born, loved her, provided for her, and raised her until the day he died.
    Don’t make this young lady continue to pay for her mother’s total disregard for what is BEST for her children.

    • a

      what do u mean leave her alone,,,,,fuck em all they wanted the limelight now they REALLY HAVE IT – they bought it all upon themselves – this is price YOU HAVE TO PAY – take the good with the bad – next your gonna say oh! poor kim – get fuckin REAL

    • Jeff

      Today is 9/11 and we’re talking about Khloe? Unbelievable!

      • Twiz

        I agree we should be remembering 9/11 and everything else should be on the back burner…at least for today….

        • rick branigan

          I know, we should be honoring 911 victims not some stupid stories about worthless families.

      • Pantsfree

        No, the question is… if this is 9/11, why are you reading this article and commenting on it? Don’t be a hypocrite.

      • Mom

        Tomorrow is 9/12, people would say the same thing. lol.

    • lori

      I fully agree, Khloe is not O.J. Simpsons daughter, I do not like nor watch the stupid yes very stupid Kardashian shows. But Khloe has class and seems to want to live her life, people and her piece of c— mother need to leave her alone. O.J. is a big piece of shit, he is a murderer, cold blooded killer, I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his pathetic life. LEAVE KHLOE ALONE KRIS……

  • David L.

    Is it really that much of a longshot?? Think about O.J. and man he made some people a ton of cash look at the careers he created.Kris Kardashian and the Juice??I could see that one happening.

  • Allen

    And just take a look at that ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWWW

  • DNA

    First of all Khole has a TV show and she needs rumors to get viewers.
    I am sure she OKed this! She learn all the trick of the trade from Kris Jenner as manager and mother, she knows how to keep the Kardashian show on radar!

    People love to read about dirt!, and this produce higher ratings!
    This will bring a boost to their show. As you know they will do anything for money! This is just part of their money game of fame and fortune. Well all read on, they laugh and shop!

  • http://royleija@att.net Brenda Leija

    What a joke,the family,will do anything to stay in the public,it just sad,they are nothing,but famewhore,the biggest famewhore are Kris,and KIM

    • veebug


  • http://yahoo.com Neutral

    I agree. Robert Kardashian raised her, guided her, etc. No matter what he was her father. I wish all the rumor-mongers would just give it a rest!!!! I mean really…….does it affect YOUR life in any way?

    • BetterOffNed

      If I have to see it in my morning headlines, yes, it does matter. Also, if they didn’t want all the publicity, they wouldn’t whore out their children to the fashion and media industries.

  • Theresa

    I guess what i find sort of funny is that nobody has really looked into Kris or Roberts other family members. Not everyone looks like their mom or dad. Some take after Aunts and Uncles or Grand or Great Grandparents even. Maybe – just maybe she does too. The only one who knows for sure is the two that conceived the child and rest assured that Kris wont be telling the truth publically and I woulud guess that everyone involved already knows and this makes great fuel for reality Tv Fodder. Way to drive the ratings up – when we all hoped they would just fade away.

  • O.J. Jr.

    No wonder why she is a filthy pig. Both her mom and dad are a fkn disgrace to humanity so it only makes sense that she be the same. FAT PIG.

    • http://webpronews.com eva

      your such an a sshole… your the freaking pig.. go get a life.. that is disrespectful. dumbass

    • veebug

      Are you a skinny person…you know, the kind that never eats?

  • j

    Who cares? Also that tweet from Kris was while she was live tweeting during the episode, so it has to do with the finale episode part 1, not this.

    • Bub

      I’m with you. leave that poor girl alone. why is it anyone’s business?!?!?! oh, that’s right!!! it’s not!!!

  • Truth

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Kris hooked up with a black guy (oj) ,all the Kardashian’s except Courtney disgust me. Kloe doesn’t look like her sisters all that much.

    • TheRealTruth

      What a racist pig…only an ignorant ass would say something like that. So tell me, why arent you hating the fact that Robert Kardashian is Armenian?

  • jodi

    The only I really do like is Khloe. And if she is OJ’s daughter, what is it any of our business!! She is human and has feelings!! Stop tormenting her! Now I think that her mother needs to fess up if it is true, but ONLY fess up to her daughter Khloe!! How would you feel if the table’s were turned around?! LEAVE HER ALONE!!

    • veebug

      If she can’t take the heat…she should get her face off the T.V.

  • http://yahoo Hellen

    Don’t think Khloe is OJ’s daughter because her skin color would have been different from the k’s like half black and half white. People should leave her alone. Khloe is my favorite of all the k’s . Good luck Khloe.

    • rahnyc4

      um, you ever seen rashida jones? biracial kids can have any type of skin tone, from white to dark brown…

  • eddie

    If the condom dont fit…you must admit!

  • lila

    Robert Kardashian was the father in her life and nothing will ever change that. He loved and cared for her. It is blatently obvious that he is likely not the biological father; her features are too full and round vs. all the other Kardashians. I’d just get the DNA test so I would know. It won’t change who is her ‘dad’.

    • http://yahoo.com marlene

      Just want to add that most ppl forget about grandparents, greatgrand parents and on and on. Remember “shake the tree” and see what falls out! This is Hollywood society they are probably all roled up in one.

  • http://yahoo Crystal

    Or is Sydney really Robert Kardashians kid?! :)

  • http://msn Amie Martinez

    Leave Khloe alone…she can’t help it if her mom sleeps with anyone and everyone…Khloe get a DNA to prove who your father is…I do think it’s O.J.,timing was perfect for the K ho to hook up with O.J. what else in new????

  • Esteban

    When someone elects to be in the public limelite, accept the public money and adulation as a celebrity then that person loses some sense of privacy. I cannot and will not accept from peers that we should “leave them alone.” Is it only OK to acknowledge the good things and not the notorious. I think not. What goes up, will always come down.

  • wayne

    This family will do anything for a buck

    • http://yahoo.com marlene

      @Linda, OJ did not start these rumors Kris K did.

      • veebug

        Yep they WILL do anything for a buck. The endorsed legal form of prostitution in our country. Kris is the Madam.

  • http://yahoo Linda

    This probably has nothing to really do with Khloe’s DNA, I believe Robert is her true father and if O.J. is saying he’e her real father, it’s his way of trying to get his dirty hands on her money cause he’s now broke and in financial need. His friend is dead and he doesn’t care if he drags his friends family through the dirt. Until a DNA test proves that RK is NOT Khloe’s father, I, for one, will NEVER believe these ridiculous rumors.

    • Glen

      OJ Simpson is far from broke, he recieves an NFL retirement Pension which can not be garnished or taken away of close to $500,000 per year.

      He will probable build up a couple of million in savings while he sits in prison and will continue to recieve his NFL Pension until he dies.

      OJ did not write this article and probable could care less, your ranting at a writer who is dishing on the Kardashians!

    • veebug

      You will NEVER believe these rumors, you’ll just start new ones!

  • stinkerbell

    Leave the child alone. Find out who her real MOTHER is. No real, loving mother would put her child through this hell, especially publicly. It’s all about the dollar for the whore, Kris, and at her kids’ expense.

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