Who Would Benefit from the Government Regulating Google Search Results?

Google: Regulation Would Stifle Innovation

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There’s a very interesting discussion going on about whether or not the government should regulate search results. This began last week, when the New York Times ran an editorial titled, "The Google Algorithm", which suggests one way "to ensure the editorial policy guiding Google’s tweaks is solely intended to improve the quality of the results and not to help Google’s other businesses," is to "give some government commission the power to look at those tweaks."

Should the government regulate search results? Share your thoughts.

Another way, the piece suggests could be for Google to "explain with some specified level of detail the editorial policy that guides its tweaks."

The piece was enough to not only get a response from long-time search industry reporter Danny Sullivan, via a clever, satirical look at the NYT piece itself (giving the publication something of a mirror to look into), but it was also enough to get Google to respond.

Google’s VP of Search Product and User Experience, Marissa Mayer wrote a piece for the Financial Times, which was reprinted on Google’s Public Policy Blog (Google also thought enough of Sullivan’s response to link to it).

Marissa Mayer of Google Talks Government Regulation of Search Results "What is fair in terms of ordering?" asks Mayer. "An alphabetical listing? Equally, new results will need to be incorporated – new web pages, but also new media types such as tweets or audio streams. Without competition and experimentation between companies, how could the rules keep up? There is no doubt that this will stifle the advance of the science around search engines."

"Abuse would be a further problem," continues Mayer. "If search engines were forced to disclose their algorithms and not just the signals they use, or, worse, if they had to use a standardised algorithm, spammers would certainly use that knowledge to game the system, making the results suspect."

"But the strongest arguments against rules for ‘neutral search’ is that they would make the ranking of results on each search engine similar, creating a strong disincentive for each company to find new, innovative ways to seek out the best answers on an increasingly complex web," she adds.

To the NYT’s credit, the piece did say that "Google provides an incredibly valuable service, and the government must be careful not to stifle its ability to innovate." But it’s hard to see how any government intervention wouldn’t stifle innovation.

What are your thoughts on the idea of government regulation of search results? Discuss in the comments.

Who Would Benefit from the Government Regulating Google Search Results?
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  • Guest

    The New York Times needs to stop embarrassing us regular, every-day progressives by pretending to be the voice of the left when in fact they’re just a bunch of commies.

  • Daz

    This Is One Of Them Once Thay Start Goverment Will Not Rest Un Till There Is Full Internet Censership

    A Dont See Google Loading Results In There Favour …. Only MSFT Do Tricks Like That …. And What Is Far Is You Leave Well Alone What Is Not Broke

    T?hese Not Rights And Wrong Ones JUST Get Beta Or Is It Better …. Are Thay 4 Real An Alphabetical listing …….. Realy You Wrong One

    • Guest

      It’s not the government’s fault. It’s Google’s fault. The government is the one being called on for help from companies being ran over by Google.

      • Guest

        The government never, ever helps. They only tax and obstruct. If you would like the internet to go the way of China or now, Pakistan, just keep on complaining about free enterprise and how they are abusing you.

        • Guest

          if you can’t keep up, get out of the way

  • Guest

    This is so frustrating. How come every time there is a successful company, government feels they have to take over or regulate it? This is one of the many reasons this country is going down the wrong road. Where is our freedom?
    Google is not an evil empire, they are a corporation. They have a supply, and we have the demand. The model works. If they favor their other businesses, then that is smart business! Would you point someone to your competition or your business first? If you do the first, then you are out of business. Google has every right to do what they are doing. If the demand drops for their product, which we the people have that power, they will change how their product is delivered. ENOUGH WITH THE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION!!!

    • Cando

      I think you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Inform yourself about what G. is doing!

      • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

        You have said absolutely nothing except you don’t like what he said. No specifications. Like Obama’s “Change” with no specifications. Your post is a perfect example of where the moderator should just delete it.

  • http://www.nleff.com Guest

    Google is a private company that does a great job. I believe they should be left alone and their searches not regulated by the government, nor any of the others like Yahoo, etc. The government controls too many aspects of everyone’s lives. Let Google alone!

  • Guest

    Hands off Google. It’s brilliant. Google doesn’t run cartels but governments do.

  • http://www.youpissmeoff.com Don Thompson

    This is one area where the free market excels! Were Google to tilt searches, someone else would provide “untilted” search results, and Google would lose favour. The only thing government should be involved in is ensuring that ISP’s, particularly those with large, quasi-monopolistic bases such as telephone and cable companies, do not bend results, keeping the physical net “net neutral”.

  • http://www.homebusinessit.com Internet Business Ideas

    In essence, the suggestion to regulate search results so as not to allow Google to point to it’s own interests or limit profits is absurd. NY Times writers may just want their name out there sometimes good or bad.

    But something being absurd hasn’t stopped our Congress in the past!

    There are so many internet business ideas that just barely make a living online or fail, that government shouldn’t limit a successful idea by Google.
    Government already added more tax on internet transactions and the more Google makes, the more tax is paid…
    Go after the scam artists instead.
    Government can be helpful but not here, Too much Bad Government already

    • Guest

      “In essence, the suggestion to regulate search results so as not to allow Google to point to it’s own interests or limit profits is absurd.”

      Google has a search monopoly! They can’t favor their own properties genius! They won’t get away with this.

  • Rob

    I was a Google fan boy, a die hard one. At this point I think the government needs to do something about Google. They need to put their hands on Google to tame it as they are being anticompetitive and apparently violating the law (Wi-Fi case). They are killing businesses left and right with their algorithm change which only benefits their own properties. Yes, at this point they need to be punished.

    • http://furbelowfarms.com Elijah

      it just calls for some software updates.

      I guess once Google changes the algorithm, then Google ad sales go up?

      Google is killing businesses, how? By changing their google rank from #1 to #100 or something
      after a keyword search?

      long before google gets regulated, the clowns running the 3 major credit bureaus need to be regulated as Google treats common data better than these guys treat our PRIVATE personal and financial data

      • No

        “Google is killing businesses, how? By changing their google rank from #1 to #100 or something
        after a keyword search?”

        No, by favoring their properties on search.

  • http://teenandyouthinlife.blogspot.com dr. harmander singh

    In my opinion, there is not a need of controlling, but giving priority to all those facilities and services offered by the government. When we go for any Google search it shows some priorities that are somehow can be manipulated by experts and it is even then good if ads by the governmental sector is given priority. For example, we notice results for world and for our nation, however both do not represent the government. The one option can be free services provided to ads by government as if “Search Governmental Service Ads”, whihc is as when it is run by AdSense in some cases as “Public Service Ads”.

    This area of governmental services needed for reducing the increasing Cyber Crime as the Google cannot have such high level of detective systems that the defense and security of the nation and thus the govermnment offers and thus world runs well.

    Thus, there is need of additional buttons, yes the search button and also priority given to the ads and services offered by the government to the public. There are lots of comparisons about how the rates vary from company to company, but I have not observed its comparison with the rates offered for the same by the government. It can greatly help us to see how our governments serve us. Thanks!

  • Guest

    It’s funny, Google is fighting for net neutrality and then they do the same the ISPs want to do but with search by running over the little guy, benefiting their own real estate. Google itself is putting rope on their own neck if you ask me. It’s Google’s fault. Any new legislation, regulation or government imposed limitations on search, it will be Google’s fault. Look at the wi-fi deal. IT’S GOOGLE’S FAULT!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    We don’t need any Government regulations on Search! Our Government can’t regulate what they already ‘supposedly regulate’. If they would have been doing that job on the Oil Companies, then the Gulf Oil Explosion problem wouldn’t have happened.

    As stated in this article (link below), if we don’t STOP being so Greedy and start Regulating ourselves, everything is going to cave in on us, as its starting to do.

    Big Business should be the example, not the problem!


  • http://www.newsparkdesigns.com Guest

    Without AntiTrust legislation Capitalism is dead. So I don’t want to hear all this about Commies and whatever. Free markets are free because they are regulated to be so.

    That said, has Google crossed the line? A recent article in Wired magazine suggested that they have.

    Personally, I like it that search results are tweaked to favor Google products. I don’t see the problem but I am not an expert either. Maybe they should put a notice that they favor their own products.

    Its very very easy for someone to use a different search engine. There is no “lock in” with search engines like there is with other things. That’s why I think nothing will come of this.

    I would like to see Apple investigated though. Its not Kosher to steal other peoples ideas and then try to sue them.

    • http://www.twitter.com/scottsmigler BostonScott

      On what basis do you say that antitrust regulation is a requirement of capitalism? Capitalism in the United States pre-dated antitrust regulations. Some say that anti-trust laws are necessary to protect consumers from monopolies (where companies “overcharge” for goods and services), but the problem with that logic is that in a free market, competition can always emerge when monopolists become pigs.

      And as far as your comment that free markets are free because they “are regulated to do so” – I suggest you familiarize yourself with the meaning of the phrase “free market.” It means having a market that is “free” from government regulation, where the government only does two things: 1) enforce contracts, and 2) enforce property rights.


    • Marley

      “Personally, I like it that search results are tweaked to favor Google products. I don’t see the problem but I am not an expert either. Maybe they should put a notice that they favor their own products.”

      LOL. That’s the MAJOR problem and what will can them. It’s so obvious it’s not even funny. All the DOJ has to do is do a search on Google and look at the top results which are google properties. This is like a thief displaying to the world a video of his thefts while saying on national tv, “I haven’t done anything wrong”.

      “Its very very easy for someone to use a different search engine. There is no “lock in” with search engines like there is with other things. That’s why I think nothing will come of this.”

      Google has a monopoly on search. The problem is not whether users can use multiple search engines. That’s irrelevant here. The problem is with website owners and businesses which Google is killing by displaying its own properties above theirs. And yes I agree, without AntiTrust legislation Capitalism would be chaos.

  • http://pagestat.com Mike

    If the government regulated Google Search….

    -queries would take 20 minutes to process and you’d have to wait in line just to do them

    -Google would have an annual debt interest payment that was nearly there whole budget

    -they would Remove PageRank on sites because it means that all sites are not equal

    -the search index would update 1x a year, and only after a committee of 300+ persons had debated the update for months

    -search results would represent only the companies that had billions of dollars and that could afford to hire persons to stand outside googles headquarter’s and take it’s workers out on stake dinners, and fancy vacations.

    -Google would campaign every 2 years and tell the world how they were going to fix the problems with there system only to make things worse and forget there promises after the campaigning was over. (this cycle would repeat over and over, but we would still somehow believe them every time)

    -every so many months a member of google would be caught with there “pants down”, and possibly resign

    -searches would be taxed by some unrealistic model that would either tax those who do the most searches nothing, and those who do some searches more, or charge those who do the most taxes and give it to those not willing to do any searches.

    -Google would attempt to regulate all pages while at the same time explaining how they wanted those pages to be unregulated

    -Google would receive loans from Yahoo, and Bing every year, and use those loans to pay for outlandish Google Labs projects that only made the internet more complicated and less secure

    -they would Google Bomb companies that had resources they coveted, especially those companies that had turbines on their roofs.

    I could go on…and on… obviously this is a very bad idea. :)

    • http://furbelowfarms.com Elijah

      I really enjoyed those Mike, I got a bunch of laughs out of your post thanks!8

  • http://furbelowfarms.com Elijah

    obviously NO! the government cannot even regulate things they seem to understand, how would they regulate something like search (which no doubt they don’t understand)? The sheer volume of searches would make them unable. And all sorts of underground searches would develop.

    What they need to regulate is how they spend “our” money. Thus far they have spent “my money”, “my kids money” and “my grandkids money” in silly, foolish and wasteful ways.

    Really when I read about it, I thought it was a joke { I really chuckled } , because really it is theoretically impossible for the government to regulate search.

    Which brings us to another point, is that same concept, the entire goal, purpose and point of the obama adminsitration? to overlaod the government with endless nonsensical bullshit to the point that it becomes dopey, big, ignorant, out of control, and a sheer waste of money. Sorry friends the government now is seeming too much like our enemy than our patriotic partner.

  • Guest

    The gov’t is so bass ackwards, it REFUSES to step in where it’s CLEARLY needed, but wastes time on places that it is CLEARLY NOT needed, nor wanted!

    For God’s sake, fire them ALL and start over… our so-called “representatives” have become beyond useless.

  • Riley Flaherty

    This is one of the worst Ideas I have ever seen. Google is already controversial for collecting too much data about its users , now imagine the government knowing all of that info. My suspicion is that that would be the real reason for regulation, to spy on American citizens and get their IP and email in half the time.

    And by the way, capitalism exists without any regulation, as the market battles increase consumer quality and decrease prices. Some of the lowest commodity prices came from tycoons like Carnegie and Rockefeller, and neither one sacrificed quality. Consumers were happy, and commies complained as usual about how that hard earned money was somehow “taken” from them. And another thing, fewer than 10 conglomerates were ever split under the Sherman and Clayton Anti-trust acts, so you up there with your “Google, the next Microsoft” crap are not only and idiot but you also have no clue what you are talking about.

    Google is a successful company that does not need to be tampered with, nor should it be. Private industry works and government make other work for them, I for one don’t want to be the InfoTech slave of the US government, leave my search engines alone!!

  • http://www.episodexistudios.com Video Production Charlotte

    No, no, no, no. Every person in the US should stand up and say no, and Google should hold thier ground and refuse.

  • http://www.countyjailinmatesearch.com Inmate Search

    Regulate search results FOR WHAT? Why do they need regulating? Not one person is writing anything about Yahoo manipulating search reults or the fact that the reults they are going to get from Bing will be “crafted” per user to get the most out of the users. Many search companies EXCEPT Google have shown time and time again they can be bought or swayed.

    Quote from editorial: “Rivals have accused Google of placing the Web sites of affiliates like Google Maps or YouTube at the top of Internet searches and relegating competitors to obscurity down the list.” I thought this was because part of the algorithm included looking for webmasters that added functionality and extra services for thier users in the webpages and that’s why they beat competitors with nothing but text content. A mediocre website can go up in search results for adding any decent features for users, even if it comes from non-google properties.

    It would be allot like regulating a church. People go to a particular faith or find a church family within that faith that makes sense to them. I did the same with search engines and we all do. My fiance can find the same things with Yahoo, just not as fast. If people are being manipulated by the company they trust, let them. Of course Google is going to try and promote thier interests, but what are they going to give us in return, because they always give something back.

    No one has used those terms about this particular conversation yet, but the words I hear coming from the mouths at Yahoo is “We are gonna tell people what life is” per user. Now some numbnutts at the New York Times wants to suggest a business, Google, be regulated from growing thier business. It’s thier search engine, no one has to use it, and if Google starts screwing up or screwing the public, they’ll end up like the other Search Engines that dried up because we don’t trust or understand the results or they did like Ask and run more ads per page than results.

    Oh, regulation means new positions and money. Let’s invite another inroad to corruption. Good thinking.

    Keep it Str8!

    • Tony R

      I thought this was because part of the algorithm included looking for webmasters that added functionality and extra services for thier users in the webpages and that’s why they beat competitors with nothing but text content. A mediocre website can go up in search results for adding any decent features for users, even if it comes from non-google properties.

      Ummm real businesses have compatition and if we added cool stuff to our sites we would have to double prices and thats not the idea of the internet. Con men always have more money to invest than honest business because they profit 100% from ripping people off. The bots should be looking for lowest prices for stores and popularity for blogs.

    • Bob

      Everything was going fine until you shit on it with:

      “If people are being manipulated by the company they trust, let them. Of course Google is going to try and promote thier interests, but what are they going to give us in return, because they always give something back.”

      The world doesn’t work the way you view it.

  • jb

    HELL NO! The government can’t even regulate itself.

  • Aquaman

    Absolutely not ! end of story , I dont pry on there business why should they pry on ours ?
    this is just another example of political correctness out of control.its like someone looking over your shoulder while you are putting your pin number into the ATM

  • Will

    Assuming this is not a rhetorical question, and you want a genuine reply, the short direct answer is, Satan.

  • B Donald

    The government has no business getting involved in such a thing, It’s ridiculous.

  • Guest

    I just hope the government raid their offices and put a sign on Google.com like this one: http://thepiratecity.org/index.html while digging in the algo’s web of lies and deception.

  • huwoman

    This message is directed to the Global Elite Government, the 300 inbreds who have been in control and are the cause of it ALL.









    and to the common people if you don’t know what the global elite government has been grooming us for i beg you for the sake of our humanity and our children to do some research and find out the truth for yourself while you still can!

    So google this: ESOTERIC AGENDA, ZEITGEIST, KYMATICA, NEW WORLD ORDER or if you prefer here is a link http://www.illuminati-news.com/moriah.htm


  • Kath

    Hell no. Government should stick to .gov and otherwise stay away from the government, or we’ll be taxed for whatever they mess up.

    Google for President.

    • Kath

      make that second “government” – *internet*

      So much for responding before coffee…

      • http://www.huntingknivesmarket.com Matt

        I third that motion to make Google president. Screw the current one!

  • Wolfos

    no, if they’d do that they would kill the internet.

    • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

      People would not use it.
      One thing great about capitalism and free enterprise is that there is always someone with a better or more appealing way of doing something. Governments lack of efficiency has led to great competitors like FedEx and UPS. People chose which they’d rather use to move packages. USPS is cheaper to the user only because the government taxes ll the people to make up the difference, in other words, it subsidizes itself with our money. Or, we will get the masses of people we can tax, to run our horribly run organization so it can stay in business and have an unfair price advantage over the peoples private business. If the gov starts up it’s own search engine, you can bet no one will use it, and they will tax us all to keep it running, and delivering a very poor service. It’s much easier to do it the Obama way, take control of an entire industry, categorically, and give it to the unions to run it. And fine us if we don’t use it, even if we see that we don’t need nor want it in the first place.

      No, the internet would be fine, it’s the people and the country that would be hosed for it.

  • Guest

    If the government wants a search engine they should make one.

  • http://bestcarinsurancerate.org Best Car Insurance Rate

    Here again the Obama administration is trying to take over something else. I’m sick of this big business bashing and how the government thinks they can regulate everything. They mess up everything they touch and frankly I’ll be glad to get back to a sane White House in the near future that is more business friendly.

    Leave Google alone and for that matter leave every business alone. The government is not only getting way too big but making it too difficult for businesses to expand. This is another example of stupid government policies and Americans need to vote these people out so we can finally get back to growing our businesses again instead of never knowing what stupid regulations and new taxes are coming our way next.

    • Guest

      Her Mr. backlink, read the darn article. The government is doing nothing! Businesses are the ones complaining.

  • Guest

    This is an incredible idea. Censorship. Violating our constitutional rights of freedom of speech, –1st Amendment. It’s similar to the censorship we have with the media- so much is fluffed or omitted to ease politics.
    Americans won’t stand for biased search content.

    It certainly levels the playing field for the feds. They would be able to control Americans’ thinking and activities in all aspects, feeding the great conspiracies: medical, oil, money,etc….and perpetuating the greed machine for organizations such as the Carlyle Group (oil/defense spending)

  • Guest

    The government needs to make their own search engine, not take Googles.

  • Bob

    I’d say tax the query to fund more wars. We need to get on North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and level the playing field in Iran.

    Chris, you are such a trouble maker! LOL! Chris strikes yet AGAIN!!! Webpronews, give this man a raise!

  • Steven

    The nerve of these idiots if google wants to destroy herself then allow the government to be her daddy!!!

  • Guest

    NEVER NEVER NEVER…can you imagine the next step? The Post Office running email? OMG OMG OMG. NO NO NO NO NO. VOTE IN NOVEMBER PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Guest






  • Guest

    What you are seeing right now is the beginning of the end of Google. Lethal, not rubber, bullets are coming from every direction, from every country and they have no friends left to go bat for them which makes it worse. The love affair with Google died a long time ago. There are only a few clueless fanboys. It is time for a new search engine to take Google’s place. Sergei, Brin or Larry, whatever their names are, I think won’t be majority owners next year too so Google is going to hell no matter what. Faster than ebay though…


    • Guest

      Just like what happened to Google in Japan. This dumb so called OBAMA “President they call him” LMFAO. Wants to eliminate capitalism by knocking down the big guys like Google. This government makes it look like the big guys are greedy but their not, they worked very hard to be where they are. If you are in IT you darn well know where Google comes from, and so does eBay, Amazon and many more to list.

      All this government wants is expansion by regulating everything we could possibly generate money from, so they distribute it to the dirt bags that don’t work and live off the government starting with Congress.

      Proudly, I am an American and I am very disappointed this darn nig is leading our Nation to the ground. Hey there are two years to go, but we will hold on until A REAL MAN WITH PANTS WILL TAKE OVER AND GET RID OF THE PEST BEGINNING WITH CONGRESS>


      “A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Guest

    Gee – Why does this not surprise me?!!! I tried posting on Facebook a link to the WSJ’s article about Obama “loaning” $$$Millions (or was it billions?) to the Brazilian oil company which is owned by the Brazilian government – one of the largest in the world – for their off shore oil exploration. Of course they don’t need the money but we do! And, rumor has it that the largest shareholder in this company is George Soros. Well . . . apparently Facebook does their own censoring because my posting never appeared. Hmm . . . who runs Facebook????

  • http://www.oink.co.za Craig Nuttley

    Having read the above, there is some gobbledygook, especially the comment about “the beginning of the end of Google”. Nonsense. There are aspects of searches which should be totally outlawed across the globe. There are ceratin moral aspects (not that any government could teach or maintain a stance on morality and actually be believed) which should be entirely removed. Pornography (is it a violation to freedom to access to porn movies? If it is, your right infringes on your child’s right to be protected from that kind of stuff.) If government could remove that from Google searches, the world would be a much healthier … and safer … place to be.
    In general, no, NOT A GOOD IDEA if they want to do anything else BUT remove the serously sick.

    • Guest

      More government regulation, I can’t wait. Government regulation of Google results or any other company’s efforts to improve it’s business model smacks of communistic (read KGB, North Korea and Red China) control. We all know what happens when our government tries to “regulate” anything. Constitutional rights get stepped on and more bureaucratic bungling mushrooms.

  • Guest

    Smile. You are watching a nation you claim to love, be flushed down the Socialist toilet…One Politician (turd) at a time. One small step for OBAMA, one giant Leap for those who HATE America.

  • Guest

    May we simply have our freedom back, please

    This is a joke ? right ? I think BIG brother needs to go on a serious diet then take some anti-psychotic meds

  • Commy

    I think Google has too much money and Obama hasn’t followed thru on his promise to pay my mortgage, gasoline, groceries, daycare and free car. Google has way too much money and they should share at least 75% of it with fellow Americans. So yes, I’m all for the government tearing them a new one. They got that money off of our hard work.

    • Guest

      No, they got their money off of their hard work. Try it.

  • Donna

    Why not just call America, “Moscow”?
    That is where we are being taken, inch by inch; company by company.
    Trying to remove God from all, Telling us that “This isn’t a Christian Nation”.
    Do you get that Hispanics? Obama wants your votes, but not your faith.
    Wise up!! Satan is the great deceiver and so is Obama.
    Google is just fine the way it is.

  • http://fingeezer.com Steve

    No, I don’t think so. To create another bureaucracy is not in our best interest. Certainly we need protection from mismanaged business practices but I don’t think this is something we need. There is too much choice out there to regulate it.

  • http://smobot.com Guest

    The fact is, Google has a monopoly over the internet, and they are the filter through which almost all websites are ranked…

    However, the government should not regulate search results; they should simply enforce anti-trust laws. They should not regulate algorithm tweaks, but they should be able to regulate whether or not Google decides to place it’s own services at the top rank of a given keyword…

    More than anything, though I think the republican party needs to start regulating the frickin government.

  • http://www.TrigonSearch.tk Trigon Search Engine

    The GOV should have NOTHING TO DO with Google.

  • http://www.spontaneousawakening.com John

    The government absolutely should NOT regulate search results. Obama is already trying to get legislation passed that would allow him to take control of the internet. It would supposedly only be in times of a national threat.. but it’s only one small step from there to living under another version of the Chinese government.

    We most certainly do not need any more governmental controls imposed. We’re losing freedoms every single day.. and these trends need to be reversed.. not continued. Our own government already buys off news organizations to control the news we receive.. so imagine what would happen if they got control of your daily searches and controlled the internet too? What better way to shut down dissent or to control the millions who are online every day? Can you say sheeples?
    Dr. John Michael Christian MSC.D

    • http://www.worldenterprisevideos.com Video Guy

      We all know that Google left alone has its own opinion of things and will remove videos that it feels doesn’t represent its political views. This then needs to be regulated. After all, look who became president. Without some sort of Government control… uh hmmm, wait, would Government control mean they get to view their point of view? Which point is that? Whoever is elected? Search engines MUST be held accountable for their results! Otherwise they will show one side of the story like YouTube and Google have done. But to have the Government do the controlling? Then it goes back to the question of who will watch the Government and make sure they’re doing a fair and impartial control?

  • http://unintentionallyunemployed.blogspot.com Betsy

    No, no, no!

  • Guest

    no way!

  • http://www.cleaning4biz.com Guest

    Google is worldwide so what right does any government have to take control of a worldwide operative? Isn

    • Guest

      Because they are a virus. They have infected everything they can get at to maintain a foothold on the one thing that they want to control… search results to feed their multimillion dollar turnover from Adwords. If your livelihood is not dependent on search results then you won’t appreciate the situation.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    If the gov wants to control the search engine then probably eventualy they will control the rest of the internet

    • Ben Gardner

      Joe Leiberman has already begun a bill that would require the U.S. Government to regulate ALL of the Internet. It is actually expected to pass.

  • http://JBFitnessBootcamp.wordpress.com Jerome

    The Government should DEFINITELY monitor google searches… IF WE WANT TO BE 100% COMMUNIST LIKE CHINA.

    If you want to have a communist or socialist country, just say it and do it!!! Quit all of the bull crap acting like you’re trying to protect people.

    • Kendo

      We need regulation because the situation that perhaps some don’t see is that we now have a big guy with no neck standing over everyone calling the shots as if they were some kind of authority on the the Internet, extorting their paying advertisers and manipulating the popularity of favored entities to their own advantage. How many online businesses have been killed off that would have survived if their search results were honest?

      • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

        Your: “We need regulation because the situation that perhaps some don’t see is that we now have a big guy with no neck standing over everyone calling the shots as if they were some kind of authority on the the Internet, …” sounds just like what government does when ever it gets control of a segment of the peoples business.

        • Guest

          Ah! But there is a big difference between what you are talking about and fraud or extortion.

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