NYPost.com Suffering DNS Issue

    May 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Attempts to visit the New York Post’s website are being redirected to another domain, WebFile.com, and the Post’s technical company doesn’t want to talk about it.

GNYPost.com Suffering DNS Issue
“GNYPost.com Suffering DNS Issue”
GNYPost.com Suffering DNS Issue

A funny thing happened on the way to NYPost.com to read about the recent Alex Rodriguez gossip talk. My browser sent me to another domain. I tried the request in a couple of different browsers, all with the same result.

After checking the old hosts file for any weirdness, I decided to give someone a call and see what was up. The phone number for the Post in the whois lookup went to voicemail, and the technical contact information proved to be incorrect.

Fortunately, someone at what appeared to be the Post’s service provider was able to give me numbers to the correct business, Quality Technology Services. Someone named Monica answered, and when I asked about the Post’s issue, she said they were aware of it.

Even though I identified myself when she answered, she asked if I was a contact. I said no, I was a reporter who had stumbled upon what appeared to be a DNS issue. When I tried to ask her another question, I was delighted that she immediately hung up on me.

Hey Rupert Murdoch, it’s 7:30 pm on the East Coast. Do you know where your domain is right now? Because your technical services company doesn’t seem to have it under control yet. I’ve helpfully attached a screenshot to this article, please see below.