NYC Tourist Raped After Exiting Cab

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An Australian woman says that after getting out of a cab in New York early Sunday morning, a man came up behind her and dragged her into an alley, where he raped her.

The 20-year old woman was on her way home after partying at the popular club Lavo, located at East 58th Street between Park and Madison avenues. After hailing a cab, however, she had a disagreement with the driver and quickly got out (one report says the young woman decided to wait because the traffic was so bad). That’s when the rapist allegedly struck.

There is currently an artist’s rendering of the man’s face being passed around the web, but police are also checking surveillance videos and are working on tracking down the cab driver for questioning. The man is described as a black man, 35 to 40 years old. He is about 6 feet, 2 inches tall, 190 pounds and was wearing a skull cap and dark clothing at the time of the attack.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.


NYC Tourist Raped After Exiting Cab
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  • leroy

    I say hang him by his junk until that falls off…then he won’t be a repeat offender.

  • http://webpronews nature

    to the person sounding off about too many blacks you are UBER SCAREY.to think that people in this day and time do not know history except “blacks sold blacks” is crazy. what else do you know,anything positive about humans in general ?

    • Barry

      nature, quick,when was slavery outlawed in the US. Don’t look it up just shoot it out there. Thought not…..

  • http://cnn mzjulyinabox

    i want to respond to the dumbass people on here that took this story and turned it about race that goes to show you yall really didn’t care about the person that it happen to only the color of somebody skin its crazy that race is still going on after the 2o century im black and guess what my husband is white german etc every culture has done something wrong to someone murder raped kiddnapp etc if we continue to point the finger at color you’ll never get any where in life and white people on here talking about they need to got back to doing slavery trust me this day in age it anit gonna happen back then blacks didn’t want to fight but now f**k with a black person now your gonna have some problems one thing that blacks don’t do they white do yall are crazy as hell yall murder yall whole family or to school and kill little babies who does that yall rape little kids come on i can go on an on its so much shit i can say so shut the fuck up and lets stick to the point it was dark she might have thought he was black and just said he was there are different race that not black that looks black so fuck anybody that has bad things to say about black people im proud to be black and my husband is proud to be married to me he’s a shame of white people and he’s white lol grow the fuck up .

    • Kayla

      exactly, it is a shame how stupid people are.

    • Max

      its black history month and you say whites are racists white people dont have there own celebrated month or a TV program such as BET….so tell me again whos Racist??

      • Jeff

        Your logic is illogical. To have a white history month would be asinie. You’re an embarrasment to caucasions.

        • Mickail

          How is someones logic, illogical? Your an embarassment to someone whos trying to play smart.. so why don’t you shut your damn mouth and just stick to reading, rather than replying.

      • Lia

        That’s funny!!!!! It’s called Black Entertainment Television, (BET). Nonetheless, you say we have a month? Hell, that’s the only time the stories of us are told. It d*mn sure is not in the schools and elsewhere. As far as the station…you all have NBC, ABC, CBS, must I go on, not to include the film companies. If we have just a couple ofthings you get scared huh???? FUNNY

      • E

        @Max, TO ALL THE WHITE NON RACIST, I APOLOGIZE. Max, how dumb can you be? Don’t answer that. YOU LET US HAVE ONE MONTH OUT OF 12 when all twelve have been and still are about white history. YOU LET US HAVE BET when all the other stations are and have been white. Why is that????????? BET is the only station when the black man isn’t the first one to die in EVERY movie. BET is the only station when a black person MIGHT be seen as saving the day for once or having intelligence. You don’t have to be afraid of me. All I ask, all I want is for you to just level the playing field.
        Why is it that you don’t complain over “kiss me I’m Irish, kiss me I’m Italian, Polish (Italian, Irish) American clubs, St Patrick day (Irish), Columbus day (Italian) parades? Why is it that you don’t comlplain about housing, job, education, driving while black discrimination? Why is it you don’t complain about all the WHITE priest, who molest white children? Why don’t you complain about all the white people who should be locked up but aren’t? You know Hitler WASN’T black, right? Why didn’t white people complain when 6,000,000 white people were being killed? Why don’t you complain about all the white people who…? What are you afraid of, Why don’t you level the playing field?

        TO ALL THE WHITE NON RACIST, I APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Go back to Africa, I’ll tell you what, I’ll meet you in the airport and I’ll go back to where ever I came from while your boarding the plane to return to WHERE EVER YOU CAME FROM.

    • Patricia

      Pure Ignorance!!!!!

    • Barry

      mzjuly, of all the stupid comments on the site yours is, by far, the stupidest. “Yall” need to just fade into the background because “yall” ain’t helping nobody…..

  • Explosive Diarreah

    Another one of Bama’s sons at work.

    • Kayla

      Oh wow grow up! you should really childish and extreamly ignorant.

    • Jeff

      Racist jerk.

      • Charlie


        What does “you should really childish” mean? I just love it when people call someone else EXTREMELY ignorant, and screw up twice in their own one sentence post. Just Saying!!!!

    • Mickail

      LOL…your so right, explosive. Thats what blacks are… explosive diarreah.

  • Lanz

    this is so sad. as a blk man & father of 4 girls this brakes my heart to hear. yes im a thug but i work hard for what i have cause i want my kids to have better then what i had & i had a very good childhood. thug dont mean you do whatever, whenever. being a thug is a state of mind. it means if you mess with me or mine there will be no place for you to hide. its even sadder that race is brought into this. so grow up people & get your minds right. IM JUST SAYIN!!!!!!!!!

    • Allison

      Lanz, you are not a thug! You are a tough, when we’ve seen things that shake us to the core, we develop a thick skin! Despite that, the only best and strongest do not let overwhelming circumstances degrade their morality to the point where they abuse other people! It disturbs me that anyone would violate another human being like this. That poor woman! Unfortunately, people tend to immediately jump to race or class as explanations. In my personal opinion, state of mind and culture is a much larger playing factor, rape has been shown to be overwhelmingly about power and control.

    • Mickail

      So what do you define the petty little black kids outside of school, who punch your little daughter in the face and take her lunch money? Shes 5, they’re 7, and all she had in her little pockets were a buck. Your a thug, than I guess i’m a thug as well.

  • Nate

    You know what? As a black man, I think the racists are on to something. It seems like they hold black people to a higher standard than they hold their own race. It seems like they are obsessed with black people and they want every black person to be successful and good people. When white people commit crimes, they don’t commit on race but when blacks commit crimes, they scream and hollar about race.

    They hold black people to a higher standard than themselves and I think we as black people should understand that deep inside they love us and just want to see us be successful. So I’m not going to flip out on a racist, they only want the best for black people. They want us to be better than them, that’s all.


    • RP

      wow are you delusional or what….I knew before i even seen the pic that he was goona be black…..I mean black pepole make up only over 30% of our countries population but they make up over 70% of our prison population…..what more do you need to know?

      • Mickail

        Finally, an intelligent negro.

    • Lia

      I agree Nate…

  • Nate

    And rapists are bitches that need to be killed. Period.

  • Bill

    I am a white male…

    Whomever posted the racist comments about too many blacks and that white peole have every right to be racist should is 100% wrong and should really get a clue..

    How about that 99% of serial killers in the world are WHITE MALES!!!! Are you kidding me? It is 2013 and all this race bullcrap should be way behind us by now. we are all HUMANS, and as HUMANS we should be able to live among each other peacefully where color/race is blind to each other.

    • Barry

      Bill, I think you may be blind….

    • Mickail

      Bill.. yes, we all are humans.. Than god created the blacks to mock us. They’re a joke, and should be tied down and whipped. Who needs contractors when we have slaves?

  • Tony moore

    I smell BS here, black guy rapes her as soon as she steps out of a cab on Madison and E 59th in front of her hotel??? There are cameras EVERYWHERE in that area. She probably just f**ked a black dude and wants to cover her a$$ cause she missed her period.

    • Jeff

      You don’t know that you insensitive jerk.

    • bobbydan

      I can tell your a black man that still holds that old the white man is keeping us down attitude, you are a racist you jerk!

      • Tony moore

        No, whats racist is you assuming I’m a black man with a chip on my shoulder, YOU are the racist JERKOFF

  • C T

    Rapists, like other criminals, aren’t bound by ethnicity.

  • fnclown

    uh oh now theirs gonna be a ban on penises

    • Jim Jadwin

      Only the assault penis and only those that contain ejaculation clips of over 10 squirts.

  • Kim

    I thought this was supposed to be about an alleged rape. All I am hearing is about black vs white and racism. What if this poor gal was raped? Yes there are cameras everywhere, and the world knows it, which means she would know it. WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO HER IF SHE WAS RAPED? I hope YAHOO follows thru with this story and lets us know if she was telling the truth and what happened.

    • june

      What is wrong with you, Kim? There is NOTHING in this article such as you stated: black vs. white. OR racism. There is a description of the allegded rapist. that’s it. who knows, Maybe the victim is black as well. Why are you reading racism into this? If someone (black or white) acknowledges that I am a white, middle-aged woman are they now a sexist, racist (white is a race), age-ist? NO, of course not, they are simply describing me! When someone is a victum of a crime and they want their attacker caught, the criminal then has to be described!! DAH!!!



  • RP

    if you dont think there is something very wrong with black men just look at the federal crime rates AND if thats not enough look at the crimes they commit after their already in prison…..PATHETIC

    • JN

      If you don’t think there is something wrong with the education system today just look at this post and tell me the difference between there, their, they’re…. PATHETIC

    • tim black

      83%of rapes was committed by white men according to the 2012 FBI crime reports in America.

      • kunte kinte

        Um, sorry Bongo, …not the interracial rapes:

        U.S. Justice Department 2006 rape statistics URL: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0602.pdf
        Scroll to Table 42. –> 32,443 White women raped by Negro men, zero Negro women raped by White men.

        U.S. Justice Department 2005 rape statistics URL: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0502.pdf
        Scroll to Table 42. –> 37,460 White women raped by Negroes, zero Negro women raped by White men.

        U.S. Justice Department 2004 rape statistics URL: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0402.pdf
        Scroll to Table 42. –> 11,611 White women raped by Negro men, zero Negro women raped by White men.

        U.S. Justice Department 2003 rape statistics URL: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0302.pdf
        Scroll to Table 42. –> 20,309 White women raped by Negro men, zero Negro women raped by White men.

        U.S. Justice Department 2002 rape statistics URL: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0202.pdf
        Scroll to Table 42. –> 17,572 White women raped by Negro men, 8,447 Negro women raped by White men.

        ad infinitum…

        • justme

          this is bs the links are fake

  • fnclown

    uh oh !! now the governor is gpnna ban penises

    • tim black

      White men committed 83% of rapes according to the 2012 F.B.I crime reports in America.

      • Jim Jadwin

        While white men commit 83% of the rapes according to the 2012 FBI crime reports in America, they account for .0009% of rapes committed on Black women. Black men will shag ANYTHING in a skirt!!!!!!!!

  • mat

    he was black no way

    • Melonie, Baton Rouge, La

      i agree 100% with you….every rape is horrible

  • http://Yahoo Carol

    Why is this news. Yes it is a terrible thing that happened but rapes happen every day, multiple times a day in multiple locations. As a rape victim myself I find it offensive the way the media decides what stories are sensationalized. Every rape is awful. Every woman suffers.

  • don evans

    why wouldn’t you get a racist thinking when on tv a cop show’s miami, houston, dallas, new york, cleveland of the blacks killing their selves for just being on there block or for drugs or for guns stealing cars this is a sick race you don’t for the fun of it. and leaving children motherless and fatherless it is their own fault people feel that they are bad.

    • tim black


    • LJ

      White men committed 83% of rapes according to the 2012 F.B.I crime reports in America.

    • Gena

      Don: Your comment has many important words missing. I’d like to know what you’re really talking about, so would you please rewrite it with proper english words, puncuations and sentences? Thanks.

  • Stephanie

    It’s TIGER WOODS! Hahahahaha

    • http://Yahoo Carol

      Yes rape is hilarious.

  • http://WebProNews Annette B

    His features also resemble hispanic.

  • Smells A Susan Smith

    I’ve read the story a few times now, and it’s just not adding up. Why the conflicting stories on why she got out of the cab? One says she had a disagreement with the cab driver. The other because traffic was bad…at 3AM. How did she get served alcohol at age 20, or even entry into Lavo, at all? Australian whites are known for being racists. Talk to the cab driver, and talk to her friend that went home early. And do it FAST before this turns into more of a race issue than it already has.

    • Bob Markley

      yeah… it’s her fault jerk.

  • filo

    There SHOULD be a ban on this man’s penis.

  • donald mactaggart

    time to call in the kkk to ride the city of trash i will go

    • Amy

      U can start with urself CLOWN……..

  • amos williams

    June, I think Kim is responding to the comments left by other people that argues black vs white race rape cases. As one extraordinary human being left the comment, “if you dont think there is something very wrong with black men just look at the federal crime rates AND if thats not enough look at the crimes they commit after their already in prison.”

  • Jake Winter

    I would like to get a hold of his behind, and whip him with an extension cord – better known to me and many other blacks as “stension cord.” The moronic, lustful, nit wit.

  • jasmine b

    I am a black women who was also raped by a black man. I hated HIM not my race. it is a sickness in which any man of any race can suffer. why is race even a issue here? Sick Men of All races have molester their kids or other kids and have raped girls and women.

    • Jake Winter

      I agree with you. This hideous thing, comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They are doing the works of their father “Satan.” Satan can’t make them do anything; rather, he uses anyone who will allow him to do so. St. John 10:10 let’s us know his agenda “…he comes to kill, steal, and destroy…” God forbid. This rapist was well aware of what he was doing, but he chose to satisfy his will by supressing someone else’s will. It is too bad that he didn’t meet up with a person that would have “have turned him everywhere, but loose.” The world says what goes around comes around. God says, so that a man soweth, he shall also reap.” I loath when anyone imposes their will on someone else. God, who made us, doesn’t do that, and He owns us. Unfortunately, we have seen so much of this in recent days.

  • John G.

    I’m amazed that with all the surveillance around New York, with drones flying around and Echelon listening to nearly every phone call, and secret stuff we don’t even know about, that a person could get away with this. So, ask your representatives to use the full power of the security state to find this guy.

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