NY State Senator Asks Twitter About Gay Marriage Vote

Gets resounding support for "YES"

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NY State Senator Asks Twitter About Gay Marriage Vote
[ Social Media]

In a move of open communication and transparency (whether genuine of feigned), New York State Senator Greg Ball has asked his social media followers how they feel about the issue of marriage equality. Why has he asked them how they feel? Because his upcoming vote is critical to whether or not the legislation will ultimately be passed.

The legislation in question is the Marriage Equality Act, proposed last Tuesday by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The bill would give same-sex couples the right to a government-approved marriage, but would leave religious organizations the ability to define marriage as it sees fit.

This bill grants equal access to the government-created legal institution of civil marriage while leaving the religious institution of marriage to its own separate and fully autonomous sphere. The bill also guarantees that religious institutions and benevolent organizations such as the Knights of Columbus remain free to choose who may use their facilities for marriage ceremonies and celebrations or to whom they provide religious services, consistent with their religious principles.

Why is Greg Ball at the center of this legislation? Because he is one of the few Republican Senators left undecided about his vote. The New York State Senate has 62 member and is controlled by the GOP. Twenty-nine Democrats as well as 2 Republicans have pledged support for the Marriage Equality Act already. The Senate needs 32 yays to pass the bill. Ball could end up being the deciding vote.

And his vote was the topic of a particular tweet he sent out, asking his followers about the topic of gay marriage. Here’s the tweet –

Opening up the discussion! So, if you were me, how would you vote on gay marriage? Yes or No? 4 days ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

As you would expect from Twitter, the responses have varied in eloquence. Here’s a response that makes the argument from the conservative standpoint –

Marriage equality is all about personal freedom, liberty and government minding its own business. It’s a purely conservative issue. @ball4ny 2 days ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

A quick search through the replies to his tweets show an overwhelming answer of “Yes” to the marriage equality bill. Out of the top 40 or so, I only counted one “NO” vote, the tweeter asking Ball to “grow some #GOP balls.”

The Facebook response is a little more evenly split, but not much from what I can tell. In the most recent wall postings, I can only find a handful of people asking Senator ball to vote NO on the bill. And those people are being questioned heavily about their post in the comments.

Ball told Politico that calls and letters coming into his office are actually in favor of a NO vote 60 / 40.

And about why he asked his social media followers to weigh in on the decision – he said “I thought is was better than sending Weiner-like photos.” Ouch, kick a man while he’s down why don’t ya? You’d think with the name “Ball,” he would find some solidarity with Weiner, right?

There could be more selfish motivations for the Senator, however. One Facebook wall post asks “Hey, have you made up your mind yet? Or are you just waiting for some more attention?” Ball has gained thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likes since posing the gay marriage question.

Would you like to see more politicians reach out on Twitter and Facebook – not simply be active posters but actually ask questions of their followers? Let us know what you think.

NY State Senator Asks Twitter About Gay Marriage Vote
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  • Naseeer

    No to Bill,

    Marriage= Men+woman=Family, God has created this word in pairs, why someone cant see animals in pairs, Trees,Flowers fruitss all in pairs to produse family than into society. A healthy society consist of Natural Laws made by God Almighty….so please No to the Bill

    also say NO to Bill S5825! (Taxi Bill) kill this Bill too…thanks

    • john

      not all people care about what god’s view. let the rest of the population have the freedom to live as they want. same sex couples who believe in god don’t have to marry,the government should not make decisions based on “god”

    • nyorker

      God didn’t create “this word” (I think you meant world…) in pairs; go back to Botanics and Biology 101, flowers and tress are not 2 genders (male / female) and a loooot of them reproduce not based on a man+woman relation.
      As for your other Bill (the taxi bill), it’s amazing that you are so concerned about the Trees, Flowers fruitss (that’s your spelling) while you drive a gas-spiller around the city.

      Oh, and one more thing: it looks like in your world, Family is Men+woman (that means it takes more men and only one woman for a family).

      You are hilarious and you don’t even know it!

  • james

    Vote yes!!

  • http://www.hotmail.com Kenny Merriken

    The reason we even have this vote is a reflection of how far we have strayed away from the Bible. Read what the Bible says about the creation of marriage and who it involves. Read what the Bible says about Sodom and Gomorrah, where cities of people turned their back on Biblical marriage. Will Senators stand up and say it is because of religious, traditional, moral, ethical, common sense grounds that marriage is one woman and one man? Or will they say it is because the Bible says so? Will they read the Bible in the Senate chamber?

    • Keith

      The United States has a Constitution not a Bible.

      • C


  • Jon in Rochester

    This man was never on the fence and has never intended to vote “yes”. This entire religious exemption thing is an excuse. The bill already has most of the exemptions that he has asked for in it. He is just stalling and taking in the publicity.

    He doesn’t value marriage at all and he couldn’t be that religious. Ask the married barmaid that he manhandled. He is the lowest slime there is.

  • Raffly

    Vote yes on Gay Marriage.

    God create everything in pair, and so gay people will marry gay people. We are equal. God didnt create black, God didnt create asian, God created Adam and Eve, but look around, we see chinese, black, white, brown and many other different colors. Diversity is beautiful.

  • sho

    Vote YES! Its not ur decision how i live my life and who i love!

    • Max Zarges

      Every adult in the United States of America has the same marriage rights. Redefining first, sexual “orientation,” then carrying it forward to redefining marriage… is patently ridiculous.

      Posts here discounting God’s Word, or not caring what God wants, are sad indeed. God had blessed the USA, and we have enjoyed an unprecedentedly long period of freedom, thanks to those who have honored God in the past.

      Hope y’all don’t mess up and end up with God turning His back on America. Maranatha!

  • amazedinNy

    The bill should pass, vote Yes Mr. Ball. This is not about the Bible at all. Where is separation of church and state? And if we are going to quote the bible we should cross referance to other Holy Writings. We would then need to compare all the religions, Judism, Buhdism, Muslam, Christianity, Wicca, etc. This is not about belief or Non Belief in after life, this is about being able to visit the person you love in the Hospital. To stand before your friends and family and create a bond with the person you call “soul Mate”. There are provisions for Religous beliefs to be protected, but please don’t confuse civil rights, with religion. No one is forcing anyone to approve of gay marriage, look back 60 years ago, the majority was against inter racial marriages as well.

  • Richie

    Please vote yes. Because God love’s everyone matter how you are. I’m a born again christian, and I was single for 3 year’s and my partner who I meet was also single for a lot of years, we both pray to God to meet someone special and we meet each other. We will be together in November for 11 years. We meet each in Manhattan New York. Please Mr senator Greg vote yes. Thank you so much, God. Bless everyone :)

  • http://twitter.com/diggerdoggg hank kelly

    This is the United States, land of freedom and equality. Show the world that we are indeed the Leader of the Free World and respect human rights. Let gay people be treated as first class
    American citizens and allow them to marry.

  • Katherine

    If you actually READ the Bible, it says that a woman that is raped should be stoned to death. You can’t base modern law on an ancient text. Vote YES for marriage equality. Because if you think that being gay is against nature that means you are judging God and saying that he did something wrong. God created the flowers, the animals and God also created gay men and women! Those who are opposed are saying that God made a mistake and they know better than Him. How dare you! If you believe in God, support the marriage equality bill!

  • Joan

    I bet if he had called instead of twittered he would have gotten a different response. Most older voters who vote the most are more likely to vote NO.

  • Nynita

    I say vote yes Mr. Ball. I feel like as a human being with feelings and a heart to love that I should be able to love and marry whomever I please. I never knew being a same sex couple makes me any less of a woman or should give anyone more of the right to judge me. What is the harm in giving equal rights to everyone. Why call it equal rights if our community is treated so differently. NOTHING IS EQUAL WHEN IT COMES TO BEING GAY.

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