Nun Birth in Italy Quite the Shocker

    January 17, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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In “oops” news, a nun who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth to a nine pound baby boy Wednesday, in the small, central Italian city of Rieti.

The 31-year-old nun, originally from El Salvador, said she started having stomach pains Wednesday morning and called an ambulance. A few hours later she was in a hospital recovering from labor.

“I did not know I was pregnant,” she stated. “I only felt a stomach pain.”

The new mother named the baby Francesco, or Francis, which is the pope’s title and one of the most popular names in Italy. The moniker is also likely in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the country’s national patron saint.

Those in the hospital began to take a collection of items for the nun and her son, including clothes and other donations.

Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions about the news:

The nun belongs to the “Little Disciples of Jesus” convent, which takes care of a home for the elderly. Her fellow nuns were “surprised” to hear of the news she had given birth.

Simone Petrangeli, the mayor of Rieti, has asked the public and the media to respect the nun’s privacy. Rieti, a small town of only about 47,700, has gained international attention with the news of the nun’s new baby.

Local pastor Don Fabrizio Borrello stated that the nun plans on keeping and caring for the baby.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Robert

    People are human. I sometimes think people forget this. We try to hold people to impossible standards and then when they don’t meet these standards, we bash them. It must be terribly hard on priests and nuns to lead a life of celibacy. Could you imagine a life of never having a kiss? I mean a real kiss from someone who loves you? It must be so hard.

    I am Catholic and this does not bother me at all. I have met many nuns and priests and they were wonderful people that did a lot of good things for people. They never lived in luxury and really helped many people. Yes, there have been some bad ones, but you have to remember there are over 1.2 billion Catholics. There are bound to be some bad ones.

    People in America have no clue about religion really. I had a conversation with someone this week. They thought A) Christianity was the largest religion in the world and B) Catholics weren’t christian. Many people in America need to travel and get out of their own little world. Much of the world is nothing like America. People here do not have a clue.

    If this nun will take care of this child and raise the child to be a good person, that is fine with me. We have enough women aborting babies in this world. Women who abort babies are thought of as heroes. Feminists will tell you this. No, the woman who takes care of a child is a hero. There are no bad children and no unwanted children. Life is so unbelievably precious. I often have thought about how many scientists, doctors, artists, builders, and so many wonderful souls that we lost to abortion.

    • judy

      I agree no one is perfect but there are always negative people out there in this world. Yes I am happy she is going to keep the baby & raise this child. And yes life is so very precious.

      • Dave Ashton


        • xyzc


        • Guy Fawkes II

          Miraculous? With ALL THE NEWS from the New pope? NOT a Miracle, she just got confused and wore an altar boys surplice for a thrill and the priest came in, found the “altar boy” and BAM! Pregnant Nun! Its Easy Math really, just look at what happens in those places…If thats what religion does, Ill Worship the Trees and Moon and not worry bout where IM goin….

          • Feather Frocker

            Power Corrupts, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRPUTS ABSOLUTELY…After this Long, People act surprised? Its the WORLDS RICHEST, MOST SECRETIVE TAX FREE Entity in the World..and HAS been, for centuries…ANd No? No Corruption there? Course Not. Believe it in the name of God, the Bible Says So. Questioning WHy? Extra tithe, Buy Gods Forgiveness..cause thats how it works, right? Crackers, Wine, Vaugue Guilt and Self Consciousness? Fear of being alone with….him? Ahhhh, GOD at HIS finest…Obviously NO WOMEN HERE…And thats how we like it, since we started this busi….Religion. Yeah. God. Right. and HELL. Thats all you need to know. BAHHHHHHH

          • john basurto

            Don’t be so cynical, it was probably the altar boy thinking it was another altar boy.

          • http://yahoo NUNO GARRIDO

            You only speak of priests and altar boys. I do not know where you live, but are you completely sure about your neighbours? After so many scandalous news, always only about catholic priests, we know today that there are much more cases of abuse from not religious persons. And, what is unfortunately most frequent, that happens almost always within the family or circle of “good friends”

          • Suzzie

            right therewith ya!!

        • mary

          a miracle? here we go with another Mary and joseph story? I like the comment “she will raise the child “— yep what about the father???? who is the father???? it takes two to tango. when is the catholic church going to be a part of the 21st century and allow priests and nuns to marry so this wont be news?

          • boner

            Behold: the Antichrist !! When that guy was riding her like a wild stallion, he was chanting Satanic verses and humming Led Zeppelin ‘When the Levee Breaks’ hoping to break the condom.

      • xyzc


        • Dana Kenneth Johnson

          Life IS precious, despite a lot of people who think it isn’t. Wars, murder, violence against our fellow humans ..not to mention animals.. is a failure of humans to recognize the value of life. Instead they are driven by selfish greed, envy, and a fiendish lack of concern for the lives of others in order to achieve whatever power and domination they seek. The preciousness of life remains despite, not because, of human failings.

      • http://yahoo william jackson

        listen this doe not have to be bad,err she just wanted some

        • LAM-‘OIO


      • Ms Betty

        Does she have a choice? She certainly cannot go back to being a “nun”. She can’t marry the daddy. She can’t put it up for adoption so what else can she do?

    • Eric

      Robert- I agree with you. This nun is a human being and like the rest of us, longs for intimacy and connection with another human being, which is a God-given desire.
      For the first few centuries, the church did not forbid marriage but encouraged bishops, pastors and deacons to marry, raise families and live pure, Godly lives. (Read the epistles of 1st and 2nd Timothy by Saint Paul in the New Testament to understand the original God-given plan for church structure and order).
      It wasn’t until the 3rd century that outside man-made doctrine was introduced which “forbade marriage” to those wishing to serve God full-time in a ministirial calling- this was primarily done to keep the priestly wealth and power confined to a particular family line in the organized “church”.
      Celibate priests and nuns would not be able to pass on their legacy to a family. This was the real motive for enforcing celibacy on priests and nuns- not the “holiness” ideal that was given as the official reason for this restriction.
      This precious nun with a baby is a statement God is making to the church regarding man-made doctrine not found in the Bible. It’s evidence that something is wrong with an unreasonably harsh religious order that was never intended by the Lord to begin with.
      I’m not trying to be judgemental, but simply trying to point out a glaring problem needing to be recognized and addressed.
      Read the Scripture- the Word of God. It’s the pure, final authority for all of us wanting to know Him and his will for our lives and the incredible blessings He has in store for us.

      • boner

        The only blessing he has in store for you is to watch your family die and then your friends, and finally, you, in agony.

      • http://yahoo Dan

        You are wrong about this and swayed by corrupt minds.

      • sojourner4

        You have spoken the truth Eric, on every point.
        God bless you for your gentleness and love too.

    • Kathy

      Yes, keeping the baby and raising it, is better than abortion, the thought that a nun may abort a baby is almost unbelievable. I though, as a Catholic, think that these nuns and priests, should hold themselves to a higher standard. Yes, they are human,but, they have every right to leave. They are not held prisoner. Sin is what is wrong with this world, and especially sexual sin. Many children have become victims of sexual abuse at the hands of priests and nuns alike. Sexual morality, it seems, is at its highest..and is becoming acceptable. That too is very sad.

      • xyzc


    • Ethan

      She’s the one that CHOSE to be a NUN. If she couldn’t handle it, then that’s her fault.

      • xyzc


    • Joe Spectator

      Who said “Nuns don’t get None’? Even Penguins are entitled to the occasional plunge into the depths of their fantasies.

    • Dawud

      You are a perfect human being. Your comments inspire and complete my own beliefs. A human being is, (at the moment of conception). LIFE BEGINS. Kill a person by yourself, without the government saying it’s OK (like they are GOD) I / we will imprison you or Kill You ourselves).

      Give into the human hormonal instinct, and you will be judged because of their personal beliefs. Though they may not be yours. God bless this woman and child. May they both survive this worlds problems and LIVE Forever.

    • evelcit

      Don’t judge all people in America by A) those that believe that Christianity is the largest in the world, and B) those that believe Catholics aren’t Christian.
      Maybe you should take up the task to educate the masses.

    • Adam

      First, I am sorry you are Catholic. I travel the world preaching Jesus Christ and being born again. Religion will save no soul. NO where in the Bible did God Almighty, our heavenly Father, ask for his servants to be celibate. The scriptures over and over again talk about marriage and the life of that covenant with God. Peter had a wife, so HOW could he be the first Pope? Just another lie. God said it was NOT good for the man to be alone, thus the woman was made FOR the man. For Priests and Nuns to give themselves to a religion condemned in the Bible, how sad they rob themselves of LIFE and parenthood for no cause. Also, JESUS said, no liars will ever see heaven, so HOW could a healthy 31 year old woman, give birth to a NINE POUND baby and say she had NO idea she was pregnant?? What does she think was in that belly growing so large and that baby KICKING in the womb. Give me a break. I pray daily for those 1.2 billion Catholics who follow a man and not Jesus. Even Mary herself can NOT hear one prayer, Mary herself HAD to be saved by the same blood of Jesus WE do, and she was in the upper room on Pentacost WITH her children, she had with Joseph. Thank God for the Bible.

      • Paul

        Adam, I totally disagree with your positions. You no knowledge of the scriptures. Perhaps, you read and don’t understood.

      • john basurto

        I really didn’t understand your letter. You state that you feel sorry for Catholics and pray for the “1.2 billion Catholics who follow a man and not Jesus”. I thought that was a common trait among all Christians who follow Jesus through a distorted document called the bible or do you have videos of his sermons?

      • Carl

        God does not belong to any religion. All religions belong
        to God.

        • http://yahoo Dan

          “All men of good will” are welcomed into the Kingdom of God. So says the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Vatican II documents.

      • Joe

        Adam, you state you travel the world preaching and “no where in the Bible did God Almighty ask for his servants to be celibate.” One of the Gospels has Jesus saying “there are Eunuchs that are born and those that are made so by man, and there are those who become so for the sake of the kingdom of God. Let him accept this teaching who can.” There is Paul preaching celibacy in an Epistle when he wrote: “I wish you were all like me, but if you can not it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” Another Epistle states “Bishops should be married only once.” I point this out not as a believer, as all religions look quite human to me, (not like something that came from a creator of this vast universe of billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars) but just to set the record straight. And when I taste the hate I sense you have toward others because they don’t think like you, I feel so very sorry for you that you are so deluded.

        • http://yahoo Dan

          Joe, you are right on. My thoughts about this whole thing are based on “contingency.” Any question about how something has come to be ultimately leads to what we believe, through scientific study, leads to the big bang. Except for the big bang itself.

    • Steve

      How do you know she wasn’t drugged and knocked up nice and easy? Happens all the time….These folks use aerial gas in your ventilation system/air conditioner to knock you out followed by a moderate sedative usually to the ankle. Then they have their way with you 😉

      Also, she could have gotten pregnant by many other means.

      • john basurto

        Steve, exactly where do you live at? Some morons don’t need new ideas on how to rape a woman. I’d like to get the details about the nun but I suspect it happened on the way to the coliseum.

    • Steve

      Good thing you feel so bad for people like you describe, some of them are psychopaths who are pretending to be what you describe and they like ripping you off.

    • NaturalRaye

      I agree with much of what Robert stated. I’m not in a posiition to judge the young nun. Human connection is normal. If the sister broke her vow, that’s a very personal condition between herself and God. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Church to be an instrument of God’s love and grace and welcome young Francis into a loving world.

    • john basurto

      I can only surmise the father is one of the men she had sex with – the obvious.

    • Meemers

      Frankly, I think priests and nuns should be allowed to marry. How can priests possibly relate to *family* life when they don’t have one?

    • http://webprosnews.com DIRK

      When the nun says “I did not know I was pregnant,” she stated. “I only felt a stomach pain.”, I have to go deep and ask myself. . . . . . what is she really saying? . . ..am I capable of the same self beliefs and omissions? I make mistakes and only wish to know how I came to my decisions. . . lets fast forward 1 year on this story and then get a news update. . . .for now she deserves her time alone for self discovery.

    • Greg

      According to all statistics this American has found, Christianity IS the largest religion in the world.

      The CIA’s World Factbook gives the world population as 7,021,836,029 (July 2012 est.) and the distribution of religions as Christian 31.59% (of which Roman Catholic 18.85%, Protestant 8.15%, Orthodox 4.96%, Anglican 1.26%), Muslim 23.2%, Hindu 15.0%, Buddhist 7.1%, Sikh 0.35%, Jewish 0.2%, Baha’i 0.11%, other religions 10.95%, non-religious 9.66%, atheists 2.01%. (2010 est.)


      I agree with your general comments, just not the first slam on Americans

      • Cindy

        Where did you come from? Christianity is NOT a religion! Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, etc., THOSE are religions, and they are all CHRISTIAN religions!

    • Aaron Ververs

      “People are human.”

      Wow, Robert – that’s deep.

      I’d have put it this way: Nuns enjoy the stiff, meaty one as much as anyone; they’re women first, nuns second.

    • wyogal

      yes people are human, but don’t comment to something unles you can handle it, if after you commit and cant handle it then get out and stop betraying yourself and others. Im not a nun and I’ve been celibate for 10 years, by choice and im doing just fine. if someday I decide to have a physical relationship then I shall and if u was with child and a 9 pounder to boot, I would know it. please.

    • wyogal

      yes people are human, but don’t comment to something unles you can handle it, if after you commit and cant handle it then get out and stop betraying yourself and others. Im not a nun and I’ve been celibate for 10 years, by choice and im doing just fine. if someday I decide to have a physical relationship then I shall and if u was with child and a 9 pounder to boot, I would know it. please.

    • wyogal

      oh, and as she is saying she didn’t even know she was preg. so if she did would have an abortion, well, we will never know, well we.

    • boner

      I just try to imagine the mindset of the man: uh, Honey, before you lock your ankles behind your neck, could you put your habit on?

    • Patty


      You seem to have your heads in the clouds. At the very core, the story is a woman had a baby and she didn’t know she was pregnant. Let’s put some traditions, rules, practices, societal expectations, and vows to it. A nun is someone who practices celibacy in the Catholic religion as does a priest. Those are the rules, so we have to wonder-since the article just pretends it doesn’t need to fully report the story-who is the father? When the nun says she doesn’t know, does that mean she doesn’t know that she had sex? Outside of wedlock (a sin) and against her vows of celibacy? Does she get to continue to be a nun? If so, what does this mean to the future of the sisterhood? There are so many missing components to the overall story.

      I am not a Catholic anymore. I have no opinion on what worth stating on people’s choices of religion. They should be free to choose, but when you do choose, you are choosing a life with vows attached to it. Just as I do when I made vows to my husband and we are bounded by laws. So aside from any other opinions people have about Catholics, I am just wondering about what is currently in place. What is the opinion there?

      So for you to ignore all of that and go straight to choosing life is narrow minded. People do make mistakes, sure. But if you are Catholic… this is a HUGE mistake unless that baby appears 33 years from now and turns out to be Jesus. Again, I personally don’t think it is a mistake, but I am not a nun.

      Also your point about aborting doctors and scientist and artist, etc… it goes the other way too… what if someone aborted someone worse than Hitler, Stalin, terrorist, murderer, rapist, pedophile, the anti-christ… No one says women who aborts babies are heroes, stop being such an extremist. Life is not precious. It is what you make of it. It is precious for the fortunate and cruel for many many others. Don’t preach down to people who truly have no choices in life or are made to feel that they don’t. And on top of that, your judgment.

    • Jim H.

      Robert, Christianity IS the worlds largest religion. Over a third world are Christians (like you said 1.2B are Catholic- not including Baptists, Pentecosts, etc.

    • Jujubee

      As far as I know, sexual intercourse without someone’s consent is rape. There are more children who have suffered under the guises of priest in the Catholic denomination. The should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

    • Jimena

      Um… since when do “feminists” tell us that women aborting babies are heroes? Many feminists may feel compassion towards women who have abortions, or may feel it’s their right to decide, or may feel that, if access to abortion is particularly difficult or the decision is heart-wrenching the woman may be exhibit heroic behaviour, but… a hero?

      There are plenty of pro-life feminists out there. And plenty more who feel abortion is a woman’s choice, but a woman who chooses not to have one is truly heroic and deserves our compassion, admiration and support.

      Lumping all feminists together is like lumping all whites together or all Christians together. We’re a pretty diverse bunch, and often can’t agree among ourselves. The only thing we have in common is that we think women should be given more respect and equality. What that means and how that should happen? Totally up in the air.

      God bless this woman and this child, however she ended up pregnant. And all the best to her as she decides what to do now.

    • sojourner4

      No, that may never bother you Robert, but what about all the multiple thousands of baby skeletons dug up around convents. Proven cases – not heresay. Google it.
      What about the Homosexual ring uncovered right within the vatican – proven. Pope Francis response to that – oh, and to a paedophile ring within the vatican, is simply that he is, “Working to make the church more transparent.’ Oh right – as in, so that everyone can see everything going on within the walls of the vatican?
      I don’t think so!
      i know the line of BS that the RCC always trots out about it being a miracle of God that she has survived all these scandals etc.
      No, its a miracle of money, political manipulation and power.
      Put your trust in the living Lord Jesus-begin talking to Him alone and make Him your salvation – not that evil, system full of corruption Robert.

    • sojourner4

      PS I agree that it is a human thing to long for intimacy and love with someone of the opposite sex, its perfectly natural and it is good that she desires to keep and look after him. I do not believe it is natural for people to not marry unless they have the gift of celibacy. Most in the priesthood do NOT have the gift of celibacy, (which is why the scandals involving boys etc.,) however, the same should be said regards the nuns. Except, in the case of the Carmelite nuns they have no choice but to give in to the priests. They are locked in a room with him by the Mother “Superior.”
      I have read enough to know that this is so.

  • http://yahoo tim

    The newborn baby will be a Pope one day.

  • me too

    the truth is, there are thousands upon thousands of infants, buried in the basements of convents, worldwide. One and all, were born to nuns, and fathered by priests.

    • BB Rigsby

      I was always told that nuns buried their babies under the steps.

  • Greg

    Who is the father? Is he listed on the birth certificate as here in the USA? Or is this considered another immaculate conception?

  • Jenn

    I believe this, and it’s been tested by research,that he who f***s nuns, will later join the church!

  • Reggie

    Jesus Jr.?

  • Absolution

    The whole concept of celibate priests and nuns is not based on fact, but fantasy. When the Church finally decides to remove the blindfold, credibility will increase many times over.

  • http://no celine

    A nun who gives birth and vows to keep the baby is far better than millions of women who abort their unborn children foced by the husbands or boy friends…

    • xyzc


  • Caress

    Is the father a PRIEST. I must admit this is going too far and too silly to forbid giving LOVE (celibacy) in the Nuns & Priest World. They need to get married, than have secret Lives like this. Or NUNS aborting babies to cover up. Nuns Aborting babies & Priest being Pedophiles are BIG Sins. And these are suppose to be people we look up to? I surely don’t.

  • http://yahoo Cynthia

    I live in a glass house!

  • Joe Spectator

    Who said “Nuns don’t get None’? Even Penguins are entitled to the occasional plunge into the depths of their fantasies

  • Arya Dhani

    Just read the story about the ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, and you will know this kind of thing is rampant in Catholic convents all over the world. That’s why the Bible calls the Church “Mother of Harlot.”

  • http://yahoo Nunya

    AHHHHHH! She named him after the “Father”! (Sorry, the devil made me say that!)

  • http://yahoo Nunya

    Seriously? The baby weighed 9 pounds and no one knew? If the baby weighed 5 or 6 pounds, the mother was 6 feet tall and VERY long waisted, it might be possible. But 9 pounds? Not a chance.

    As to preists and nuns having relations, there was a priest who went on a once a year vaction with his lady friend. About 6 or 7 summers ago, they were vacationing in Oregon (USA). They rented a single room – 1 bed in Portland. They had an accident and their car went off the road into a deep forest. They both were stuck and died within the week. After a week they were found by someone. The news channels were not judgemental but defintely wanted the public to know the whole story. They filmed the inside of the room the preist and his lady were staying in. Her relatives confirmed that this one week vacation was a yearly thing and the preist left his church garments at home for his (their) vacation.

    • Arya Dhani

      That’s why nuns always wear a very loose fitting habit: so they can hide the pregnancy!

  • Tom

    I’m just curious to see if we will ever find out who the father is. I am also happy to hear that she is keeping the child and raising it. There are so many people out there who would love to have a child and can’t and they watch as others get rid of their children or treat them with no love. I am proud of this nun and will be following this story fairly closely.

  • http://yahoo Commmmmentor

    I wish this nun and her child peace, blessings, safety and most of all clarity. So she broke the rules……HEY, she’s only human just like the rest of us. Many good things may come from this. She has soooooo much pressure on her right now on top of being a brand new mom. She has so much judgment being passed upon her. All we can do is pray for her and her child and lift them up. May good things find her.

  • Douglas

    Another virgin birth!

  • xyzc


  • xyzc


  • george

    What ever happen to “Nun of this and Nun of that”?

  • Chuk Igwe

    Sounds like virgin birth to me. Miracles still happen

  • Paul

    How could she not know she was pregnant? That is the only thing shocking about this story. God bless her.

  • http://Rosehar1958@Yahoo.com Jean

    Most everyone seems to want to exclude the fact that its stated, “While there is such a thing as parthenogenesis (virgin birth) in Nature” is a rare medical phenonmena. Mainly because of the bad press given to Catholics and the Catholic Church.

    Until otherwise Im giving this women the benefit of the doubt and even if otherwise I still respect her as one of my Christian sisters.

    Momma you are a spiritual mother and now a natural mother. You will be an Christian example for the Sisters of your community and other women. We love you Sister and I wish you well.

    May the Lord look over you and your child.

    PS Lest not forget about our own Blessed Mother as well.

    Do not cast a stone at this woman please. After all this is what it means to be a Christian of our Lord and Savior. Peace everyone.

  • Meemers

    Immaculate deception.

    • Dave

      The entirety of Christianity is based upon that too.

  • Dave

    All it will take to form another ridiculous cult is for a few gullible nuts to believe this philandering nun’s story.

  • Dave

    My guess is that this kid will have the DNA from the nearest hetero priest that she was working with…

  • Marcie

    Has Anyone stopped to think….That Just Maybe….9 Months ago she was NOT a Nun Yet??

    • Rich

      That’s exactly what I thought stupid people

    • Amy

      I was wondering that myself. I wish the article would have said when she became a nun.

  • bb

    looking to the east for a new star

  • Rosa

    Looking forward to “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” getting this story.

  • Mmorningstar

    Ultra religious people are no different from anyone else. Humans have failings. What I don’t “get” is how do the really religious folks determine a “miraculous” virgin birth from a nun who got frisky with a local friar?!!

  • Rene

    Believe it or not Jesus will return one day on Earth. We do not know how, so if this is the way and this child grows to be the Lords returned son, I think everyone that critized this woman will feel ashamed. Just saying or maybe she did have sexual acts with the opposite sex, we are human.

    • Anita

      What Bible are you reading? The Lord Jesus Christ IS the son and He’s the ONLY son that will return when He’s ready. God is not a party to or happy about everything that happens on the earth folks – in the church or out of it! The church and the world need a good cleansing!

      Psalm 101:7-8

      “7 He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.

      8 I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Lord.” (KJV)

      Retrieved from www. biblegateway.com

  • http://yahoo ava

    so will the pope go on maury to prove if he is the father are not im just saying

  • BeckyY

    It’s a miracle!

  • Rich

    Reading these comments I loss hope for humanity. You people are disgusting talking down on people. And the “Bible thumpers” You guys are the wrong worshippers you believe in a religion that slain people for not worshipping god. You called them savages…you said you killed in the name of god. I GOT ONE QUESTION, WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY TO DO THAT? Even if there is no killing now, you follow a pledge that laid the foundation of your belief. You are the lost ones…you pompous a**holes!!

  • nelson

    whose yo daddy

  • George

    Somebody has been bumping uglys behind the pulpit!!!!!!!
    Well better that than another child molested I guess.

  • Kathy

    I am so excited she is going to keep the baby. It will not be aborted or killed. I met a nun raped by a Priest.My mother showed me an artical of a catholic church being torn down and they found babies bodies hours old underneath the church. Priests caring on with little boys.I am not surprised. I understand that nuns are supose to care for the priests needs is that correct? Well sex is a need. The cathoic relegion doesnt believe in birth control or abortion is that right? Seems the Roman Cathollic Church is corupted abit. I believe in the catholic church comunion of Saints. Notice I didnt say Roman catholic church. I’m so sorry to all the Roman Catholic people that so believe in this church I they know. “Reality Bites”

    • http://yahoo.com virginia rice

      My Grandmother was married to a minister. The took a nun in who was running from a convent. She stated that she had born several babies in the convent, because she was forced to have sex with the Priests. If she didn’t she was punished by the Nuns.



  • Scamuel Jones

    So much for the vow of chastity and being married to Jesus Christ! Wonder if the new Pope is the daddy??? LMAO!

  • J.Patrick

    Sure a lot of perfect people out there commenting, must be nice to be without fault (you hypocritical morons).

    The Catholic Church is no different than many other churches in the sense that they have all types of people in their flock, some wonderful, some worthless, it’s called “human nature” for those of you who are intellectual midgets.

    • d.m.

      I am not judging,all I have to say is that’s why I personally seek and put God first,as my First and #1 love,for many years,praise the lord because of his “holy Spirit” & Grace!As one man said, “our hearts were made for Christ & they shall not rest until they rest in Christ!” Amen! People can be told and led to God, but its up to each human religious or laiety to accept or deny Christ and his wisdom words, by free choice. jESUS STATES VERY CLEARLY THAT “IF A MAN OR WOMAN CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEIR SEXUAL PASSIONS OF THIRST, THAN THEY SHOULD MAARRY, RATHER THAN TO BURN IN THE FIRES OF “HELL” FOREVER AFTER DEATH IN THIS WORLD.gOD BLESS THIS CHILD.

  • jean

    Not the first child born to a nun or priest. I believe if this child was not meant to be here, he wouldn’t have been born. Pray for the baby and his mother to lead a good, kind life. This child could grow-up to be someone important to the world, or just to a few people.

  • C. D.

    She needs and audience with the Pope.

  • Roger

    I do consider my self a Christian, but I have little respect for organized religion, no matter the brand. I have wandered thru the Bible and no where do I see where that is any guidance on the creation of an organization like a formal church…Where 3 or more are gathered in my name..is as close as I can come. At one time many people were illiterate so someone had to read the bible for them–a given.
    To me, and only me, I see organized religions as just another bureaucracy by which to control large groups of people. I have talked with many Christians and have asked them if they have ever read the Bible, the answer was an overwhelming no.—Puzzling

    • Jim H.

      True. The Bible has been edited into oblivion which to me renders it useless.

  • janusz@yahoo.com

    I was in a seminary for 6 years and found celibacy easy to manage. But I always craved the single life–it’s like being a kid in the garden of Eden. The freeing aspect of celibacy is such an awesome gift. Of course such doesn’t make one holier than thou. It frees one to devote their life to their flock and fill the gaps. Imagine the gaps in a parish of thousands….

    A nearby convent of mostly foreign born nuns offered me insight into their reality, as we often worked and prayed and shared together. I could be spiritually intimate with them and trusted, as they sensed my commitment to celibacy.

    Almost all came from various extremes from poverty and many confessed their main reason was to escape to escape the hells such poverty breed–an escape anyone there would seek–the church was the only out. But they hid that beneath a fantasy of love for God that was often brainwashed into them by parents or even themselves. For them the life of a nun in a richer country was luxury in comparison. Often it was the luxury called survival.

    What happens with some nuns is they eventually come to grips that they really wanted marriage all along, but leaving the convent and existing in the big bad world alone until that one is found is simply beyond their comprehension or means. These are prey for a quick relationship that may or may not flower into their dream.

    If it doesn’t their loss of virginity breaks their vow, and they must leave that garden of Eden called the convent. Those who don’t confess this reality repress their experience, as if it never occurred, seeking to resume their previous life.

    We don’t know this nun’s situation, only questions. Was she raped or seduced? Was it by a priest? Or simply a natural craving fed?

    We should not center on this nun. Who is the man involved here? Be a man, stand up and finish your commitment!

    • Joe

      Janusz, I find your comments by far the most intelligent and insightful posted. Thank you.

    • Kathy

      Janusz Thank you so much for your comments I to dont blame the Nun. The man involved should stand up and be responsible. If it was a priest or just a man. They have to make it right. I dont think just asking for forgiveness makes it ok. The murders of infants, the rapes, touching of little boys how can they make it ok. They cant with something thats dead or mentally ruined for life. That man or priest needs to understand that Hell is their future.

  • scoopy

    Notice no mention of the name of the “Father” (a/k/a priest). Sick secret society.

  • Joe Arkenberg

    In response to Adam Jan 18, 6:37. He says he travels the world preaching and “no where in the Bible did God Almighty ask for his servants to be celibate.” One of the Gospels has Jesus saying “there are Eunuchs that are born and those that are made so by man, and there are those who become so for the sake of the kingdom of God. Let him accept this teaching who can.” There is Paul preaching celibacy in an Epistle when he wrote: “I wish you were all like me, but if you can not it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” Another Epistle states “Bishops should be marry only once.” I point this out not as a believer, as all religions look quite human to me, (not like something that came from a creator of this vast universe of billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars) but just to set the record straight.

  • Bee

    Well since it doesn’t say how long she’s been a nun I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and just assume she became a nun recently and was sexually active and became pregnant PRIOR to officially becoming a nun. If not…ehhh well no comment lol

  • Ramesh Vankayalapati

    I guess she might have sex and have a child. People still believing as miracle? Funny…Not fit for nun if she had sex

  • Shiloh Taylor

    It does not say how long she was a nun or if she was pregnant before she became a nun. But why would anyone be shocked now-a-days? Gay priests and pastors, pastor punches choir member, stripper by night and female priest by day, etc., etc, etc. It’s only important how you are living.

  • Bob

    Other women have given birth with out knowing they were pregnant .Until we find out about the pregnancy we are just speculating.

  • kenny G

    I guess when she said “she wasnt gettin none”……she was a lyin

  • Maria

    NIn Seville, Spain in about 1934 and, in Madrid in about 1932, the governments of the presidents Aznar and Manuel Azana demanded a National investigation be made of all Roman Catholic schools, monasteries, church buildings and convents because of the sexual perversion being reported. Their investigation found many baby skeletons hidden in the caves and tunnels underneath the monasteries and convents. These skeletons were found to be that of children of nuns who were copulating with the priests and monks. The children were proven to have been put to death by suffocation, and hidden underground so the world would never find out. As a result many church buildings were destroyed by the Spanish people themselves. The stories of such incidents were covered up by the Vatican and very few others ever found out.Nothing new under the sun

  • Qadri

    Where Christianity stands after God has proved Jesus was just a son of Adam like Adam was created with out father or mother, like is child of nun is just human.
    Church is and was making up Just a ferry tail story. One God is only one to be bow to. What walk on earth or swim in sea or fly in air is not a God. Allah is one creator of all universe, God of Adam peace be upon him God of Muses peace be upon him God of Jesus peace be upon him and Muhammed peace be upon him. Read Holy Quran instead of listening lies from other people it is like Holy Bible and Holy Torah.