'NSYNC Reunion Scheduled For Music Awards?

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'NSYNC enjoyed all the mega-fame that comes with being a hit-making boy-band; throughout the '90s, they toured and danced their way to superstardom and found a huge, loyal following on the way. But when Justin Timberlake announced he was going solo--and then did it in enviable style, with hits reminiscent of the late MJ--the rest of the group began trying to make their way in the world on their own, and though some of them have found success, it's never been able to match what they had when they were together.

The group's fans are thinking that the time is ripe for a reunion, what with J.T. getting that Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this weekend at the MTV Video Awards ceremony, and rumor has it that they won't be disappointed. However, it would be a one-off deal, like what Beyonce did with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during the Super Bowl halftime show this year.

Various members of the group have commented on a possible reunion over the years and have shot it down, saying they had a lot of fun but were ready to move on.

"It's just not in the cards," J.C. Chasez said. "I'm sure that everybody in my group has been asked at one time or another -- I know I get asked, I know the other guys get asked -- but we're happy with what it was and we're happy to move on."

Now the only question is whether or not there are hurt feelings between Timberlake and the rest of the group; they were left off the guest list for his highly-touted wedding to actress Jessica Biel.

Amanda Crum
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