NPR's Scott Simon Is Live-Tweeting His Mom's Final Days, and It's Heartbreakingly Beautiful

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NPR's Scott Simon is currently doing something that some may call inappropriate, and others may call brave. Whatever the case, it's inarguably fascinating, and at times heartbreaking.

Simon is currently live-tweeting what seem to be his mother's final days as she lies in an ICU bed. Between tweets praising the ICU nursing staff, lamenting missed opportunities, and doling out incredible insight, Simon is doing something that I've never seen done on Twitter. He's making it feel more human that it's ever felt before.

Of course, it's Simon and his mother than are the real human elements here. Twitter is just a medium - a delivery system for everything Simon is saying. But I tell you guys, it's powerful. It's not inappropriate, it's not in bad taste, and it's not outside the purview of "what Twitter is for."

This is precisely what social media was made to do.

From the heart-wrenching:

To the funny:

And the beautiful:

This is truly something. It's making waves on Twitter, as it should:

Enough of me talking. Go follow @nprscottsimon right now.

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