Novell Takes Linux To China

    August 16, 2005
    Chris Crum

Novell along with the China Standard Software Company (CS2C) is developing Linux Server and Linux desktop offerings for the market in China.

Novell and CS2C have been working together since April. They will undoubtedly boost the use of Linux in China as a result of their partnership.

Novell Takes Linux To China

“As one of China’s most competitive software companies, we are committed to R&D and the commercialization of Linux and open source solutions,” said Guo XianChen, vice chairman of CS2C.

“We have a rich tradition of providing world-class Linux and open standard-based solutions to Chinese users,” he added. “The cooperation between Novell and CS2C will further drive the development of the Linux industry in China to our mutual advantage. We are looking forward to great results from our cooperation with Novell.”

This expansion of the partnership between Novell and CS2C is just the tip of the iceberg. The two plan to strengthen their ties to promote open source technology and software in general in China.

“Novell is a leading Linux distributor worldwide and CS2C is one of the strongest Linux vendors in China,” said Novell Asia Pacific president, Rhonda O’Donnell. “Our cooperation is a great win for Chinese consumers and the China software sector. Together, we will bring advanced technology and enterprise know-how to Chinese users, while also supporting the development of Linux expertise and open source technology in China.”

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