Novell Plus Tally Equals Asset Management

    April 27, 2005

Novell announced the addition of Tally Systems to expand its ZENworks system Asset Management package and those they would ship the package during the first week of May.

“We have long seen the return on our ZENworks investment with automated software distribution and remote control,” said Paul Pedron, City of Fresno senior network systems specialist. “The addition of Asset Management to the ZENworks product line adds even greater value. We will be able to continually track assets and monitor licensing compliance for more accurate departmental forecasts during budgeting and planning processes.”

ZENworks Asset Management includes tools to automatically discover, identify and report hardware and software assets in the enterprise. The software compliance component provides a comparison of inventory with purchase and license records.

Software usage capabilities report trends and details that can prevent the overbuying of software licenses and monitor the use of unauthorized applications. ZENworks Asset Management discovers and reports on the full range of IT devices-desktops, laptops, servers, routers, switches and hubs-and the software running on them. Asset information can then be securely accessed by individuals throughout the organization via Web-based tools for better decision-making.

The new product can be purchased as a standalone or as an upgrade. It will run $33 a computer or user for the upgrade.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.