Novell Develops Linux Graphics, Video

    February 8, 2006

Novell announced on Tuesday significant enhancements to the Xgl (X over OpenGL) graphics subsystem. Xgl is new core rendering technology for the Linux desktop that takes advantage of widely available accelerated 3D rendering hardware.

Novell thinks these enhancements make Linux desktops more usable, increase end -user productivity and push Linux to the head of client computing technology.

“The release of Xgl and the accompanying ‘Compiz’ compositing/window manager puts Linux at the forefront of desktop graphics capabilities among all operating systems,” said Nat Friedman, Novell vice president of Linux desktop engineering. “Open source developers can now use their creativity to build new special effects and user interface paradigms as plug-ins to Xgl/Compiz. No other platform gives you this capability. Novell is a key contributor to the next generation of Linux platform innovation.”

Under the leadership of engineer David Reveman, Novell has sponsored the effort to develop the Xgl graphics subsystem to benefit both hardware vendors and software developers, and thus end users. Novell’s release of Compiz enables developers to easily create graphical effects plug-ins, which deliver rich visual effects, including transparency and advanced animation. For the first time, open source developers have the ability to easily add industry-standard effects like transparency and window animations to the Linux desktop, supported on the broadest possible set of hardware.

HP Vice President of Open Source & Linux Organization Christine Martino: “HP is committed to helping customers deploy cutting-edge open solutions in environments from desktops to data centers. HP is confident that usability and visual enhancements to the Linux desktop experience will fuel even more growth within this emerging market. Today’s news marks another step in HP and Novell’s long history of delivering customers the choice and confidence they need in order to integrate open solutions.”

Mozilla Corporation CTO Brendan Eich: “Novell’s work on Xgl demonstrates the kind of focused innovation that the Linux desktop needs in order to thrive in today’s market. Users should expect to harness the full power of their modern graphics hardware in all aspects of their work and play, and Xgl is a major step towards making that a reality.”

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John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.