Notre Dame Football Looks Ahead To The Season


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Are you ready for some football? Notre Dame sure is. According to coach, Brian Kelly, "We're like everybody else in college football: extremely excited about starting the season. For us here at Notre Dame, we've worked hard to put ourselves in a position to be back in the national spotlight. We have no intention of giving that up.”

The Fall Training Camp at Shiloh Park proved to provide the team with extensive preseason workouts and training. The fans won't have to wait too much longer to see the fruits of the team's labors put into practice. The lineup includes a sound defense with the likes of Louis Nix III and Stephon Tuitt; however, the real test will come on the afternoon of August 31, 2013, during the first game of the season against Temple.

Though the fans of the team will be excited to see the talents of the team in full action, there is other news that may not be so well received by the fans. According to Forbes, Notre Dame has been ranked as having the most expensive college football tickets with the average amount being $293.90. The other top four most expensive college football tickets are as follows: Notre Dame ($294), Ohio State ($246), Michigan ($230), Nebraska ($210) and Texas A&M ($204) as listed on Forbes. TiqIQ compiled the data on ticket prices.

The 2013 football team lineup listed below was shared on the team's Twitter account.


Are fans or the players, themselves, more excited for the season to begin? Right now it appears that this question could be a toss-up.