Noticing Technology Differences In London

    June 6, 2005

Someone asked, in my comments, why I’m hanging out in Starbucks in London instead of a local cafe. One word: wifi.

Starbucks has it and very few other places do. I know I can rely on Starbucks.

Some other observations. There are far less computer users here than in Silicon Valley and Seattle. That’s not to be unexpected, but it sure shows a difference in the culture here. Cell phone usage is about the same, at least on my unscientific observations, but the culture talks about “texting” a lot more than in the US. The Olympic Committee here even has big posters asking people to support London’s bid to get the Olympics by “texting” a certain number.

Another difference? I’ve seen no Macintoshes since leaving the states.

What differences do you notice in computer usage between where you live and other places in the world?

Back to Starbucks: I’m also getting around to lots of other local and non-US places, don’t worry about that! I like getting the local flavor.

I can’t wait until the geek dinner tomorrow night. I can’t believe 200 people are showing up. That’s almost as many people as attend many conferences!

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