Noticing Performancing Ads On Blogs

    December 1, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

I’ve noticed that the new Nick Wilson group blog Permancing is showing up as an advertiser on various blogs and related sites. Yesterday, I noticed them on Technorati search results. Today, I see that they purchased a sponsorship on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog.

Performancing Performancing

Jeremy’s blog posted on the issue and received some comments already …

“It’s a little odd seeing a bunch of bloggers sponsor another blogger, but whatever.”

“I like it – if sponsors ever wanted to advertise on my blog (which only I read) I’d do the same.”

“My personal opinion on the sponsor thing is “ah, I’m glad I use the RSS feed.””

I find it interesting that some people (like the last commenter) still are anti-advertising on blogs and on the internet in general. I just don’t get it … would they rather pay for the content? Advertising is driving (and paying for) quality content on the internet. Full blown ads will be coming soon to all RSS feeds too!