Not So Grumpy Old Bloggers (OK, Some Are)

    November 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

How often can you be up at 4:30 in the morning to converse with an old man who counts every day, noting the change in the leaves, and reminding you constantly how much he loves you? Probably not so often bordering on never-it’s a benefit that comes with age. We have things to do-lots of them, and as one old blogger has noted, mostly on the weekends.

“What do bloggers do on weekends? Where do they go? Are a lot of our bloggers doing their blogging during the week, when they perhaps ought to be doing their homework? Is that why some of them can’t spell or have no idea about how to tell a story?”

All questions the Oldest Living Blogger, Ray Sutton, asks after noticing a significant drop in page views of his blog on the weekend.

How old is the Oldest Living Blogger? Seventy-three, says the Associated Press’ Carla K. Johnson, who brought us a closer glimpse of senior citizen bloggers today-a demographic you may not have realized knew how to turn on a computer, much less blog about their day.

Maybe that’s what Sutton was thinking when the Vancouver resident titled himself with such a moniker. He couldn’t have known that, a long, long way away, was a Tennessee 92 year-old, also named Ray, sometimes before 4:30 AM, was blogging about tomatoes and gardens and other daily passions.

Among other of “Dad’s” passions are autumn leaves and speaking to the reader in the friendliest, happiest, smileyest, chipperest, encouraging and reassuring way an old man knows how.

Every post is without title, only a number, and tag above to clue in the reader if he is feeling hopeful, happy, quietwell, you get it.

Sharing his love of Autumn, is 64-year-old Mari Meehan who posts her thoughts after a stroll with her dog on Dogwalk Musings.

Not to be overly Tuesdays With Morrie or anything, but senior bloggers (about 3 percent that blog and 17 percent that read blogs), in my opinion are planting the gardens of the blogosphere. Who would you rather pull some insight on life from? Some MySpace punk blogging for panties or a man who’s seen 92 years of this world and wants to let you in on it?

In fact, why are you listening to me? I’m not even 29 yet. Instead, visit My Mom’s Blog and pay attention to the things she wishes she’d known. Cheers.