Not in the Budget for This Period

    April 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This is the ninth part in a ten part series.

Think of how silly this is: advertising generates revenue: would you put off your income?!  Handle this one this way:

  • I understand, and that raises a question, doesn’t it! (Let them ask what the question is)
  • Well, if advertising worked, how mcuh would you do?  (Let them strugle with this one for a moment, then let them off the hook:)
  • If advertising works it brings in money in excess of what it costs: if advertising worked you would do alot, right!?  (They will answer yes)
  • So the question is: will this cash-flow or not, isn’t it!?  Is that the question?  (Reluctantly, well, yes)
  • I am so glad you asked that, because, in fact, this will….

Now go back over all the reasons to buy, especially how much it is costing not to buy in lost They must buy or say why not againrevenues, PPC, etc, forcing them to acknowledge all the things they already have acknowledged: then say:

  • You really cannot afford not to do this, can you?  (Now shut up!  )