Not Doing anything the 1st Day

    March 29, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This is part 6 of a 10 part series.

This is the sure sign of an analytical person: a person who just flat refuses to make a decision no matter how compelling the evidence is in favor of doing so. People like this are always the hardest to sell to, and they are often decision makers. Making a sale to such a person is completely different from making a sale to anybody else, and it is the trickiest process I know: but it can be done:

* Analytical people are not motivated by anything positive

* They are motivated by fear and doubt

* The only thing that will make them buy is an existing problem, or a missed opportunity if they don’t

The selling process starts out the same, until it is time ask for the order: then you get something like this:

* You are wasting your time trying to get me to make a decision today, I never do that; or I am not the kind of person who will make the decision in one day.

Now you must shift gears entirely: if you push, you will loose the sale, no matter how compelling the argument: instead, you must retreat, only to come right back:

* I can understand that!  No problem, we need business next week, next month, and next year, just as badly as we need it today!  AND WE MAY HAVE SOMETHING AVAILABLE AT A LATER DATE, SOME OTHER EXCLUSIVE WORDS REGUARDLESS OF WHEN YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING!

* Let’s just wrap up and review, shall we? (Sigh of relief with question mark)

Now go over the negative aspects of the client’s situation, nothing positive, coddling their weakness as you go:

* We have established that you are already missing business, and that you current situation is costing you money, but I totally understand that you do not make snap decisions

* We have definitely shown you real time proof that we can perform, and you have acknowledged that, but you are still not ready to be a client – that is fine

* Although it is costing you money, continues to do so you still are not convinced, fine, I understand, and I am sure you can understand and remember that I shared with you that I can only have one client in this town who does what you do, and I must find that right one, because we will be joined at the hip with that client exclusively indefinitely

* I hope you won’t mind if I am so bold as to ask you to recommend perhaps someone else local in your business who may be more willing to make a decision? I understand that you need more time, but I am sure that you understand that I must maximize my time, and play the percentages, I must move forward weather you are ready or not; nothing personal, just business: I need to fill this position and I cannot help everyone anyway.

* Well I told you I would think about it and get back to you…(frustrated)

* I understand, and I have heard that many times: I sympathize with you, it is a lot of pressure; but I have my own agenda, the evidence is compelling for you to want this, and I simply must realize that it is highly likely that in the light of such compelling proof, if you are not ready now, it is likely you will not become my customer, and…I am sure you understand.

Now is the hardest part: you must shut up, and not speak until they do, no matter how long it takes: stair them directly in the eyes, and wait patiently.

They will either close, or ask another buying question (answer and shut up); or they will absolutely commit to a timetable for a decision, and ask you to wait, insisting they are serious; in which case you say:

* Ok, but just for curiosity sake, you obviously have some other very good reason for waiting, do you mind if I ask what it is? (one more shot at finding the hidden objection!)(now shut up!)

They will either give you the hidden objection, in which case you will ask for the order again after handling it and they will buy; or they will insist that they are serious about buying and ask you for the time to make the decision, in which case you will agree to a clear cut time table, and offer to send more information/proof in the meantime.

Good luck, these people are tough!