Norton Goes Viral With Dokken and Kimbo Slice

New advertising campaign from the security company

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Norton, the makers of the popular security software, has rolled out their latest advertising campaign, and let’s just say it’s an interesting one. The commercials feature 80’s metal band Dokken and famed street fighter Kimbo Slice.

Be honest, you did a double take with that last sentence didn’t you? No you read it correctly.

It’s quite clear that Norton is trying to go viral with this campaign. But, who can blame them? With TwitterFacebook, MySpace, Digg, YouTube and other various social networks making it so easy to share media, it truly seems like a no-brainer to try and make something viral. Now the question is will it succeed? Tell us what you think.

Sure, the Norton commercials will pique the interest of some, but others will just see pointless advertisements that make no effort to show the product. There is fine line when it comes to viral marketing, you want to make it memorable… but you don’t want to take it too far. How do you feel about the ads below, are these ads a little too silly, even for viral marketing? Let us know.

Dokken vs. Chicken 1

Dokken vs. Chicken 2

Dokken vs. Chicken 3

Kimbo Slice vs. Caterpillar 1

Kimbo Slice vs. Caterpillar 2

It’s unclear if this campaign will be successful for Norton, but I can tell you first hand that it worked on me. I saw one of the "Dokken vs. Chicken" commercials last week… since then I’ve talked about it to a few people, tweeted about it and now written an article about it. What have you done to me Norton?

jmuncy Dokken vs. Chicken tweet

Which commerical is your favorite? Let us know what you think.

Norton Goes Viral With Dokken and Kimbo Slice
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  • http://www.blogspot.com David Johnston

    HA “Protect your chicken from Dokken” best line ever said in a commercial.

    • Chris Crum

      I think I’m going to have to agree.

    • http://www.willtech.com.au Willtech

      “Don’t let Dokken choke your chicken” – that would have been better..

  • Guest

    The Dokken commercials are some of the best ones every made.

  • Guest

    watch all about FUN!

  • C Little

    It’s a sad commentary on life when you let an aging rock group abuse a chicken just to sell software. I curse you all to a falling sky.
    Mr. C. Little

  • PICS

    I agree, they are great. I love the use of YT’s annotations to provide two different endings to each commercial. I’m going to start doing that too before it gets too old. Laughed out loud when the ‘pillar laser cut off Kimbo’s arm. Damn good.

  • ziggy1570

    I did not find this humorous enough to go viral.

    Now, if they would have said “Choke your chicken” that would have been the next Susan Boyle youtube

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I think the sheer novelty of them has the chance of making them go viral.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://freebeer.com.au Bret Treasure

    LAME. Nothing special and will not go viral.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Guest

    It is still a pig.

  • Guest

    ok, it is innovative and funny, admittedly made me laugh, and feel sorry for the plucker. Hooray for CG artists making $$$ on this. Sadly though: bandwidth wasted, no true value info, no “what’s better now” details, no wtf did they really fix this time… I still can’t believe they got 50+ infected laptops up in orbit in the International Space Station – MY ISS, MY TAX DOLLARS UP THERE, AND YOUR F… AV CAN’T PROTECT MY FUTURE! from a gamer ware of all. What is this to you, a game? think this is entertaining? funny? get real, stop wasting stockholder equity. Build something that the consumer can really truly believe in, that they’ll love to buy, that we can recommend to our friends who trust us,… Just because e-security is an exponentially growing issue and your or similar products are in ever growing need, that doesn’t give you carte blanche for a free ride, at our expense! What, don’t believe it’s exponential? Haven’t checked your spam box lately? haven’t caught up on www.SecuringOureCity.org , or spamwatch, or similar neighborhood e-watch sites lately? or the white house statements on e-security vs. national security, haven’t heard of ‘man in the middle/browser ware’? haven’t had millions siphoned from your personal checking account, yet?

    and to think he (Norton) lives in La Jolla, the Pearl & Jewell of America’s finest city. no wonder that city’s broke. Bunch of crooks.

  • http://www.pcprevention.com PC Protection

    I do not see this point of those ads. Not funny nor informative in anyway. Norton has to do a better job in protecting customers’s computer. I have long moved for AV for smaller companies that work hard to prove themselses. Norton AV not only does it take too much resources from your computer but it tend to dictate what program you should or should not run. The hell with them!!

  • http://sokule.com/postit/companone Sokule Business network


    I am no video genius…in fact have never made one,

    But, “Common Sense” will tell you a couple things.

    #1. Create a specific new domain…and direct visitors to a special website page(s) and offer some sort discount, contest, sweepstakes or something etc…

    #2. How about having a URL at the end of the video? Even if it s just Norton.com?

    #3. They do have Video software programs that allow you to put a “clickable link” in the Video itself…that would take “Vistors” to the exact page…this product would be on.

    #4. I would bet 75% of Dokken fans and Kimbo Slice fans….do not even own a computer or if asked….. what was Norton Internet security software and what does it do exactly …would have no idea what your talking about…lol

    Besides, that… I do NOT get these videos at all… they sure are not “Aflac” commercials…

    You know funny and/or creative…

    The whole concept…does not make any sense…

    IMHO of Course….lol



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    Norton2010Internet.com .com
    Norton2010Internetsecurity .com
    NortonInternetsecurity .org (all other extentions taken
    Nortoninternet2010 .com

    • http://seowithfries.com SEO with Fries | Serving Web2.0 | Viral | WP | SEO Strategy

      Sokule Business network,

      For a person with no video experience………….You are very right on some counts my friend.

      The commercial should have had a domain attached to it, perhaps some interactive enhancement like “put your face on Kimbo’s body and share it with your friends” or ya, a contest like, “make your virus vs. Norton, best video wins a trip to the World Series or the Super Bowl or whatever”.

      A click-able link inside of the ad probably wouldn’t have worked because of popular video standards, but it doesn’t subtract from your your point. I’m quite certain a UI study would show the screens hot points over the ALLOW or DENY buttons would have been blazing…….might be a function the squad at Google should add soon for advertisers for a I’d expect.

      I wouldn’t underestimate the Dokken or Kimbo fans though. There are about 1.7 billion people online out of the about 6.7 billion people on the planet, and North Americans are not exactly web starved. I’m not a fan of either, but I see the humor, and I appreciate the self-deprecating humor their “tough” / “hard” images put on in the ad.

      I am a film/tv/commercial/web2.0 vet by any standards, and I’ll say this about my approach to people who say they have no experience (referring to your comment). Orsen Wells (a genius in my opinion) never listened to critics, he wasn’t too concerned about “professional opinion”, rather he just looked at the audience walking out of the theatre. Mr. Wells was right in my opinion, it is only the audience interpretation and acceptance that matters, a way of thinking that was more Web 2.0 philosophically speaking than the creatives behind this commercial. I’m guessing that if Wells had made this and had the tools we have today, he would have left it more ways to enter the viral-sphere by encouraging what he loved most, “amateur opinion.

      So you see, your “inexperienced comment” has more weight than mine using that philosophy because people like me only make media to speak to the Dokken fans, the Kimbo fans, the Norton users, the Web Pro News readers and you. Pros are only as powerful as the people they reach, if nobody watches our work, or likes it and most importantly remembers it, it ain’t worth much.

      These commercials could go viral, but they are not CLIO material by any stretch. Relying on the funny aspect isn’t going to cut it because there is better out there. I would bet a house on the fact they will never garner a Cannes Lions for PR either (like last years winner for “the world best job”, a massively viral success). They are “OK”, made me laugh sure, but if this was supposed to de-throne the Dos Equis guy, or spark an active forum in a facebook group, it’s going to fail because it lacks the most important part of viral marketing, the “what’s next factor”, the “conversation”.

      Brilliant pointing out the domain buying and directing blunder. Having done this work before, having had to spend a brands money before to communicate, I can tell you that this was a blunder, and there is no excuse for missing that. Fewer mojitos and less sushi next time, more thought next time creatives (although, it should have been instinctual according to the “non-pro” I responded to, lol).

      Personal fave=Kimbo’s arm and the laser. At least it had some hutzpha.

      • http://proxeroninexeronine.blogspot.com kirankumar


    • http://proxeroninexeronine.blogspot.com kirankumar

      Nortonsecurity2010 .com

  • Attachlab

    I think that this campaign will be successfull…. I find it silly but in a “good way”…

  • http://www.issuetrak.com IssueTrak

    Man, a lot of hard core analyzing going on here.
    I think all of them were funny, especialy the chicken with the threatening switchblade.

    Kudos to Dokken and Kimbo for doing it it great fun.

  • Noel

    I think it’s great that Norton are finally taking them selves with a pinch of salt and give us what we want… a bit of fun advertizing that makes us laugh….

    ….still wouldn’t buy Norton though as it’s rubbish…. sorry norton!!!

  • http://astore.amazon.com/asus.eee.pc.1005ha-20 asus

    thats not make sense

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