Northbridge Hazing: Football Team at the Center


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On August 19, several football players on the Northbridge High School football team allegedly pressured a freshman player into drinking urine. The incident happened because, as the freshman claims, he "lost a sled pad race" in the locker room.

After losing the race, the freshman says he was encouraged to take a swig from a gallon jug containing urine. He spat out the sip almost immediately after he took it. He is uninterested in filing charges against the four juniors who pressured him, who were suspended from the school. There were no indications that physical force was used to make the freshman drink the urine.

The school released a press statement about the incident that reads: "The Northbridge Public School District takes all incidents of hazing seriously, and follows strict protocols whenever an incident occurs. We do a thorough investigation, and apply appropriate consequences that match the seriousness of the situation. We also report the incident to the police as required by law. The law prohibits us from releasing any names or details of the incident, or commenting on the consequences that were given to students. It is unfortunate that this hazing incident has occurred. It does not reflect the true nature of the Northbridge Schools. We stress respect and good sportsmanship in all our programs, and are proud of the maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity of our students. We will continue to work with students to emphasize the prohibition on all forms of hazing and bullying, while administering suitable consequences to deter future incidents."

Northbridge High School's athletic director, Al Richards, after reporters suggested that the public would want to know if criminal activity was taking place at the school, said that "the parents of the so-called victim don't want anything to happen. It was kids being kids. That's their attitude. End of story."

For an extended article on this story, see the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

[Image via a local news broadcast on Youtube about the subject]