Norman Reedus In Talks For “Crow” Reboot?

By: Amanda Crum - November 22, 2013

Norman Reedus has quite a bit of star power behind him; as a fan favorite on “The Walking Dead” and one-half of the infamous “Boondock Saints” duo, there’s not really any doubt that he could draw audiences in to a film, even a reboot of an already popular tale. Rumor has it that he’s in talks with producers to star in the new version of “The Crow”, and although nothing has been confirmed, fans are already excited about the prospect.

Reedus wouldn’t be playing main character Eric Draven, however, but rather a character named James, according to No one knows if James is a good guy or a villain, but the basic plot of the story–which is based on the 1989 comic book of the same name–will reportedly be close to the original film.

That version, which starred Brandon Lee as Draven, holds cult status and major significance to fans, since it was Lee’s last film (he died after a tragic on-set accident), so it’s hard to say whether a reboot will hold up as well with audiences. It’s been a big year for remakes, however, and 2014 will be, as well. “Robocop” is expected to be a big draw at theaters, and several remakes have just been announced which are still getting up off the ground, including “The Stand” and “Jacob’s Ladder”.

James O’Barr, the writer of the comic book, will serve as a creative consultant on the film, which may give fans hope that it will include everything they’d want to see in a remake; however, the movie has been plagued with troubles for a while now–including a lawsuit–and principal photography hasn’t even begun yet.

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  • KatieBoo

    I hope this is true! I didn’t see the original, but will definitely see the remake if Norman is in it. Love him, he’s fantastic!

  • Annie

    Ahhh Norman!!! This would be awesome.

  • Jeffery

    Wow, just as I expected we already have fan girls on here that are gonna watch cause its norman and not because the crow is a great story! You should read the comics. Anyways hes way 2 old to be playing the crow. Hopefully this just means hes gonna dei on the walking dead so we are only left with real walking dead fans and not reedusluts

  • christina

    zzzzzzzz B O R I N G
    Reedus will probably play a low life scum … it’s the only character he does. And no I’m not some guy who wants to trash him. I’m a young attractive female WD fan and I like Norman – he’s just not that great of an actor. Sorry girls.
    I’ve seen him in other things – he has no range. He may be eye-candy for the masses, but frankly David Morissey is more my kind of guy.