Nonprofit Businesses Get Technology Boost

    May 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Verizon Foundation launches an online resource center to help not for profit companies use technology.

The communications company debuted its online help initiative for nonprofit organizations today, according to a press release. The foundation’s Resource Center offers a variety of resources. For example, a link to Planning led to a section on market research, and from there information on freely available market research reports.

“This resource is a natural extension of our commitment to empower organizations to use technology to better serve the community,” said Patrick Gaston, Verizon Foundation president.

A number of training options, for which 1,200 first-come first-serve grants have been made available, may be found at the site. Training options include online and face-to-face training in a number of fields.

“This is an impressive mix of best-in-class education and training resources,” said Michael Schreiber, United Way of America executive vice president. “The Web site’s format provides an easy-to-use, innovative set of tools that will benefit the entire nonprofit community.”

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