Nokia Unveils Gaming Platform

    February 5, 2008

Nokia has launched a preview version of its delayed N-Gage mobile gaming service for N81 owners with a full launch on the way.


Now available in "First Access" form, Nokia is inviting users to reserve their player names, download the N-Gage application, try and purchase games, and offer feedback on how the service works.

Originally scheduled to launch in September 2007, Nokia held off on relaunching its N-Gage platform until the beginning of 2008 to improve user experience with the service. The service will combine social gaming tools with a collection of new titles to attract experienced and casual gamers.

Nokia also launched its social networking site Ovi, where users can share photos and videos using technology it purchased last year from Twango.

"One of the best things we learned from the original N-Gage is that you can create a community and people appreciate the connectivity," said Jaakko Kaidesoja from Nokia’s Play New Experience division according to the BBC.

"All of the games on the N-Gage platform have some sort of connectivity-such as instant messaging and a friends list."