Nokia Rings Up Symantec Antivirus Deal

    October 7, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Symantec’s Mobile Security will be preloaded on Nokia’s Series 60 smartphones to help protect the popular devices.

The greater capabilities of smartphones makes them more functional for users. People use them for more than just phone calls. Advanced features let users retain personal information like emails and contacts on them. That make smartphones a more likely target for attackers.

Nokia and Symantec jointly released a statement about the agreement that will place Symantec’s Mobile Security on Symbian Series 60 smartphones. The two firms have been collaborating for over two years on security technology and systems for mobile devices.

The two noted the Mobile Security product will be available to licensees of Series 60 for evaluation. The product will have a firewall in place to block unauthorized LAN/WAN connections, and a running AutoProtect feature that checks for viruses and malicious code in traffic passing to and from the device.

Mobile Security will not need to be tethered to update. It can retrieve software and protection updates over the air via its LiveUpdate technology. Currently, version 4.0 of Mobile Security is available as a standalone two-year service for smartphones that run on either Symbian Series 60 or 80 platforms.

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