Nokia Introduces Flash, Announces Microsoft Features

    February 14, 2005

Finnish mobile phone goliath Nokia is doing their part to ensure mobile technology stays on the cutting edge, while offering users as many services as possible.

The announcement came at the 3GSM World Congress mobile phone trade fair in Cannes, the same show Microsoft revealed the Flextronics/Microsoft Peabody mobile technology.

As with many other mobile technology developers, Nokia used 3GSM to unveil upcoming technologies and products. One of the features expected soon is Nokia’s integration of Macromedia’s Flash technology.

According to

“The availability of Flash content and applications will help drive the adoption of smartphones and increase operator ARPU [average revenue per user],” said Antti Vasara, vice-president of Nokia mobile software sales and marketing.

As part of the collaboration Macromedia and Nokia will also provide integrated mobile development toolsets that will let developers create Flash content for mobile devices more efficiently.

Not only is Nokia offering Macromedia Flash support, according to the BBC, they’ve also agreed to feature Windows Mobile software on upcoming phones, further extending Microsoft’s mobile reach.

Future Nokia phones will support the Windows audio file format (.wma), as well as including an installed version of Windows Media Player 10.

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