Nokia 2015

    February 3, 2006

This week I participated in forward looking internal seminar at Nokia hosted by CTO Yrj Neuvo.

I presented on the the future of Our Social Web with particular emphasis on how trends such as augmented reality will only continue with support for open source and open standards which are at risk with DRM regimes. The other presentations were Beyond 3G Research in China, prof Xiao-Hu You, Software defined radio – Vision, Challanges and Solutions by prof Christer and Making Business with Open Source by Mrten Mickos. I posted my raw notes to Mrten’s session here.

Before the seminar, we were introduced to the Nokia Research Center and got to play with some amazing demos. Some I cannot blog about publicly. Perhaps my favorite was Mobile Augmented Reality, which overlaid information when pointing the camera at given object, and when you pointed it down it let you see where you were on Google Earth. Others incuded a motion band that provided real time positional data to your phone, game controllers that provided positional information, 3rd sound was stunningly immersive, POS RFID that will replace your wallet if the POS terminals adopt it and user privacy concerns abated, a business card OCR reader that leveraged the Nokia N90 camera (something I could really use for instant capture of a business card into contacts while on the road) and how the open source ecosystem is contributing to their tablet platform. I had wonderful encounters with Socialtext users, great F2F feedback, conversations on the changing nature of trust in institutions and a chance to lobby for Mac support that is already forthcoming.

The next day I presented in a public forum alongside Mrten at the publishing house of their largest newspaper. Very interesting discussion on business models in Linus land.

I happened to be in Finland when they elected a new President, backed by Conan O’Brien, as if we didn’t meddle enough. The weather wasn’t as bad as the -25 brain freezing celcius they had two weeks before, and the thing is about cold countries is they have warm hosts which always make a visit enjoyable and stimulating.

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