Nofollowed Links Not Completely Unloved

By: WebProNews Staff - August 8, 2008

Amazingly enough, the nofollow attribute doesn’t spur a berserker rage in every webmaster. Quite a few can live with such links pointing to their sites.

Of course that comes with an immense caveat, one that makes logical sense for such nofollowed links. If they are coming from a high-traffic site, with the potential of bringing in lots of visitors, some webmasters can live with the lack of link juice.

SERoundtable said a poll it ran earlier this year found responding webmasters split down the middle on their feelings on the topic. “Of the 177 responses, 50% or 89 people said they would buy a link with a nofollow attribute,” Barry Schwartz said.

“While 45% or 80 people said they would not. 5% or 8 people said, it depends.”

The followup conversation at DigitalPoint found that webmasters buying such links coming from sites delivering traffic wouldn’t mind the extra attribute being added to those links.

We’ll ask the question that SERoundtable asked back in May, just pick an answer below and submit it.

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  • logo design blog

    As long as they’re bringing me targeted traffic in healthy numbers, i don’t care if they’re followed or nofollowed.

    • Virtual offices

      "As long as they’re bringing me targeted traffic in healthy numbers, i don’t care if they’re followed or nofollowed."

      Like  you said, as long as it brings in targeted traffic (tons), my own take on this is that not all links are acquired just for SEO purposes. Depending on the vertical in which your in can play a big role, when working for a serviced office company it didnt matter whether a link was nofollowed or followed. But it was important that people knew what we did.

  • Seattle SEO Services

    Effective online marketing that produces a reasonable amount of new business is worth the time and effort; regardless of the nofollow tag. Nice to see someone bring this to light since a lot of people are blinded by the PageRank game.

  • SEO

    I think its good for paid links as this should for traffic and not listings

  • Gareth – Design

    i’m with logo design blog. as long as there is good traffic its kool and the gang.

  • Pittsburgh SEO

    I’m with the no follow crowd as long as there is actual traffic coming from the link and the traffic is he type of publoc you want coming to your site. Which would be the same as backing adspace some where and it prevents the your site from getting into any problems with the link being considered "buying links" by Google.

  • Catskill Web design

    Buy it only if it comes with big clicks.

  • SEO Web Design

    We all know the intent of no follow’s but has anyone noticed the fact Google shows them in Webmaster console. To me that means the links are not totally discredited.

    I follow the crowd on this one because I love traffic (isn’t that the reason why we market in search engines). The website where your link is located doesn’t need allot of traffic because as long as you didn’t put that much effort into the link isn’t it worth it if only a handful of people found the website.


    Just my 2 cents.


  • seo raleigh

    I think that if the site gets good traffic and can pass some of that traffic on to your site then thats great.  I mean the ultimate goal of link building is increasing rankings and increased rankings mean increased traffic (most of the time) so you are basically just cutting out the middle man (seach engines) and going to the goal of increased traffic.

  • Tom

    I think nofollow is a good thing (and I’m a webmaster). A link is a link, and that will bring traffic if it’s in the right place. There are plenty of other ways to drive traffic to a website. I don’t actually believe that google completely ignores the nofollows anyway.

    • Internet Marketing

      I have to agree and do think that there is some juice that is given to NoFollow links that come from certain sites.  I think it truly depends on the relevance of the link as well as the type of site the link come from.

  • Serviced offices

    Some no follow links still pass juice in my opinion, we had a link from wikipedia once and the PageRank on our site went upto a 3.

  • The natural Health Plus

    A link is a link is a link, better have it even if it

  • Jason

    definately agree, a link is a link.

    canadian bodybuilding

  • network marketing training

    nofollow is pretty stupid…I heard sometime google ignores nofollow att don’t know if thats true