Nofollow Outbound Links on Home & Category Pages

    October 23, 2007

As you might have seen, I have now nofollowed all outbound links on my homepage and category pages.

On the single pages for posts, these links are not nofollowed, unless I nofollowed them on purpose. I decided to do this after some discussion with a couple of guys (for who’s interested: Roy, Martijn and Dave), because I was thinking: people are getting linkjuice from my homepage and category pages, even if I sometimes don’t think they’re that important.

This way, sites only get the link-juice from the page for the post that’s actually linking to that site, instead of sharing in the strength my homepage has gathered, entirely through my own actions. By nofollowing those links, there’s more linkjuice to spread around to the post and category pages, and the links to my friends in my blogroll.

To accomplish this I updated my robots meta plugin, I’ll be updating that tonight. I’m curious what your opinion on this is, let me know in the comments!

Update: Wiep just showed me that Andy Beard is doing something alike, he’s gone even further and has nofollowed all category links below posts as well.