No Super Bowl Ad For Booble

    January 29, 2007

Evidently, last year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials have left quite an impression on other members of the Internet community… so much so that infamous adult search engine Booble has offered $50 million to CBS for the opportunity to run a commercial during one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

In case you aren’t familiar with Booble, here’s a little refresher – Booble was developed and marketed as the best adult search engine.  During the development process, the Booble designers thought it would be a good idea to mimic the Google homepage, something the boys at Mountain View did not appreciate. Because of Google’s intervention, Booble changed the look and feel of their site, which now mimics Yahoo to a degree.

Fast-forward to 2007 – Booble has asked CBS to run an ad that would undoubtedly cause all kinds of uproar, a fact CBS is undoubtedly aware of.  Needless to say, CBS declined Booble’s $50 million (they actually have this much money to spend on TV ads????).  There’s been no word as to whether or not Booble will show the intended commercials on their site, much like GoDaddy does.

Hat-tip to Andy Beal.