No New Xbox In 2012, According To Microsoft


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As the Xbox 360 ages, rumors have begun to circulate concerning the next version of Microsoft’s popular gaming console. After all, there has to be a new one in the works, right? Not according to one of Microsoft’s top executives in France.

Cedrick Delmas, Microsoft’s marketing manager for France, recently gave an interview to French news site Le Point (Google Translation). Delmas was asked about speculation that the Xbox 360 was nearing the end of its life cycle, and that Microsoft must have a new console in the works, perhaps preparing for an E3 debut. He insisted that “the cycle of the Xbox 360 is by no means complete.” He went on to say that, as far as consoles go, there would be “nothing new in 2012.”

Delmas dismissed the planned launch of Nintendo’s Wii U console later this year. He suggested that Microsoft is not really in competition with Nintendo in the console market, and that as such the company felt no need to rush production on a console to match the forthcoming Wii U. He went on to say that Microsoft’s focus for the Xbox in 2012 would be to increase the penetration of Xbox Live on its consoles. Several new features debuted on Xbox Live during the holiday season, including YouTube, with more on the way over the course of this year.