No Love from Blog Search

    June 1, 2006

Apparently my ability to stay under the radar is more effective with some blog search engines than others.

When I read about the launch of Blog Search, I thought “it’s about f-ing time!” and ran over to kick the tires.

Apparently I kicked a bit too hard:

Just for reference, I check a few other blog search engines to see how many results that query returns:

  • Tecnorati: 454,027
  • Google: 776,718
  • IceRocket: 269,908
  • Feedster: 71,157
  • Bloglines: 340,700 (!)


I think that Jeeves is still around and he’s pissed off about something.

Jeremy Zawodny is the author of the popular Jeremy Zawodny’s blog. Jeremy is part of the Yahoo search team and frequently posts in the Yahoo! Search blog as well.

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