No Google Doodle For 911

Anniversary ignored ... but not by Microsoft!

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Google is known for its fun and interesting doodles celebrating various holidays and events. Yesterday they had a doodle of the Large Hadron Collider to recognize the launch of an experiment that aims to discover more information about the Big Bang.


Live Search

What’s puzzling is on the 7th anniversary of one of the worst attacks on the United States, Google has failed to commemorate the 911 terrorist attacks. Is yesterday’s acknowledgment of the collider more important than the 911 attacks?

To be fair only one other major search engine is recognizing the somber anniversary of the attacks and that is Microsoft Live Search. They have a picture of a single candle to commemorate the anniversary.

As an American company that started here, it would be a classy move for Google to have a doodle for 911. The company has also been criticized for not putting up a doodle for Memorial Day.

A Google spokesman said in 2006 about Memorial Day and the lack of  a doodle, "If we were to commemorate this holiday, we’d want to  express reverence; however, as Google’s special logos tend to be
lighthearted in nature, this would be a particularly challenging design. We wouldn’t want to create a graphic that could be interpreted as disrespectful in any way."

A simple flag or any other kind of patriotic doodle would be a nice way for Google to show that it cares about what happened on that terrible and dark day seven years ago.

No Google Doodle For 911
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  • Peter

    >>Google is known for its fun and interesting doodles celebrating various holidays and events.

    9/11 is not fun.  It is best that there is no doodle.

  • Guest

    I think Google should have done something. Turn the word into the American flag- that’s not disrespectful. Something subtle would have been perfect.

  • Guest

    damned if they do, damned if they don’t 

  • Ruth

    I looked expectantly at Google for a doodle today and was a bit sad not to find one.  I agree that this is a sad occasion, and it might have been a challenge for a doodle to do it justice.  But an  American flag? Google is an international search tool–a flag would have identified it with a single country.  That seems like too much to ask of Google.


  • Guest

    I noticed this too.

    Now my search engine is set to Microsoft live search.

    You’d think that as a BUSINESS they would not want to piss off of their customers and potential customers.

  • proph

    i agree… going to live.com

    boo google

  • Guest

    Maybe they didn’t because I’ve yet to see one of their "doodles" that wasn’t a light-hearted tribute to something.  They are always funny, fun and cheery.  NOT exactly a fitting tribute for 911…..  Some things are just worthy of MORE THAN A "DOODLE" and Google more than likely realized that. 

  • http://www.staysure.co.uk Staysure


    I have seen google Doodle sad events before so what you’re saying about how they only Doodle celebrations is ridiculous.

    Whoever is in charge simply forgot or maybe they did it for political reasons. Either way, shame on their doodle program.

  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – Ecommerce Website Design

    At the end of the day, and as tragic as the events were, Google is a worldwide company. It can’t really favourite America with stars and stripes due to ‘political correctness’. You’ll always get some moron who’s offended.

  • Johnny

    Is 911 worth of more than a doodle? 

    Imagine how some folks would look at a doodle and consider it disrespect b/c it IS a doodle, not something of much consideration.

  • Guest

    Over the past couple of years Google has started to show a progressively socialistic world view in which they cater to oppressive rulers (China) and do not support the United States. I think Google sees itself as part of a "world," not a country.  Unfortunately patriotism is no longer taught in the majority of our nation’s school systems, so what can we expect. In the 1980’s "We are the World" was one of the most popular songs and many of the younger generation bought into that philosphy. As part of the "world" a company like Google cannot risk hurting someone’s feelings, even if those people are Muslims who celebrated all over the world when over 3,000 Americans were mass murdered by Muslims.

  • Rooster

    I think many are putting far too much emphasis on what is, after all, a non issue. The Google doodle is merely a trade mark, and usually a funny one at that. 

    I imagine that there are many Google employees who are American, who marked the sombre occasion in their own way, as most Americans did. Does remeberance of the 911 attacks really depend upon whether or not google has a doodle? I don’t think so, and I think this entire article/argument is just another way of getting attention for the web site/author, and has little to do with a question of respect. It sells papers, as they say over here in the UK!

  • Bob

    People always make a big deal, 911 broke our cherry, it was the first successful attack on American soil.  Why do we act like, American lives are more important than other peoples lives of the world.

    • Guest

      wrong. The attack on Pearl Harbor happended first

  • Guest

    The level of petty jealousy and desperation from closet Microsoft-lovers is astounding. Microsoft’s search engine sucks. It doesn’t give me the right results, it wastes my time with a lot of garbage fluff, its performance is slow. They couldn’t even PAY people to use it!

    And yet here’s someone trying to build PR for that piece of trash search engine by saying that it puts a silly doodle for 9/11 instead of the world’s best search engine. 

    Microsoft has seen its day and Google is the new king of the hill. Get over it. 

  • Guest

    9-11 WAS tragic.

    There is NO excuse for the murder of ANY life.

    But why are we still "commemorating" what happened 7 years ago??

    I am a patriotic American, probably more so than what many have refered to as our younger generation that has not been taught patriotism in school… I was, and I am… but ALL life is to be revered, not just American lives, and MILLIONS have died since that day 7 years ago.. are we to commemorate every one of them??

    To those who would ask for a continued observance of that day my question is… do you want a commemorative for the lives lost? or are you just trying to make sure no one forgets that a PART of a group that is  "different" than we are went to extreme measures and so we should ‘HATE ALL OF THEM FOREVER’ because of it…. It has been over 60 YEARS since Pearl Harbor and many in this country STILL disriminate against the Japanese people because of it…

    YES – It was tragic… but it is time to move on, fostering hatred and discrimination will not avenge or appease the loss of life… in fact, hatred for that which is "different" is what CAUSED the attack in the first place… if you want to commemorate those lives, show you are BETTER than those who would perform such an act, NOT by following in thier footsteps and promoting discrimination and hatred.

    • http://www.lasvegascasino88.com/ lasvegas

      Google’s particular design featured four helmets, perched atop the letters in its logo, that represented the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Unfortunately, the company forgot about the Coast Guard. Within hours, Google heard from a gaggle of irate Coast Guarders, who let ‘em have it.

    • tinabell

      To: Guest (WPN reader) – Mon, 09/15/2008 – 15:36
      Tragedy YES – Discrimination BAD

      No one is asking them to commerate the date, only to remember and recognize a day that affected our country so deeply. You are a classic example of those in this country that have forgotten what happened on 9/11/01. Seems that Google in it’s stance of being ‘politically correct’ has also forgotten. For them to do something for Michael Jackson on the day he died and not this day…. not good!

      If Americans continue to forget what happened because they don’t like to think about it or ‘dwell’ on it, we are in for trouble. We must remember the day, how we felt and what happened to our country as a direct result of the 9/11 attack, for many months and yes, years after the attack.

      NEVER FORGET. We all need to acknowlege the day whether we are an individual or a business…. too many lives were lost that one day not to remember.

    • JO

      Remembering a tragic event in our history is not “fostering hatred and discrimination”. I would like to hear you spew that bullshit to the victims and the family of the victims of 911. Nobody said that we should hate every muslim for the acts of a few, but for those of us who remember that day we have EVERY right to hate those who actually committed the act and remember those who fell.
      Shame on you, sir.

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    9 / 11 was such a catastrophic event that I agree it would be tough to create a doodle that could accurately portray it. That day is still incredibly close to home for many people, for good reason.

  • http://www.seovisions.com SEO company

    Not splattering the logo with the 911 reminder might also be done purely out of respect.

  • Warts

    It makes sense that they didn’t spice up the logo, as they would likely not spice up the logo for other days in history that represented major tragedies.

  • http://www.redtube.eu Guest

    9/11 … sad

  • Guest

    Mike Sachoff. Your a loser. It was a bad thing and no one wants to keep seeing it all the freakin time. Its over and done with. Google and no other companies except microsoft who probaly needed the attention; which they got from you…anyway….whatever

  • http://www.TechProsSD.com SDSc0rch

    i’m very disappointed in google

    its not about “celebrating” 9/11 – its about commemorating or simply “remembering”

    no one is “celebrating” 9/11 – everyone is “remembering”

    except google

    duly noted, google


  • Blue Guest

    The google doodles are for lightheartened celebrations. 9/11 isn’t a fun event in any way. But they do care. They have a solemn and humble ribbon on their homepage in respect for those who lost their lives on 9/11. Hover over the ribbon and it says “September 11, 2001″. God bless America.

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