Nintendo Wii To Launch Pay Service

    February 26, 2008

Nintendo has announced that it will begin charging Wii gamers for some of its online offerings.

Called the Wi-Fi Connection Pay and Play, the service will feature red stickers on the titles that users must pay to play online. A pricing plan has not been released but Nintendo said that gamers could pay for titles using Wii points, the consoles virtual currency.

Nintendo Wii Console Nintendo Wii Console
(Photo Credit: Nintendo of America Inc.)

A Nintendo spokesperson told SponG, "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play offers paid for services whilst keeping the simple and comfortable elements we know people enjoy. Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play allows for flexible adaptation to content and system costs and allows for even higher quality services."

No timeline has been given for when Pay and Play will be introduced. Currently Wii gamers can play a number of games online for free. When the Wii Pay and Play service does launch it will join Xbox Live, which charges gamers to play games online. The Sony PS3 and its network will be the last free online service for gamers.