Nintendo To Ship GBA SP Earlier Than Expected?

    March 1, 2005

While the Nintendo DS gaming system has only recently hit the consumer market, information about a release of a new version of their Game Boy Advanced system has started to surface.

The Game Boy Advanced represents Nintendo’s strongest entry into the gaming market. However, they have been directly challenged by Sony’s upcoming entry, the PSP. In what appears to be a move to absorb Sony’s salvo, Nintendo appears to moving the release date up on the Game Boy Advanced SP.

As of now, there are no specifications to detail about the Nintendo GBA SP. However, does feature some insight into Nintendo’s approach, including price information:

“We believe it is likely that the next version of the Game Boy Advance SP will ship as early as this holiday, ahead of most expectations of calendar year 2006,” wrote P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research.

The new system is expected to launch at a $99 price point, with prices on the Game Boy Advance falling to $49. Nintendo representatives were unavailable for comment reports CNN.

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