Nintendo Sacks Anonymous Blogger

    September 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

You can’t help, from a reasonable Internet distance, but like her; she’s sexy, irreverent, and smart, everything you should like and fear in a gal. But she goofed, at least a little, and unfair or not, Nintendo is the latest corporate entity to can an employee for blogging.

 Nintendo Sacks Anonymous Blogger
Nintendo Sacks Anonymous Blogger

You might say unfair because former Nintendo employee Jessica Zenner blogged under her penname Jessica Car, never mentioned her employer, and never used any names. She also appears to be a fiction writer, judging from the latest entry on her InexcusableBehavior blog, so it’s only natural that real life characters often find their way into your netherworld prose.

And we writers worry that they’ll recognize themselves. 

And, well, just such an unnamed did make an appearance, described as, according to TheStranger, a "hormonal, facial-hair-growing, frumpy…woman [who] hasn’t been f*!ked in years."

Said character was a boss of writer Jessica Carr, whose real name is Jessica Zenner, now a former employee of Nintendo.  

A blogger getting fired for what was said on their blog is old news these days, but this puts a new spin on it, and teaches the less defiant of us a lesson: even in semi-anonymity, don’t make fun of your boss on your blog.

As for free speech and the First Amendment? Well, that protects you from the government, not so much your employer.