Nintendo Plays Mind Games With Old Folks

    March 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Like Rock N Roll in its infancy, video games have drawn traditionalist ire as the societal ruin de jour. The more progressive of us, however, have noted that any exercise in creative fantasy is healthy-we’ve even theorized that they help sharpen some very important parts of the brain. As illustrated in Japan, Nintendo thinks so too.

The old folks in Japan are embracing portable game console Nintendo DS and a game called “Brain Training for Adults.” Nintendo incorporated number games and puzzles into the game aimed at the aging populace.

Some 3.34 million copies have been sold over the last year, as the other “gray market” looks to clear out the cobwebs that creep in over time.

“I don’t want to end up some crazy old man,” Isamu Shishido told the Associated Press. “I want to play a little every day before going to bed.”

Brain Training also includes reading exercises and “IQ-type quizzes.” Results can be saved and tracked over time.

Acknowledging that the game will not cure dementia, doctors at a Japanese memory loss clinic are optimistic about the benefits of keeping the brain active in old age.

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