Nintendo Has Sold Over 600 Million Devices Since Its Launch


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Say what you will about Nintendo and its place in modern gaming. While the Xbox and PlayStation may be the dominant software when it comes to the news cycle, the fact that their handheld devices continue to dominate the hardware sales charts gives us an indication that the company is still very much a player in the video game industry. The folks at VGChartz demonstrate this quite well:

VG Chartz

As you can see in the image, while the Nintendo Wii may have fallen off in the overall scheme of the video game industry, it was so popular when it launched, it rode that popularity to the tune of almost 100 million units sold. With that in mind, perhaps the information revealed in their annual report should not come as a surprise. According to Nintendo, since their initial launch way back in the Famicom days, they have sold 268.97 million consoles and 385.15 million handheld gaming devices. Naturally, these figures include such gems as the NES, the Super NES, and the Gameboy. They even created graphics to spread the news:

Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo Handhelds

These impressive numbers, however, almost serve as a marker of Nintendo's place in the history gaming, instead demonstrating a position of dominance. A quote from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata concerning the company's earnings indicates as much:

Nintendo posted an operating loss for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013. However, we strive to regain “Nintendo-like” profits for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 by providing many people with fascinating games and services. We continue to make brand-new and unique proposals, and make efforts for the growth of the home entertainment industry with a mission that is to pleasantly surprise people and put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches.

Is there still a place for Nintendo as the power consoles put out games with flashier graphics and more adult storylines? To be sure, Nintendo's legion of fans will remain resolute in their support, but will a few million 3DS fans ensure the company's long-term future? Whatever the case, since we're enjoying Nintendo's accomplishments, here's a highlight reel with some of the best old school Nintendo commercials: