Nintendo Begins Offering Retailer-Specific Pre-Order Exclusives


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Last month it was revealed that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be getting downloadable content (DLC) in the months following its release. Gamers will be able to purchase and download new Coin Rush stages for the game.

This week, Nintendo announced that customers in the U.K. who pre-order New Super Mario Bros 2 through GAME or Gamestation stores will receive a collectible case necklace styled to look like a gold coin from the game. U.S. customers can order the game online (and only online) from GameStop to have a Gold Mario Pin shipped with the game. Note that neither of these bonus items contains any real gold - they are only gold-colored.

Exclusive pre-order bonuses based on what retailer gamers pre-order through has been a growing trend over the past few years. For example, gamers who pre-ordered The Amazing Spider-Man with Amazon received a playable Stan Lee, while those who pre-ordered at GameStop received a Rhino mini-game. Capcom is providing exclusive Mercenary Mode map unlock codes to each of its retail partners for Resident Evil 6 pre-orders, and gamers who pre-ordered Hitman: Absolution from GameStop can even play pre-release game content. Of course, these exclusive DLC offers are as good as telling gamers that there is more content for their game that they cannot access, unless they pre-order several versions of the game.

To Nintendo's credit, it's pre-order exclusive is not exclusive game content already on the game disc that gamers have purchased. When the company begins giving away different colored Yoshi's for each retailer, then we will all know that gaming as we once knew it is gone.