Ninja Turtles Reboot Characters Revealed With Photo Leak


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Transformers film series producer Michael Bay has made great strides to conceal the details of his upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. However, it appears a picture has finally leaked.

According to UPI, a poster image for the film surfaced on Thursday, Jan. 3o, and is slowly spreading like wildfire all over the web. The image revealed what fans can expect the new-aged ninja turtles to look like.

The picture, which was initially posted to Reddit, is being coined as an official image associated with Bay's forthcoming reboot. Later that day, The Verge reported news of the leaked image.

Bloggers, media outlets, and film enthusiasts immediately gravitated to the image and can be accredited for its rapid matriculation on the web. However, The Verge immediately updated the article stating that the image had been removed by request of Paramount Pictures.

While Bay has yet to confirm the authenticity of the image, the film studio leaves little question about its validity due to their abrupt request to have it removed.

However, the damage had already been done. Although the publication complied with the film studio, the image had already begun circulating around the internet. One film blogger also shared the picture via Twitter. His tweet read, "Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles look suitably bada--. Can't imagine Vanilla Ice turning up at the end of this new one..."

A number of other media reports have also poured in about the film as well.

The announcement of the came shortly after the original co-creator Peter Laird's sold the franchise rights to Nickelodeon. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is being produced by Nickelodeon Movies, is slated to hit theaters nationwide August 8, 2013.

Image via Twitter | TMNT Master