Nikki Bella Knows What It's Like To Be A WWE Champ


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There's a new champ in town.

Nikki Bella defeated three-time WWE Divas Champ AJ Lee at Survivor Series on Sunday. Lee still holds the record for longest reign at 295 days, but it looks like Bella is ready to challenge that mark.

The 31-year-old wrestler sat down for a revealing interview with E! Online after her surprising victory. "It felt different waking up today. It honestly feels amazing. I hate to compare this but I'm going to—you know when you have Olympic athletes who fight for something for years, and they finally get that goal—get that medal, it's just such an amazing feeling."

It wasn't an easy road for Bella, but it was all worth it in the end. The 2013 Diva of the Year had to make sacrifices in order to achieve her goals, "You kind of get in this weird emotion but it feels so good and it makes all the hard work and the traveling and missing all the family events and weddings and friends' pregnancies, worth it."

And what was the secret to defeating the former reigning champ? "You watch someone and you see how they are and sometimes you can use that against them," she said. "She did that kiss of death to Brie's husband Bryan at Wrestlemania and she made history; we made new history last night—we did it even quicker. You know when someone thinks they're good at something, you can use it against them and that's what we did. We did the kiss of death."

What comes next for Bella? The Diva also discussed her future goals, "I definitely want to accomplish so much more. This Divas Championship I hold so close to my heart and I love the Divas division and WWE, and we've seen what the power of Total Divas does for our Divas, I want to make this title so much, I want to make every Diva mean something, I want to have a long title run; I know AJ had an insanely long title run and i want to beat it."

Want more Nikki Bella? You can catch a new episode of Total Divas, a reality show that lets viewers peer into the day-to-day lives of WWE Divas, on Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 10 pm ET.