Nightclub Death: Bystanders Videotaped Fatal Beating

    January 25, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Annie “Kim” Pham was brutally murdered in front of a crowd, some of them videotaping the death with their cellphones, outside a Santa Ana nightclub Jan. 18.

“The fact that you had a lot of witnesses, that’s what’s really troublesome. How many people actually stepped in and tried to stop it?” said Senator Lou Correa (D-Sanat Ana).

Pham who aspired to become a TV personality once wrote about the power of photos in people’s lives:

‘We are taught that with photos, we select the ones where smiles are fresh and forward — the good is often highlighted. As for your own life, don’t forget that sometimes the most beautiful lessons in life stem from the unconventional. The elevated focus on showing everyone how much of a superstar you are on social media is quite unnecessary. The greatest harm we can do to ourselves is to not take the chance.”

“I hope that people out there realize how wrong this is,” said Pham’s second cousin, Kathleen Trinh.

Two suspects have been arrested for the attack and a third is being sought.

A witness claims a woman became angry when Pham and her friends cut in front of them as they were taking a photo, leading to an argument that led to the beating. Pham was transported to a hospital where she succumbed to head trauma.

Vanesa Zavala, of Santa Ana was arrested on Monday. The 25-year–old mother of a young son plead not guilty to a murder charge and is being held on $1 million bail.

A 27-year-old woman was arrested on Friday but her name has yet to be released.

Police Chief Carlos Rojas told KNBC-TV, “We are looking for the third person. She was involved in the physical altercation, and we are naming her as a person of interest at this point.”

A reward of $10,000 is being offered by Santa Ana and other local businesses for information leading to the arrest of anyone involved in the California nightclub death.

Pham was an organ donor and her organs have saved five lives so far.

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  • shelly

    Please DO NOT report that a witness claims "Kim threw the first punch" or anyone for that matter. That is HERESAY and not proven at this early point in time. Just because one guy who claims to be a witness says so…. does NOT make it so. Wait for all details to be revealed in a court of law before reporting details that may not be truthful. It is very wrong to mislead the public like that.

    • http://aawer.com jimmy

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        • Jah Cure

          When you go back to your cave in Europe. Then you can ask African decedents to go back to Africa.

          • tim

            Actually we all ultimately have ancestral origins in Africa. Responding to an ignorant racist comment with another doesn't teach or resolve anything. It just perpetuates ignorance and hate. If you thumbs down my comment, please have the decency to reply to this post in a constructive way. What this article does is show that people would rather try to get a million hits on youtube rather than help this unfortunate lady from being killed.

        • Diva

          First of all you stupid dummy mexicans and asians are not from Africa. The fool that beat the chick with her friends are mexicans just like your trailer park poor dumb butt.As far as you calling someone a N word that's what you are TRASH!

        • lynnie

          Nigs? that's real ignorant of you and the other person commenting. You hide behind your computer making racist comments but I bet you won't say it to Nigs face. A girl is dead and that's all you can come up with..FYI you racists ….they were hispanic..

      • j

        not nigs they were hispanic idiot

        • Tru

          Racist assholes need to go back to England where ya'll came from!!!!

    • http://yahoo drcid777

      With all the phones recording the action I doubt there will be any heresay in this case, but we will the article is reporting such now, it is true.

      • mel

        I doubt the video phones were going BEFORE the first punch was thrown. I'd say they started taping AFTER the fight began. Unless city street video camera was filming the street before the fight began, then it was fully captured. However, street cameras were not set up at location per city officials. Maybe the restaurant/bar has a camera but I'd say the patrons filming did NOT capture the entire fight.

        • http://yahoo drcid777

          I could be wrong, but as soon as trouble starts, some people start recording instead of helping. It is likely that the situation escalated before the first punch was thrown and that someone was already recording as the matter intensified. We will see.

    • Matt

      Nearly all of the facts besides the death are heresay at this point, so shut up.

  • mikael

    This woman did not deserve to die. Are there no real men out there in the world? Why did none step in to stop this murder taking place before their eyes?! This world has a problem. Get involved people!

  • David

    The person filming, should and needs to be charged as an accomplice, If you can't think to do anything more then film someone being beaten, the world has no use for you. If by chance the persons who filmed this ever read this, I hope you know and understand, you could have helped to save this young womans life. I don't think your responsible in anyway for why this happened, it's that you didn't do a damn thing once it did. This was someones child, it's not like you were filming a car wreck where you had no control over anything. You could have stopped it, and instead you thought only of being the first person to post on facebook what I bet you thougt was just gonna be a fight, but 3 on one, and you didn't jump in, again the world has no place for you, I hope you don't have kids, and I hope you never do, so that you and your miserable ways die with you.

  • http://yahoo r

    What kind of person stands by while someone is getting killed and videotapes it. Just sick cowards that will get what they deserve in the end.

    • Matthew

      The losers standing their & what a bunch of p***ies!!! WOW, real tough, huh?

  • Matthew

    I think the people who just stood there, men/women are a bunch of useless,worthless cowards. They just wanted to have their 15 minutes of fame by filming this & got it. If I was there, trust me, I would have tried everything to stop it. May have got a beating myself, but rather have that & save a woman's life. What loser(s) does this? Oh, I know, the one's standing there. I hope you're reading this & will know at the end of the day, I know when your time is up, you're not going to go where young, beautiful Kim is right now. NO,there's a place where a one-way ticket for you all that's waiting for you, & it's called HELL. Hope you're happy. May you rest in R.I.P. beautiful Angel & may God open the gates of Heaven & welcome you, forever.

  • dee

    Beautiful girl killed by a bunch fat, ugly women that need deported.

    • Speaker of the truth

      Look at her pics and watch the vids of her. She was full of herself. I doubt she was just innocently walking by. She seemed like a rich arrogant bitch.

      • mel

        The woman shown in top video who is remaining suspect not yet found looks like she is "full of herself" too. That makes someone deserving to die?? Ignoramus.

      • ThePrez

        What is wrong with you , speaker of shit? Being arrogant is not an excuse to be beaten on the head or die. You sound jealous as well as stupid and not educated. The beautiful woman beaten is the victim…You are probably right though, gorgeous, educated, smart women probably are targets of these hideous beasts who were looking for a fight

        • ThePrez

          That idiot, doesn't not speak for me…only for idiots. Speaker of "Truth" is the same type of person who would blame a rape victim for what she wears or someone defending themselves by asking to be left alone and cussing. There's no room in this world for monsters like Speaker of Truth

  • Risa

    The club should also be held responsible because the club bouncers should have stepped in to stop it and they did nothing. They have a responsibility too and they failed in that responsibility. I truly believe that due to Worldstar Hiphop fight videos and other fight videos. The people who was video taping the incident thought this was just another fight to put on worldstarhiphop.com. However, this one turned out to be very fatal. It makes you wonder where our world is headed when people find entertainment in people getting beaten to a pulp and in this case death. Where is our humanity headed? It is as if we have totally lost our humanity in this world. Food for thought.

  • Paola Marquez

    “The fact that you had a lot of witnesses, that’s what’s really troublesome. How many people actually stepped in and tried to stop it?” said Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana).

    Dispicable the Senator is trying to blame others around her that night rather than to focus on his corrupt city where officials make $800,000 a year. Why were you so corrupt as to not have enough cops on the street on Friday nights in your gang infested city? How bout installing a few CCTV where your homies congregate at night? Its proven that this psychologicaly deters criminals from aggressive behavior. You and everyone else in the Bell, I mean Santa Ana legislature are crooks…just look at what is going down in Mexico…seems oddly familiar…corrupt city officials, men who beat up and kill random women in pack-style attcks and then you have city government asking "why didn't anyone else step in?" in order to deflect the attention from his worthless government who lines their pockets with cash at the expense of public safety.

  • Ross Ewage

    this whole thing just underscores how sick and sad some "alleged" human beings have deteriorated to. it's not like a picture worth hundreds of dollars was ruined. with digital cameras nowadays, the pose could be re-created within seconds and no expensive film would be wasted. the perpetrators, when they are all caught and prosecuted, should all be sent to jail for at least 10 years. a message needs to be sent here.

  • http://yahoo drcid777

    Still 1950 in some people's houses, but change is imminent anyway. Racism is a dead-end road,
    regardless of the color of the driver. Some can only see skin color for every situation they encounter…
    RIP to Ms. Pham. Someone walking in front of your picture taking has no meaning in the digital age,
    it's just mindless clubbers walking around with chips on their shoulder. Hope they enjoy the rest of they life in the pen, they won't have to worry about any photobombs.

  • Dory

    this is outrageous! all those people standing by just watching & not one of them stepped in the assist this young lady. this just takes voyeurism to its' lowest depth. all the viewers that did nothing should be arrested for failing to come to the aid of a victim that was in DESPERATE need! I hope those girls get the electric chair (if it's still legal in their state)b/c they need to feel PAIN the same way they doled it out to their victim!

    they have danced w/the Devil & now their souls belong to him. I say NO MERCY for these murderous, worthless, pathetic excuses for life!!!

  • Todd

    Wow.I live Santa Ana & feel horrible that these Hispanic thugs brutally murdered a helpless tiny Asian. Even worse, these thugs even videotaped victim being murdered. How low can they be?

  • Unbelievable

    Unbelievable and disgusting how we have to re-teach an entire generation how not only wrong but it is ILLEGAL to hit someone…Millions of dollars of court costs and fines, and decades behind prison and everyone knows you are felon and a dangerous threat to society…These animals were looking for a fight and physical alteracation .

    Treat victims like they should be..the victims…The club and those who watched her while being beaten are accomplices…They are probably friends of the criminal trying to protect her