Nielsen Paints Positive Picture Of Online Ad Industry

    June 17, 2008

The Internet ad business is doing pretty well, according to a new Nielsen Monitor-Plus report.  While spending in the advertising industry as a whole failed to grow by even a single percentage point between the first quarters of 2007 and 2008, online ad impressions rose by 14.7 percent.

Health and telecommunications companies were behind most of the growth, with their increases totaling 108 and 80 percent.  Next up, Nielsen reported, "Hardware and electronics advertisers drove results in display impressions with 65% growth, followed by automotive and consumer goods companies, who posted increases of 45% and 42% respectively."

That covers a wide range of interests, and only the financial services sector was named as having decreased its investment in display impressions and sponsored search impressions.  Also, this sector’s dips were comparatively small.

It looks like online advertising is holding strong, then, despite whatever’s happening to the overall economy.  (The Dow’s down 109 points at the moment, perhaps just a day or two away from dropping under the 12,000 mark.)

Perhaps as a counterpart to the online industry’s success, Nielsen identified local and national Sunday supplements as two of the biggest losers.