Nielsen Business Media Makes Layoffs

    April 10, 2008

The stock market has stopped doing 200-point dives, and for a time, it seemed like another hallmark of recessions had also become rare.  Unfortunately, some "restructuring" has once again occurred, and employees of Nielsen Business Media were the ones to be affected.

Nielsen Layoffs
 Nielsen Business Media Makes Layoffs

About 45 people were cut, according to Rebecca L. Fox.  Admittedly, as a percentage of the overall Nielsen Company, this can pretty much be rounded down to zero.  It’s just that the arm focused on sales and marketing solutions is starting to look somewhat sick.

Rafat Ali reports, "The layoffs were scattered across editorial departments of Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Editor & Publisher and the Hollywood Reporter, all of which have been reeling on ad revenues over the last year or so."

Also, "This comes amidst continued rumors that the parent Nielsen had been considering a sale of the business media unit, mirroring what rival Reed Elsevier has done with Reed Business unit."

It may not be time to break cover yet, then, although on the bright side, the Dow is up around 90 points just now.