Nicole Scherzinger Brings Life To Party


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Everybody’s talking about and ogling Nicole Scherzinger ever since she stepped out in a body-hugging, skin-exposing black suit for a wild night out.

The former Pussycat Doll and X Factor judge effortlessly grabbed the attention of all onlookers with her killer cat suit, which featured an elaborate and blinging brocade-like front and back. The main parts of the shining silver fabric of the suit were held together by a revealing net-like construction that ran along Scherzinger’s body.

No peek-a-boo teases here! Nicole went full on with her outfit as well as her partying.

Nicole wore the painted-on, eye-catching suit for the Sushi Samba’s birthday bash, which took place on Tuesday in London. The London party was the restaurant’s first celebration, and with much thanks to Nicole Scherzinger, the party was a big hit.

The Mirror has it that Scherzinger was the life of the party. Apparently her skin-tight suit didn’t prevent Nicole from getting down on the dance floor with many of the party attendees and having a blast. The mirror also reports that Scherzinger enjoyed many shots and continued to jam in her sexy, pointed black heels. Well, in one of the photos we can see that she at least took one break from the heels and removed them. That’s ok. We can live with that.

It is also being said that Nicole was doing a whole lot of flirting at the party which might make some people very sad that they were not cool enough to be invited. Back in August people were first gossiping about whether Nicole Scherzinger and her former boyfriend Lewis Hamilton were getting back together. To the delight of those who would be jealous of Hamilton, Scherzinger announced that they were just friends. At the Sushi Samba party, Scherzinger apparently made that very clear. She is a free woman.

Usually there are complaints about a suit so sexy, but nobody’s complaining yet. So far people are enjoying the eye candy.

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Image via Twitter, Sushi Samba