Nicole Richie Honors Drew Barrymore at Gala

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Nicole Richie was just one of the Baby2Baby board members on hand to help honor Drew Barrymore on Sunday. Barrymore was honored for her involvement with the nonprofit that provides the essential needs for many underprivileged children.

Richie attended the event with hubby Joel Madden, and was among the first to get a view of Drew Barrymore's baby bump. Drew covered that bump with a Tory Burch gown for the gala.

"I work really closely with them because I wish that there were organizations like Baby2Baby for so many more areas in life," she said. "I think good people are inherent givers and so to have a place where you can give so much and it’s so local and so well organized and so perfect for mothers to share for mothers … I think this is the perfect organization for moms."

It's always inspiring when Hollywood celebrities opt to share some of their wealth and even more importantly their name and status to help those so much less fortunate than themselves. It lends an air of credibility to some of these people who more often than not appear to live in bubbles--oblivious to the world around them.

Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein are Baby2Baby's co-presidents. They know that despite the fact that their organization has served more than 67,000 children, more help is needed. And Weinstein makes it clear that they can never have enough of one particular need.

“Diapers,” she says, noting that the organization's goal is to donate 27 million. “Cribs are a close second because there’s the kids all over the city sleeping on the floors, sleeping on shared beds so they’re a close second to warm clothes and everything else.”

Kudos to celebrities like Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, Julie Bowen and more who donate their time, their money and their famous faces and names to Baby2Baby. They are setting a fine example for all celebrities who have the power to do lots of good with their fame and fortune.

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