Nicole Murphy Moving On With Gary Payton?

    August 9, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Nicole Murphy has allegedly already moved on from her fiance of five years, Michael Strahan. The statuesque beauty was seen out Thursday at The Pump Group VIP Cocktail Reception at W Hollywood with former NBA star Gary Payton.

And Nicole Murphy didn’t seem very broken up. Instead, her face was lit up and she was smiling. She seemed to be having a great time with Payton and didn’t let her recent breakup get her down.

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan met in 2007 right after her 2006 divorce from ex-husband Eddie Murphy (hence her stint on Hollywood Exes).

Michael Strahan was divorced from his second wife, Jean Muggli, in 2006 as well.

Nicole Murphy’s sudden breakup with Michael Strahan was a surprise to some, but not those closest to the couple.

One source said, “They’ve been having problems for two years and have been off and on throughout. Him dating someone would come as no surprise to Nicole [Murphy].”

Well, Nicole Murphy may be already moving on, but Michael Strahan is reportedly just enjoying being single and recovering. A source said that on Tuesday, “The newly single, hall-of-famer was at STK Downtown, enjoying drinks and a low-key evening. Despite recent press, he appeared in good spirits, laughing and talking throughout the night.”

One of those accompanying Strahan on his Nicole Murphy-free night out was his female trainer. While there was some speculation as to the relationship between him and his trainer, the insider insists that Michael Strahan “is not dating his trainer, nor were they seen being romantic.”

While Nicole Murphy seems to be in a hurry to bag her next man, Strahan seems to be taking things slow. However, it won’t be long until someone snatches him up.

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  • mike_AK

    She been doing Payton so Michael let her go.. Why bother… It didn’t just happen that been going on..

    • LotusBud

      I doubt it. Michael Strahan was cheating on her so she didn’t sit around waiting on him to do right. She exercised her options. Unlike unattractive women, women like her don’t stay on the shelf but for a second. That’s the privilege of beauty. Just like men have privilege with money. All’s fair.

  • Kera Dubois

    Wow thought Gary Payton was married with three kids. Hmm? Is Nicole a broke gold digger? She lost all the money she got from Eddie LOL

  • Cindy

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Why Won’t My People Grow Up

    Watch Your Money “Very Closely” Mr. Payton!!!!

    • CTD

      No , he shouldn’t watch his money because this is what a lot of men love and if you’re not like her you get no where in this life. Men chose with their eyes and discover later that it should be more than just outer beauty.

      • Why Won’t My People Grow Up

        Not All Men!!!

        • CTD

          I stand corrected, not all just quite a few.

  • geo7101

    I guess she decided that after enduring Eddie Murphy’s horrible smile that she wants to get a guy that she could look at smile and not cringe. I never will figure out why Michael thinks that the back woods, hillbilly look is cool.

    You would think that by now he would have made enough money to replace that tooth that he is missing in the front of his grill. He looks absolutely horrible!

    • Ms_Raine

      With some people their flaws are their strong point. It’s their identifier, it’s a valuable part of who they are. It is obvious Michael has a great set of teeth, no gum disease so why change what’s makes him cute. Not every “flaw” on the human body needs to be fixed. Lauren Hutton , the ex super model went on to grace the covers of top mags with her gap between her teeth.

      • Penny’sarcade

        Madonna never fixed hers either.

      • geo7101

        Why look like a raggedy mouth hillbilly if you don’t have to. In any event, whether it is considered an identifier or not, apparently it identified him in a way that Nicole did not like. She is sharp and has a polished look, I guess she wants a man that is the same.

        • Sondra

          Speaking of appearances, how about those fake boobs on her? Don’t have to touch those to know that they’re not hers!

        • DLR

          Dude! Just reading what you wrote makes you sound well, “uninformed”! Michael is not missing a tooth, his front teeth is spaced! And she was with Michael for (5) years feeding off of his sack. Question: Has anyone questioned this woman as to why she still uses “Murphy” as her last name? Could it be that maybe she is a utilizing “gold digger” that pimps herself out to the highest bidder! And besides mama Strahan did not like her at all! Funk That!!!

          • geo7101

            If he id not missing a front tooth than that is even worse! He could easily get that matter straightened out and look like a decent human being. I guess he is trying to make the hillbilly look fashionable

        • valeskas

          How are your false teeth doing, chithead.

        • Wendy Lingren

          You have got to be kidding! She is fake and her exes paid for her polish – you must be a relative and she is supporting you…

        • Yvonne Pratt

          Then why was she with Michael for 7 years? I will try to answer that, perhaps he was a good guy but she just didn’t want to sign a prenup and it had nothing to do with the gap between his teeth.

          • geo7101

            Obviously she woke up one morning and took a good look at him and cringed. I don’t blame her, by now he should be able to get that highway in the front of his face fixed. Nothing looks worse that a raggedy mouth!

          • Hi Hater

            She like the gap homie. Eddie had one to. You don’t go from one gap dude to another without liking it.

        • michelle

          there is nothing wrong with a person with a gap there is something wrong with a person whom spend time trying to find a flaw in another person.

          • geo7101

            agreed that there is nothing wrong with a person with a gap, my point is that there is something wrong with a person with a huge gap who has the money to make the correction and does not. If he is going to be in the public, at least be presentable enough where you smile does not send chills down everyone’s back.

      • matt murdock

        I always thought Lauren Hutton was soooo sexy with her gap. That is the one between her teeth, LOL.

    • lane

      He talks about that in his book. He said he used to hate his teeth and played football without a mouth guard for a while because if his teeth got messed up he would have a reason to get them fixed. But as time went on he began to appreciate the fact that the gap tooth grin had become a part of who he was and was intrinsically tied to his public persona. Now he likes his smile because it’s part of who he is. Oh, and he isn’t missing a tooth, haha, it’s just a gap between his 2 front teeth.

    • Wendy Lingren

      You are an idiot – he is not missing a tooth, it’s called a gap – and it doesn’t bother him, so why should it bother you….

      • CTD

        Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Very well put. lol

    • CTD

      You just don’t get it, that gives him character. It must not be working too badly for him, look what he’s doing today.

    • socks76

      He’s not missing a tooth…it’s a gap.

  • Beverly Thorpe

    Michael Strahan is a great guy with class. She, obviously, is not!

  • Big Bob

    ho ho ho

  • Penny’sarcade

    These two people look like well oiled specimens, like racehorses. She is lean, tall, toned, gorgeous….incredibly sexy. He has a great body, tall, muscular (and I’m sure he’s packing) and can imagine they had some hot sex. But as time marches on, life happens and even hot sex can simmer down. And what one finds once they move on, is that hot sex can be found once again, you just need to meet the right person. I’d rather be celibate the rest of my life than end up with some boring guy in some boring sex life. Once you’ve felt “alive” with hot sex, you can’t settle for less.

    • Wendy Lingren

      She looks toned because nothing on her body is real…

  • Oscar Ortiz


  • Crmy Coco

    I’m going to chalk all this hatred towards Nicole as simple JEALOUSY! Get over it, boys. lol Not only is Nicole beautiful, she knows how to surround herself with beauty…namely all those fine men surrounding her like a ring of fire! Go’head, Nicole. You are everything!

    • CTD

      Clearly she’s wants someone to take care of her in the fashion in which she’s accustomed and Strahan wasn’t feeling it. I was always under the impression that she’s extremely high maintenance, too much so for him.

    • yahoo

      ho and all

  • Nettie Harrison

    She couldn’t find better than Gary Payton.

  • mtsimmons

    She’s a Trick……. “Hoochie Gone Wild….. Tramp

  • yahoo

    WOW! Looks like she hurting for Love and Affection, she’s the opposite
    of a womanizer to out it nicely……

  • YBooks

    Nicole is Beautiful and Single Now and having Fun. Michael is Handsome and another Lady will come along. Whatever happen in There Relationship that broke them up that there business as long as they Respect it other at the end of the day that’s all That Matter to me.

  • valeskas

    NIcole is now involved with a man, who is still married and has 3 kids. Both Gary and Nicole are scumbags

  • Rita Karson

    Gary Payton…yuck!

    • matt murdock

      Rita Karson, can’t stop puking.

  • ThaBayToast

    This is what happens when a fleshlight has legs.

  • Byrd

    Of course she is…she is a gold digging @#$%^&

  • longet14

    who is watching her two youngest children while she is dressed like a slut and running around. Who is it that thinks she is beautiful..her plastic surgeon. really.. A mother of five had five tummy tucks.

  • Frank

    Men take heed you are interchangeable. I know ladies, but before you say men do it too. Women don’t take care of men so there is one thing that is different in the equation. Wow Gary before you made that move do what the women do, talk to the ex. Talk to Michael, talk to Eddie. Hey not saying they don’t have skeleton’s at least go in with your eyes wide open. Such a shame, Men are assumed by Women to be bad and have to prove themselves good, while the Women are assumed to be good and have to prove themselves Bad. Well as Mae west once said. Gentlemen. “There are no good girls gone bad only bad girls found out.”

    • LotusBud

      Men are only interchangeable with beautiful women because they have a whole lot of options – as we can see with Nicole. Hate to say it, but unattractive women stay put mostly because they don’t have the options.

  • $1127376

    She’s a hoebag….with her fake tits and god knows what else.

  • Lisa Meredith

    She starting to turn in to a real ho.

  • J Matt

    I’m not saying she’s a gold digger. But she aint messing with no broke *%@#!

  • candace

    She knows she was messing with all along. Who jumps right into a relationship. Michael is better off.

  • CarlaD

    Damn, she needs to get together with Babyface’s ex, the one Eddie ALMOST married. The stories they could tell…

  • dave

    these hoes aint loyal.

  • yahoo

    her eyes are beautiful but the rest of her is awkward being so tall and skinny- no loss

  • chelle

    ALL the negative comments are interesting seems there are many close minded sheep in this forum. First and foremost if you spend your time dating low income men or women don’t label her a gold digger because she chooses to deal with men on a higher level. Unless she is your ex and stole your money you don’t know who or what she is. our ignorance is shameful. My opinion on this subject is regardless of their reasons to split i wish them both well. Reality is that many years spent with another person takes a toll on your emotions and as catchy as the media loves to be they cant capture either persons true feelings on this topic. Nor should they. This may be a relieve or bring grief maybe both i just hope they both are ok.

  • Cindy Smith

    What a slut…Don’t get it. She looks like a guy in drag.

    • LotusBud

      I’m dying to see what you look like Cindy. I bet your face looks worse than a prune.

  • Bob

    She’s old, has “man face,” and mediocre plastic surgery. She a diminishing return with the an odometer that rolled over long ago. …… just sayin’

    • LotusBud

      Bob, if that’s you in the photo…you’re actually prettier than I am, so I wouldn’t be talking. With Nicole her “man face” as you put it can snag some pretty wealthy men. I’d take that face and body any day!

  • adam krowski

    I’m not excusing what Eddie did, but now, she’s obviously no different. And you purposely go after dudes with financial stability. A typical thing, women her age do.

    • LotusBud

      Yes women like her who have had nothing but rich men aren’t eager to be with poor men. Just not their thing.

  • LotusBud

    Nicole does not attract good looking men, which is strange because she’s so gorgeous.

  • Ralff Ing

    Nicole Murphy’s VJJ Must Look Like A Whole Roast Beef That Just Got Run Over By An 18 Wheeler Going 100mph!

  • Linda Whisler

    Once murphy starts talking about all her men on that reality show shes on, Peyton will feel about , this big. Lol Eddie has always been her money, just using his last name. That’s how she got the show. Karma will catch up with that one. Michael was a good catch.She did him a favor.