Nicole Kidman Loses Her Memory In 'Before I Go To Sleep' [Trailer]

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We’ve seen amnesia tackled in several movies including Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 50 First Dates. Now, we have another movie that focuses on the same premise.

Nicole Kidman’s new movie Before I Go to Sleep, is based on a 2011 novel with the same title written by S.J. Watson. The novel became a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller.

In the movie, Kidman plays Christine Lucas, a woman suffering from anterograde amnesia. The trailer shows Kidman waking up with no recollection of anything. “My name is Christine Lucas and I have amnesia. Tonight as I sleep my mind will erase everything I know today. I’m scared,” Kidman says at the beginning of the trailer.

In order to remember who she is, Lucas keeps a video diary. Her husband and a doctor have also been trying to help her remember what happened on the day of her accident.

However, Lucas’ amnesia is not like other cases, as seen in the trailer. Lucas learns that there was an attempt to end her life, and that is the element that sets this movie apart from other movies with the same premise. There is a deeper story behind her amnesia and viewers will need to wait for the movie’s release to know the rest of the story.

The movie also stars Colin Firth who plays Kidman’s husband and Mark Strong as the doctor trying to help her regain her memory. Other stars include Anne-Marie Duff and Dean-Charles Chapman.

Actor Mark Strong comments on 'Before I Go to Sleep"

The movie was written and directed by Rowan Joffe. Joffe also served as the writer for other films including The American starring George Clooney and 28 Weeks Later starring Robert Carlyle and Rose Byrne.

Before I Go to Sleep will be released in the U.S. on September 12 and in Australia on August 7.

Trailer: 'Before I Go To Sleep', Starring Nicole Kidman

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